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Irish Marriages McD-My


McDermot, Geo., Linenhall St.=Flood, Miss, only d. of Mathew, of Boot Lane Oct. 1805 p. 639
McDermot, John, aet. 78=Cooper, Widow, aet. 63, at Kilbrew, co. Tipperary Sep. 1774 p. 629
McDermot, Maria=Blake, Edw. 1810 p. 288

McDermote, Hugh, Coolavin, co. Sligo=O'Connor, Eliza, d. of Denis Aug. 1793 p. 191 [at Belangare, co. Roscommon]

McDermott, Miss=Lynch, Jas. 1778 p. 248
McDermott, Miss=St. Clair, Sterling 1786 p. 56
McDermott, Miss=Philips, Edw. ii 1794 p. 287
McDermott, Mrs.=McKenna, Theo. ii 1794 p. 568
McDermott, Miss=Dempsey, Wm. 1803 p. 319
McDermott, Miss=Hughes, Frances 1804 p. 763
McDermott, Miss=Lucas, Henry 1812 p. 279
McDermott, Anty., Thomastown, co.Louth=McKenna, Bridget of Dundalk Jan. 1778 p. 64
McDermott, Christopher, Ballyglass, co. Roscommon=Atkinson, Miss, Bedford St., in London Sep. 1788 p. 504
McDermott, John, surveyor, of Ringsend=Mutty, Mrs. of same place may 1779 p. 320
McDermott, Mulloy, 2nd s. of Thos., Alderford, co. Roscommon=Lloyd, Sarah, 4th d. of Wm., Rockville, same co. 3 May 1810 p. 240
McDermott, Thos. Alderford, co. Roscommon=Molloy, Margt., 2nd d. of Coote, Hughston, same co. Jan. 1777 p. 72

No entries

McDonnel, Miles, of Grange=Hughes, Miss, Ballyderrin, co. Mayo. Oct. 1792 p. 384

McDonnell, Christopher, of Merchant's Quay=Brennan, Ann, d. of Edwd, of Francis St. Feb. 1801 p. 127

McDonagh, Miss=Nugent, John 1771 p. 392
McDonagh, Mrs.=Geoghegan, Mr. 1805 p. 510
McDonagh, Miss=Kine, Bryan 1803 p. 62

McDonald, Major John=Chambers, Miss, e.d. of Late Sir Rbt. Nov. 1799 p. 360

McDonaugh, Stephen=Noone, Bridget, at Tuam, co. Galway Oct. 1790 p. 384

McDonogh, Maria=Stackpole, John 1806 p. 125

McDonough, Edw., Monastereven, co. Kildare=Flood, Cath., Cherry Valley, co. Meath 24 June 1776 p. 432

McDowall, Surgeon=Coyne, Miss, Westmeath Aug. 1772 p. 456

No entries

No entries

No entries

McEvoy, Widow=Dunn, Mich. 1775 p. 63
McEvoy, Mrs.=Cullen, Denis ii 1792 p. 92
McEvoy, Miss=Daly, Peter, 1806 p. 319

No entries

No entries

No entries

No entries

McGregor, Capt.=Smith, Widow Dec. 1772 p. 676

No entries

No entries

No entries

McKee, Francis=Kane, Mary Mar. 1804 p. 192

McKenna, Bridget=McDermott, Anty 1778 p. 64
McKenna, Lt. C.P., Kilkenny Regt.=Hill, Miss, of same town, at Rathkeale Dec. 1807 p. 763
McKenna, Theobald, Lincoln's Inn=McDermott, Miss, r. of late Anthny, on Usher's Quay Dec. 1794 p. 568

No entries

McKierman, [Note: Bride's index lists McKIEMAN], Jas., M.D.=Clarke, Maria, both of co. Westmeath Aug. 1776 p. 648

No entries

No entries

No entries

No entries

No entries

No entries

McKay, Wm., Gt. Ship St., attorney=Higginson, Mary, of Summerhill Nov. 1789 p. 616

McKee, Cath.=Bennett, Francis i 1791 p. 192
McKee, Francis=Kane, Mary Mar. 1804 p. 192
McKee, Mathew, Killinchy=Lamont, M., Belfast Dec 1806 p. 764

McKenna, Bridget=McDermott, Anty. 1778 p. 64
McKenna, Lt. C.P., Kilkenny Regt.=Hill, Miss, of same town, at Rathkeale Dec. 1807 p. 763
McKenna, Theobald, Lincoln's Inn=McDermott, Miss, r. of late Anthy, on Usher's Quay Dec. 1794 p. 568

McKenzie, Andrew, of Dublin=Power, Miss, Bristol July 1802 p. 448

No entries

McLaughlin, Daniel, Strabane=Fox, Miss, Dungannon Mar. 1803 p. 191

McLoughlin, Peter Edw., M.D.=Barry, Miss, Kilcarn, co. Meath, by rev. W. Blundell Mar. 1806 p. 191

McMahon, Miss, Abbey=Campbell, John 1781 p. 112
McMahon, Widow=Cartland, Jas. 1782 p. 448
McMahon,  Widow=Dyer, Henry 1782 p. 552
McMahon, Miss=M'Namara, John ii. 1792 p. 384
McMahon, Miss=O'Brien, Matt 1803 p. 511
McMahon, Miss=O'Halloran, Matt. i 1792 p. 192
McMahon, Capt., Limerick=Scott, Miss, at Hotwells, Bristol Dec. 1792 p. 568
McMahon, Miss=Ryan, Dr. 1868 p. 511
McMahon, Andrew, Midd. Temple=King, Lady, r. of Aldm. Sir Antony, at Lucan, co. Dublin Nov. 1789 p. 616
McMahon, rev. James=Duggan, Ellen, of Lismore, in Lismore Apr. 1786 p. 224
McMahon, Timothy, Corosin, co. Clare=Hickman, Miss, d. of Rhd., Newpark Sep. 1800 p. 191

McMain, Wm., woollen draper=Beatty, Miss, both of Belfast Jan. 1805 p. 62

McMeara, M., Dublin=Shields, F., d. of late Wade Nov. 1808 p. 704

McNally, Leonard, attorney-at-law=Fetherston, Anna, Maria, 2nd d. of late John, in Harcourt St. Nov 1803 p. 703
McNally, Rhd.=Warren, Miss, Jervis St. Sep 1807 p. 575

McNamara, Miss=O'Bryan, John i 1791 p. 288
McNamara, Dorinda=Caldcutt, Lt. 1807 p. 640
McNamara, Fran. of Doolin=Stamer, Miss, at Carnelly, co. Clare Nov. 1774 p. 694
McNamara, John=McMahon, Miss, d. of Trence, at Dromore, co. Clare Oct. 1792 p. 384
McNamara, Mary Ann=McNamara, W.B. 1804 p. 575
McNamara, Thady, Ayle, co. Clare=Creagh, Mary, 2nd d. of Arthur Gethin, of co. Cork Oct. 1793 p. 384
McNamara, W.B., Pentonville, London=McNamara, Mary Ann, d. of Capt. B., of H.M. 4th Veteran Batt. Sept 1804 p. 575

No entries

McNeil, Miss=Heath, Capt. John 1780 p. 352
McNeil, Miss=Magarth, Denis 1784 p. 744
McNeil, rev. Daniel=Rogers, Miss, Porto Bello, co. Wexford, at Waterford Aug. 1789 p. 447
McNeil, John, jr.=Campbell, Jane, e.d. of Lord President of Court of Sessions, at Edinburgh Aug. 1797 p. 192
McNeil, Dan.=Waddel, Margt., at Glenarm May 1807 p. 320
McNeil, Margt.=Pittar, Sam 1809 p. 376

McNemara, Miss=Wolfe, Step. 1772 p. 

McNemarra, Miss=Macquire, Hugh 1773 p. 272

No entries

Mead, Miss=Dunn, Surgeon 1773 p. 160

Meade, Rhd.=DeCourcey, hon Miss, d. of Lord Kinsale, at Cork Aug. 1774 p. 629
Meade, Rhd., Kinsale, co. Cork=Kennedy, Elizabeth, late Aungier St., Dublin July 1785 p. 391

Meadows, Arthur, jr. =D'Arcy, Barbra, of Ballyshown, co. Wexford sep. 1796 p. 287

Mealey, Patrick, Camden St.=Jennings, Anne, Sackville St. Dec. 1786 p. 672

No entries

No entries

No entries

Mehan, John, baker, Cook St.=Nowlan, Catherine, of Merchant's Quay May 1806 p. 319

No entries

Melfort, count, descdt. of Earl Melfort, Secy. of State for Scotland, Jas. II, fortune 500,000 liv.=Barry, Lady Caroline, s. to Earl of Barrymore, at St. Germains, Paris Aug. 1788 p. 448

No entries

Metge, Lt., John, Royal Dragoons=Costello, hon. Mrs., s. to Earl of Louth Sep. 1777 p. 640

No entries

Miller, Capt., Londonderry Militai=Croker, Cath., d. of John, Waterford July 1796 p. 96
Miller, Miss=Cunningham, John 1786 p. 391
Miller, Miss=Glen, Rbt. 1808 p. 62
Miller, Miss=Hart, Rhd. ii 1791 p. 568
Miller, Capt. Arthur, 53rd Foot=Davis, Jane, d. of late Joshua, of Dublin May 1803 p. 319
Miller, rev. Fitzwilliam, Chap. to Duke of Kent, R. of Kilseily=Cusack, Miss, Limerick June 1809 p. 375
Miller, Geo., Ballinew, co. Mayo=Younge, Miss, Harristown, co. Roscommon Jan. 1777 p. 72
Miller, Helena=Paske, Judge Geo. 1809 p. 319
Miller, John, Awlton, Miss Feb. 1772 p. 112
Miller, John, Castleton=Paget, Miss 1799 p. 208
Miller, Sir John Riggs, Bt.=Beauchamp, Miss, e.d. and co. h. of late John, of Pingness, Cornwall Nov. 1801 p. 704
Miller, M.=Grubb, Francis 1804 p. 575
Miller, Thomas Hamilton, Dalswainson Dumfrieshire=Ram, Mary Anne, d. of Col., M.P. co Wexford May 1809 p. 320 [At St. Goerge's han. Sq., 4 April lic. Witnesses, Abel Ram, Abel John Ram, E.F. Ram, C.H. Ram, and Jas. Boyd]
Miller, Wm., Ozelworth Park, Gloucesershire=Windham, Miss, e.d. of rt. hon Wm., in London July 1809 p. 432

Millerd, Miss=Martin, Chas. 1783 p. 615
Millerd, rev. Chas. =Barry, Miss, s. of Capt. Sir Edwd. Bt. Rn.N. Feb. 1801 p. 128

Miles, Edward, Ballydraman, co. Tipperary=Power, Elizabeth, 2nd d. of Geoffrey Power, of the said place July 1803 p. 447

Mills, Sam, of Turnicke, co. Kildare=Adair, Miss, d. of Wm., Gardiner St. Nov. 1794 p. 480
Mills, Thomas, Ely Place=Parks, Miss, Gardiner's Place March 1801 p. 192

Milner, [Wm. Mordaunt,] s. of Sir Wm. =Clements, [Selina] g. d. of rt. hon. John Bresford 13 July 1803 p. 447
[At St. George's, Hanover Sq. Witnesses, J. Beresford and William M Milner]

Minchin, Capt. Joshua, late of 5th Foot=Murray, Miss, n. of Frederick, commonly called Visct. Boyne, at Richmond Place June 1792 p. 568

Minnet, Joshua, Annaberg, co. Tipperary=Tuthill, Miss, d. of Geo., at Limerick Sep. 1776 p. 720

Mitchell, Miss=Watkins, Lt. 1772 p. 624
Mitchell, Mrs.=Fleming, Mr. 1772 p. 676
Mitchell, Miss=Purdon, George ii 1797 p. 192
Mitchell, Miss=MtGomery [Montgomery], Alex ii 1800 p. 191
Mitchell, Miss=Whyte, Ensign w.N. 1803 p. 255
Mitchell, Major of 16th Foot, s. of Henry, Merrion Castle, nr. Dublin=Somerset, Lady Harriet, d. of late Duke of Beaufort Sep. 1804 p. 575
Mitchell, Miss=Booth, John ii 1792 p. 568
Mitchell, Elizabeth=Radcliff, rev. Thos. ii 1792 p. 568
Mitchell, Ellen=Braiser, Brook 1804 p. 448
Mitchell, Henry=Peard, Miss, at Cork July 1771 p. 336
Mitchell, James, malster and horse dealer, Grittishom=Camp, Miss, same place at Sherborne, Eng. May 1807 p. 319
Mitchell, John, Frolic, co. Roscommon=Massey, Miss, e.d. of James, of Stoneville, co. Limerick Nov. 1801 p. 704
Mitchell, Martha=Radcliffe, rev. S. 1786 p. 56
Mitchell, Mary Harriet=Langrishe, Rev. ii 1796 p. 480
Mitchell, Patrick, Bordeaux=Lynch, Miss, d. of Anthy. of Dublin 9 July 1774 p. 430
Mitchell, R.C., Lincoln's Inn=Braham, Miss, d. of late Rbt. of Bencoolen Jan. 1798 p. 96
Mitchell, T.=O'Reilly, Cath., at Ballymena 20 Aug. 1811 p. 448

Moffit, Francis, e.s. of John, Raheen, Queen's co.=Lynch, Alice, e.d. of late Dominick Crean, Beeolibeg, co. Mayo, in Galway Feb. 1809 p. 128

No entries

Molesworth, Capt. Robt., 38th Regt.=Cane, Miss, at Limerick Apr. 1776 p. 288

Molloy, Brian, late of 50th Regt.=Dennis, Miss, d. of John, Abbey St. June 1804 p. 383
Molloy, John, Streamstown, King's co.=Smith, Miss, d. of Wm., Lisduff, co. Tipperary Nov. 1792 p. 480
Molloy, Wm., Caretown, co. Roscommon=French, Frances, d. of Arthur, Dominick St. Jan 1797 p. 96

Molony, John, of Phenagh, co. Clare=Serjeant, Miss, d. of Aldm., in Limerick Feb. 1793 p. 192
Molony, Timothy, of Dublin=Dixon, Miss, of Navan Oct. 1810

Molyneaux, Capel, s. and h. to Sir Capel Bt.=O'Donnell, Miss, d. of Sir Neal, Bt., Newport, co. Mayo in Gloucester St. July 1785 p. 391 [The bride was lineally descended from O'Donels, anciently Earls of Tirconnel, formerly sovereigns in co. Donegal]

Monaghan, Jane=Nixon, Wm. i 1792 p. 192

Monsell, Capt. John Thos., of Limerick, Fencible Cav.=Grady, Miss, d. of Nicholas, of Grange July 1795 p. 96

Montague, Bazil John, Dunlo, co. Galway=Bridgman, Juliana, Mt. Jerome, co. Dublin Oct. 1801 p. 640

Montgomery, Alex.=Mitchell, Miss, d. of B.T., of Dominick St. Sep. 1800 p. 191
Montgomery, Hugh, co. Fermanagh=Acheson, Miss, d. of Lord Gosford Aug. 1778 p. 480 [Md in Sackville St by Archbp. of Armagh]
Montgomery, Hugh, Belfast=Montgomery, Miss Apr 1785 p. 223
Montgomery, Rev. Rhd.=Leslie, Mrs. r. of Alex. Drumrainey, co Fermanagh May 1797 p. 480
Montgomery, Thos., Bolton St.=Allen, Mary 14 Oct 1777 p. 704

Moons, Adrian, Rotterdam=Dunn, S., 2nd d. of Rev. Dr., city of Dublin Aug. 1785 p. 448

Moore, Miss=Pepper, Thos. 1772 p. 512
Moore, Miss=Burchall, Lt. 1772 p. 512
Moore, Miss=Taafe, Mr. 1775 p. 255
Moore, Miss=Handcock, G. 1775 p. 437
Moore, Miss=Balfour, John 1778 p. 64
Moore, Miss=Maguire, Roger 1780 p. 120
Moore, Mr., bar.-at-law=Crosbie, Miss, d. of very rev. and hon. Dean, n. to Earl of Glandire Mar. 1780 p. 776
Moore, Miss=Garden, J.C. 1781 p. 280
Moore, Miss=Moore, Stephen 1781 p. 448
Moore, Miss=Dunleavy, Rev. 1782 p. 392
Moore, Miss=Penefather, Thos. 1783 p. 616
Moore, Miss=Loane, Lt. Rbt. 1784 p. 416
Moore, Miss=Tuite, Michael 1787 p. 391
Moore, Miss=Tighe, Rbt. 1787 p. 616
Moore, Mrs.=Donegal, Earl of 1788 p. 616
Moore, Miss=Hayes, Joseph 1788 p. 616
Moore, Dr., Bray=Stronge, Miss, of Taffarow, both of co. Wicklow Nov. 1788 p. 616
Moore, Miss=Boyle, Jas. Moore 1788 p. 671
Moore, Miss=O'Hara, Jas. 1789 p. 56
Moore, Capt., of Cremorgan, Queen's co.=Derenzy, Eleanor, d. of Annesley, of White Hall, co. Wicklow, in York St. Oct. 1789 p. 560
Moore, Miss=Wallis, Rev. i 1796 p. 96
Moore, Miss=Armstrong, Newcomen 1803 p. 447
Moore, Miss=Wolseley, rev. Chas. 1804 p. 192
Moore, Cornet, e.s. Stephen, of Salsbury, co. Tipperary, of 5th Dragoon Guards=Westray, Miss, d. of late Henry, of this city Aug. 1805 p. 510
Moore, Miss=Connolly, P.C. 1805 p. 254
Moore, Anne=McCloskey, Capt. 1789 p. 447
Moore, Anna=Langley, Laurence i 1794 p. 96
Moore, Arthur=Stoney, Miss, of Lisheyan, co. Tipperary Aug. 1791 p. 196
Moore, Bridget=Dowling, Jas. 1780 p. 64
Moore, Christmas, co. Carlow=Kilbee, Miss, Canny Court, co. Kildare Feb. 1786 p. 111
Moore, Christopher, of Greenhill, late of Kilmacthomas=Doyle, Joanna, d. of Terence, Carrick-on-Suir May 1803 p. 319
Moore, rev. D., A.M., Market Hill=McCulloch, Ann, e.d. of S., Clady, co. Armagh July 1809 p. 432
Moore, Deborah=Morgan, rev. Mr. 1777 p. 640
Moore, Elizabeth=Baker, Rhd. ii 1793 p. 384
Moore, Lady Elizabeth=Westmeath, Earl of i 1797 p. 192
Moore, Eliza=Cochran, rev. Mr. 1782 p. 168
Moore, Lady Frances=Vandeleur, J.O. 1801 p. 63
Moore, Geo.=Armstrong, Miss, at Armagh Oct. 1800 p. 255 319
Moore, Geo, Moorehall, co. Mayo=Brown, Louisa, y.d. of late John, Elmhall, said co., s.lic. at Westport house, seat of Marq., of Sligo Sep 1807 p. 575
Moore, Capt. Graham, R.N., bro. of late Sir John=Eden, Dora, d. of late Thomas, of Wimbledon, n. to Lord Auckland, in London Mar. 1812 p. 143
Moore, Henry=Shaw, Mrs.,r. of Rbt., of city of Dublin, in Dawson St. Nov. 1798 p. 815
Moore, Henry, Dremorgan, Queen's co.=Scott, Anne, n. to Earl of Clonmel, Blackrock, co. Dublin Nov. 1800 p. 319
Moore, Howard, Essex St.=Potterton, Miss, Capel St. Dec. 1801 p. 763
Moore, Jas., Mount Brown=Byrne, Miss, Miltown, co. Wicklow Sep. 1776 p. 648
Moore, James=Grubb, Susanna, at Clonmel May 1791 p. 480
Moore, James, James St.=Carpenter, Miss, Ryder's Row June 1805 p. 384
Moore, Jane=Hewitt, hon. and very rev. John 1779 p. 488
Moore, Jane=Wolseley, Capt. Wm., R.N. i 1795 p. 480
Moore, John, e.s. of John, of Drumbanagher, co. Armagh=Stewart, Miss, d. of Sir Annesley, Bt. at Fort Stewart, co. Donegal Nov. 1781 p. 616
Moore, J[ohn] H[erbert] [bar.-at-law, Shannon Grove, King's co.]=Dunboyne, Lady, r. of [John Butler] Lord [whom she survived 60 years, d. 1860 aet. 96] Aug. 1801 p. 514
Moore, John Hubert, or Birr=Jackson, Miss, d. of James July 1787 p. 392
Moore, Capt. Lorenzo, 3rd Regt. Horse=Jassen, Miss, d. of Sir Steph. Theodore, Bt. Chamberlain of and in London Oct. 1774 p. 630
Moore, Lydia=James, John 1774 p. 366
Moore, Martha=Wilmot, Capt. Edw. 1771 p. 56
Moore, Mary=McCartney, John 1771 p. 336
Moore, Mary=Lett, Stephen 1773 p. 216
Moore, Mary=Connor, Val. 1775 p. 437
Moore, Mary=Pagett, Thos. i 1800 p. 256
Moore, Patty=Stoyte, James ii 1793 p. 191
Moore, hon Ponsonby=French, Catherine Apr. 1781 p. 224
Moore, rev. R., 3rd s. of Archbp. of Canterbury=Bell, Miss, d. of Matthew, Wolfington, in London Feb. 1800 p. 120
Moore, Lt. Rhd., of Lord Drogheda's Light Horse=Lowe, Mrs., at Clonmel 16 Nov. 1774 p. 694
Moore, Rhd.=Wolsey, Miss, d. of rev. Wm., Castle Bellingham, co. Louth, at Clonmell Feb. 1806 p. 126
Moore, hon. and rev. Rbt.=Odell, Miss Jan. 1772 p. 55
Moore, Stephen, Chesterfield, co. Tipperary=Moore, Miss, d. of Rhd., of Barn Aug. 1781 p. 448 [In North George St, by Dean of Emly]
Moore, Lt. Thos, 38th Foot=Price, Hannah, y.d. of Thomas, Ardmayle, nr. Cashel, at the church of Cloncoulty, co. Tipperary, by rev. Rbt. Armstrong Jan. 1811 p. 56
Moore, W. John, attorney=Purdon, Miss, only d. of Thomas, Huntingdon, co. Westmeath July 1805 p. 445
Moore, Wm., Maxwell=Ogle, Miss, d. of late Robt., of Dysart, co. Westmeath May 1797 p. 480

Moorhead, rev.=King, Miss, of and at Fintona, co. Tyrone June 1801 p. 383

Moran, Miss=Barklie, Robt. 1808 p. 192
Moran, Miss=Tuite, Theo. 1778 p. 191
Moran, Ann=Tiernan, Laurence 1777 p. 440
Moran, Edw., prof. of music=Nesbit, Miss, at St. Finn Barry's, Cork Dec. 1802 p. 764
Moran, Elizabeth=O'Hara, John 1806 p. 63
Moran, James, Limerick=Quinton, Miss, Golden, co. Tipperary June 1809 p. 375

Morgan, Miss=Robinet, Peter 1773 p. 272
Morgan, Miss=Leigh, Anty. 1775 p. 320
Morgan, rev. Mr., R. of Clonuff, co. Down=Morre, Deborah, 4th d. of Ross Sep. 1777 p. 640 [Md. by Bishop Dromore, at Carlingford]
Morgan, Miss=Hugo, Anthy. 1782 p. 112
Morgan, Miss=Wrixon, John, jr. 1788 p. 560
Morgan, Miss=Finlay, Rev. ii 1799 p. 143
Morgan, Miss=Kane, Lt.-col. 1811 p. 636
Morgan, Ann=Large, R. 1805 p. 639
Morgan, Edw.=Newton, Miss, of co. Carlow June 1774 p. 366
Morgan, rev. Jas., R. of Tullomoy, Queen's co.=Ashenhurst, Miss, d. and s.h. of Major Edward, late 3rd Horse, at Cardinton, co. Kildare Aug. 1785 p. 448
Morgan, Olivia=Darby, rev. Wm 1774 p. 493
Morgan, Peter, of Bordeaux=Hickman, Ann Maria, d. and co. h. of Anthy., of co. Clare, at Fahy, co. Limerick Apr. 1775 p. 255
Morgan, Wm., Ormond Quay=Burchill, 2nd d. of Peter, Kilteele, co. Kildare Aug. 1803 p. 511

Moriarty, S.T. [bride index has L.T.], of Tralee=Byron, Miss, only d. of late John, of Lyons, of William St. May 1806 p. 320

Moroney, Lt. Edward, 9th Foot=Phillips, Miss, d. of late Rhd., of Mount Rivers, co. Tipperary May 1790 p. 480

Morony, John, Dunaha, co. Clare=Lloyd, Miss, d. of George, Mount Catherine Feb. 1795 p. 192

Morres, rev. Mr., s. of Richmond, M.P. for Dublin City=Dalton, Miss, Deerpark, co. Clare june 1774 p. 366

Morris, Evan, Kilkenny=Gore, Miss Aug. 1772 p. 456
Morris, Capt. Geo. 18th Dragoons=Wall, Miss, d. of James, of Waterford Jan. 1787 p. 56

Morrison, Major-gen. Edw.=King, Lady Caroline, d. of Earl of Kingston June 1800 p. 381

Morton, Trevor Stannus, Rahobath, co. Dublin=Browne, d. of Rev. Wm., V. of St. Andrews Feb. 1784 p. 112

Mountcashell, Earl of [Stephen Moore]=King, hon. [Margt. Jane], d. of Visct. Kingsborough, and g.d. of Earl of Kingston Nov. 1791 p. 480 [At Mitchelstown, co. Cork]

Moylan, Miss=White, George 1804 p. 639
Moylan, Dennis=Creagh, Catherine, d. of John, jr., Cork May 1788 p. 280
Moylan, Dennis, of Cork=Casey, Miss, d. of Thomas, M.D., at Cork June 1804 p. 383
Moylan, Rhd.=Sheehy, Miss, d. of Wm., at Cork Nov. 1783 p. 616

Mulcahy, E.=Sadler, Miss, both of Tipperary May 1803 p. 319

Mulchay, Jane=Bradshaw, Robt. 1783 p. 672

No entries

No entries

Mullen, Miss=Birnie, Sam. 1808 p. 62

Mulhollan, John=Stone, Miss, both of Monaghan May 1774 p. 302

Mulligan, Miss=Cunningham, Luke 1806 p. 126

No entries

Mullins, hon. Frederick, s. of  Lord Ventry=Croker, Miss, of Johnstown Feb. 1801 p. 127
Mullins, Wm. Burnyham, co. Kerry=Sage, Miss, d. of Isaac, late Governor Patna, East Indies, at Bath June 1790 p. 576

No entries

Munsell, Peter=Crawford, Miss, d. of Capt., at Limerick May 1788 p. 280

Murphy, Francis=Dignan, Ann, d. of Patrick, of Sir John Rogerson's Quay July 1806 p. 448
Murphy, John=O'Donoughue, Miss, d. of Patrick, late of Kilroe, co. Cork
Murphy, John, Monagee, co. Tipperary=Canny, Miss, d. of late John, Ballycasy Sep 1796 p. 287
Murphy, Wm., Townsend St.=Lambert, Miss, d. of Wm. of Barony Forth, co. Wexford Feb. 1806 p. 126

Murray, Miss=Archdall, m. 1784 p. 163
Murray, Mr.=Bedford, J.F. 1811 p. 280
Murray, Miss=Brennan, Chas. ii 1796 p. 287
Murray, Miss=Cross, Wm. 1782 p. 504
Murray, Miss=D'Arcy, A.B. 1809 p. 128
Murray, Capt., 61st Foot=Digby, Miss, Cork Nov 1791 p. 480
Murray, Mrs. [Miss?]=Scott, Wm. 1808 p. 511
Murray, Miss=Siddons, H. 1802 p. 383
Murray, Miss=Minchin, Capt. Joshua i 1792 p. 568
Murray, Euphemia=Masset, Henry 1775 p. 629
Murray, Frances=O'Neil, Felix i 1791 p. 568
Murray, Geo., attorney, Queen St.=Coles, Mary Anne, of Dame St. Feb. 1791 p. 192
Murray, Henrietta=Linley, William 1789 p. 280
Murray, Brig-gen. John=Pasco, Maria, n. of Wm. Baker, comptroller, of customs at Montrea Sep 1801 p. 575
Murray, Sir John, Bt., Stanhope, Scotland=Callender, Ann, e.d. of Adam Nov. 1801 p. 704
Murray, Thos. Garland=Hamilton, Elizabeth, d. of Wm., Belfast Dec. 1800 p. 379
Murray, Wm.=Foster, Miss Aug. 1772 p. 456

No entries

Musgrove, Capt.=Kelly, Miss, at Waterford Aug. 1772 p. 456

Myers, Miss=Erskine, Capt. Wm. 1801 p. 575
Myers, Thos., Park Place, St. James=Neville, Lady Mary Cath., d. of Earl of Abergaveney Feb. 1802 p. 128


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