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Irish Marriages I-K


Ikerrin, Visct., Somerset, Rhd, Butler, e.s. of and Earl of Carrick=Wynne, Anne, e.d. ofOwen, of Haslewood, co. Sligo, n. to Earl of Enniskillen, at house of hon. Mrs. Wynne, Rutland square 1 Sep 1811 p. 504

Innes, Capt., 9th Dragoons=Crowe, Miss, d. of Edward, of and at Tullamore July 1796 p. 96

Ireland,John=Ferguson, Miss, of Holywood June 1807 p. 384 [an impressed sailor on board H.M.S. Maria, at Belfast lough]

Irvine, Miss=Bell, Henry Gunne 1788 p. 504
Irvine, Catherine=Tarleton, Capt. i 1796 p. 196
Irvine, Hamilton, of Fermanagh Militia=Sandys, Miss, d. of Brigade Major Feb. 1798 p. 191
Irvine, Letitia=Stuart, Lt.-col. Jas. Alex 1804 p. 383

Irving, Capt. George, Royal Irish Artillery=Smith, Augusta, d. of Joshua, of Stoke Park, co. Wilts., in Scotland May 1798 p. 480

Irwine, Major=D'Arcy, Miss Apr. 1788 p. 224
Irwine, St. George, 3rd s. of col., of Castle Irwine, co. Fermanagh=D'Arcy, Miss, co. Wexford Oct. 1802 p. 639

Isdale, Fran., Rockbrook, co. Westmeath=Cullen, Isabella, d. of Pat., of Screeny, co. Leitrim Sep. 1777 p. 639

Isdell, Oliver, of Longford Militia, e.s. of Fran., of Rockbrook, co. Westmeath=Creagh, Ann, d. of James, of Corbane, co. Cork Dec. 1807 p. 763

Isham, Vere, s. of Sir Justinian, Bt.=Chambers, Miss, only d. of late John, of Belview Sep. 1799 p. 216

Ivers, Emelia=Wynne, Mr. 1806 p. 125
Ivers, R.=Massy, Anne, Ballynoe, nr. Limerick Sep 1811 p. 504

Jackson, Bernard, Garrongibbon=Power, Catherine, d. of late John, Clogheen, co. Wexford Aug. 1811 p. 448
Jackson, Josiah, Ross Lane=Dillon, Miss, d. of rev. Thomas Oct. 1810 p. 672

Jacob, Mr., upholsterer, Fleet St.=Purcell, Miss, Athy May 1803 p. 319

Jaffray, A.=Hautenville, Capt. R. 1783 p. 615
Jaffray, Joseph, of the Customs Irvine=Ritchie, Jane, y.d. of late John, shipmaster, Saltcoats, at the same place Nov. 1810 p. 527

James, John, of Drumminikin=Moore, Lydia, of Drulusk, both of co. Monaghan June 1774 p. 366
James, Rhd., Mahon, Clarinda, at Ennis May 1779 p. 320
James, Richard=Nicholson, Miss, d. of Ralph, at Tottenham Nov. 1798 p. 815

Jameson, Wm.=Smith, Ann, in Capel st.Nov. 1790 p. 480.

Jarnat, Comte de Rohan Chabot, n. of Duke de Roban (of family Rohan Chabot)=Smyth, Miss, s. of Sir Skeffington, Bt., at Castle Jarnat, France Mar. 1777 p. 216

Jenkins, Wm. Lionel, of Dame St.=Vaughan, Miss, of Tullamore Apr. 1775 p. 255

Jeffson, [bride index lists as JEFFERSON], James, Stafford St.=Burne, Miss, Crowe St. May 1809 p. 320

Jefferyes, John=Carey, Susannah Nov. 1773 p. 616

Jennings, Miss=Locke, Wm. jr ii 1800 p. 255
Jennings, Anne=Mealy, Pat 1786 p. 672
Jennings, Lt. Congreve, R.N.=Norman, Miss, of Trinity S., Dublin Oct. 1802 p. 639
Jennings, Rbt.=Browne, Eliza, d. of Rhd. Feb. 1800 p. 120

Jervase, Thomas, Antigua=Blackwell, Miss, Apr. 1801 p. 255

Jocelyn, Visct. [Robert], e.s. of and s. as Earl of Roden, 1797, M.P. for boro Dundalk [K.P. 1806]= I. Bligh [Theodosia] 1st d. of John Dean, of Elphin, bro. of John, 1st Earl Darnley [by his 2nd wife, Frances Winthorp, she d. 1802] Md. s. lic. in St. Peter's church, Aungier St., Dublin 5 Feb. 1788 p. 111 [2. 5 July 1804, at Edinburgh=Orde, Julianna Anne, d. of John, of Westwood, co. Northumberland].

Johnson, Gen. of Austrian Service=Nugent, Lady, r. of Sir James, of Dronore, co. Westmeath Apr. 1802 p. 256
Johnson, rev. Philip, co. Antrim=Smyth, Miss, d. of late Thos., Drumrice, co. Westmeath June 1792 p. 568
Johnson, Wm., co. Limerick=England, Miss Aug. 1771 p. 392

Johnston, Miss=Ormsby, Joseph M. i 1799 p. 208
Johnston, Miss=Lloyde, Francis ii 1793 p. 96
Johnston, Miss=Burges, John H. i 1794 p. 192
Johnston, Miss=Lambert, Wm. ii 1800 p. 255
Johnston, Miss=Jones, Lt. 1801 p. 763
Johnston, Miss=Malling Archibald 1803 p. 63
Johnston, rev. A., Newbliss, co. Monaghan=Hamilton, Dorothea, y.d. of J., Ahoghill, at the same place Jan. 1808 p. 62
Johnston, Ann=Addison, John G. 1801 p. 514
Johnston, Anne Maria=Fortescue, W.H. ii 1800 p. 379
Johnston, Benj., surg. 69th Foot=McKinley, Miss, Feb. 1788 p. 111
Johnston, Ben., s. of J., Belvedere Place=Graydon, Miss, at Through Lodge, co. Monaghan Feb. 1809 p. 127
Johnston, Charlotta=Knowles, Adm. Sir Chas. H. ii 1800 p. 255
Johnston, Lt. Edw., R.N.=Mountsforth, Sarah, of Belfast Aug. 1803 p. 511
Johnston, Major Francis=George, Miss Aug. 1799 p. 144
Johnston, Jas., Kilmore=Grant, Miss, Newry Oct. 1800 p. 255
Johnston, M.A.=Beville, R. 1801 p. 191
Johnston, Mary=Crawley, Mr. 1781 p. 504
Johnston, Mary=Adair, James 1801 p. 704
Johnston, Rbt., bar-at-law=Evans, Miss, d. of John, Stephen's Green Dec. 1778 p. 704
Johnston, Susanna=Barton, Col., Chas. ii 1799 p. 424
Johnston, Thos., Abbey St.=Leslie, Miss, Henry St. Feb 1788 p. 111
Johnston, rev. Thos=Carlisle, Miss, of Belfast Sep. 1804 p. 575
Johnston, Wm Thos, Mt. Johnston, co. Down=Spencer, Miss, d. of John, Spencer Hill, co. Monaghan Aug. 1800 p. 127
Johnston, rev. Wm. Henry, of Holmepark=Hamilton, Margt., d. of James, Sheephill, co. Dublin Nov. 1796 p. 480

Jones, Chas., co Wicklow=Browne, Eliza, of Merrion Buildings Sep 1788 p. 504
Jones, Henry, Westmeath=Dowdall, Miss July 1772 p. 400
Jones, hon. John, bro. of Visct. Ranelagh=Cane, Eliza, 2nd d. of Major, in Dawson St. Mar. 1808 p. 192
Jones, Lt. of 71st Regt.=Johnston, Miss, d. of Catp., of the Royal Tyrone Militia Dec. 1801 p. 763
Jones, Richd.=Hill, Elizabeth, d. of Jas.of Limerick Mar. 1778 p. 192
Jones, Thos., Banad, co. Sligo=Dillon, Miss, d. of Jas., of Lisson, co. Roscommon, at Hollymount, co Mayo Jan 1779 p. 128

No entries

Joyce, Miss=Boyd, Wilson, E.D. 1807 p. 575
Joyce, E.=Nagle, Francis i 1790 p. 192
Joyce, Edw. of New Ross=Downs, Catherine, Adamstown, co. Kilkenny May 1803 p. 319
Joyce, Walter, Galway=Daly, Miss, d. of late Peter, of Cloncha Sep. 1793 p. 288

Joynt, Jas., Holymount, co. Galway=Browne, Mrs. Ballyfax, co. Kildare Sep. 1871 p. 504
Joynt, Lt., of Roscommon regt.=Fraser, Miss, d. of late Lt. col, of Fraser Fencibles, at Kinsale, by rev. St. John Browne July 1809 p. 432

Kane, Lt.-col., Waterford Militia=Morgan, Miss, s. of Col., of Birchgrove, Glamorganshire Dec. 1811 p. 636
Kane, Clair, Jiggmont, co. Cavan=Scott, Mrs.,r. of Capt., d. of Mr. Sampson, of co. Fermanagh Aug 1785 p. 448
Kane, Mary=McKee, Francis 1804 p. 192
Kane, Lt. col. Nathan, late of 14th Foot=Nesbit, Miss, s. of Matt., of Derrycarr, co. Leitrim Dec. 1802 p. 764

Kavanagh, Patrick=Nowlan, Miss May 1791 p. 480

Kaye, John Lyster, of Grange=Grey, Lady Amelia, y.d. Earl of Stamford Nov. 1800 p. 319

Kean, Mrs.=Nowlan, Dan 1777 p. 640
Kean, Miss=White, Michael 1781 p. 168
Kean, Miss=Kelly, Edward 1812 p. 143
Kean, Wm.=Dunn, Miss June 1771 p. 280

Keane, Lt. col.=Smith, Miss, d. of Brig. gen., Comd. Officer of Artillery, at Gibraltar Feb. 1806
Keane, H.D., E.I. Co.'s Bengal estabmt.=King, Miss, d. of Anthy., Frederick St., bar.-at-law Sep. 1800 p. 191

Kearney, John of Kilkenny=Keating, Waller, only d. of late Dean of Clogher, by the Provost Trinity College, Dublin Feb. 1805 p. 127
Kearney, John, of Milltown, co. Meath=Browne, Miss, Queen St. Jan 1797 p. 96

Kearns, Rev.=Clements, Miss, both of Stewartstown, co. Tyrone May 1777 p. 376

Keating, Miss=Bluett, M. 1803 p. 702
Keating, Miss=Cussack, Mr. 1772 p. 55
Keating, Miss=Russell, Edw. 1781 p. 168
Keating, Miss=Taylor, John i 1797 p. 568
Keating, Capt. 23rd Light Dragoons=Poole, Barbara, d. of Hewett, of Mayfield, by rev. Rbt. Meade, at Glanmire church June 1804 p. 383
Keating, Anne=Reilly, Wm. 1781 p. 392
Keating, C.=O'Dwyer, Lt. Morgan ii 1798 p. 656
Keating, rev. Cadogan, of St. Wergburgh's parish=Taylor, Miss, d. of Aldm. Thos. Aug. 1780 p. 463
Keating, Eliza=Clarke, Nich. 1812 p. 279
Keating, Geo. Mountpellier, co. Limerick=Franklin, Sarah, d. of John, of Cahirnahalla, same co. 24 June 1775  p. 437
Keating, Henry, printer, Dublin=Cowran, Ann, at Tulliamore Aug. 1808 p. 511
Keating, John, of city Cork=Hayes, Jane, d. of Attiwell, of same city, at Port Patrick, Scotland June 1790 p. 576
Keating, L., Ballydrilled=Scully, Miss., d. of James, Kinsale, co. Tipperary May 1809 p. 319
Keating, Maurice, bar.-at-law=Harte, Miss, d. of Rhd, nr Limerick Nov. 1788 p. 616
Keating, R., Sheehy, Cork=Aylmer, Miss, d. of M. Feb. 1792 p. 192
Keating, Margt. Sweetman=Bellew, A.W. i 1797 p. 96
Keating, Waller=Kearney, John 1805 p. 127
Keating, Walter, Sylvan Park, co. Meath=Morris, Jane, e.d. Brabazon, of Tankarstown, same co. Apr. 1812 p. 191

Keeffe [Note, bride's index lists KEEFE], Daniel=Cormack, Miss, Brittas Feb. 1790 p. 192

No entries

Keene, Joseph, Ennis=Stokes, Miss, d. of late George, of Annabella, co. Cork Feb. 1802 p. 128

Kehoe, Wm., Westmoreland st.=Smith, Amelia, d. of Aylmer, in Cork Nov. 1788 p. 616

Keller, Jeremiah, bar.-at-law=Allen, Miss, d. of Aylmer, in Cork Nov. 1788 p. 616

Kelley, Mary=Mayne, Rbt. 1775 p. 127

Kelly, Miss=Musgrove,Capt. 1772 p. 456
Kelly, Miss=Crofton, Malby 1772 p. 400
Kelly, Miss=Bartlett, Capt. 1773 p. 160
Kelly, Major=Brown, Mary Jan 1775 p. 127
Kelly, Miss=Snitch, Matt. 1775 p. 320
Kelly, Miss=Pace, Ambrose 1777 p. 831
Kelly, Mr., architect=Smith, Miss, both of Townsend St. Nov. 1781 p. 616
Kelly, Miss=West, Edward 1787 p. 616
Kelly, Miss=Campbell, Capt. Wm. 1788 p. 280
Kelly, Miss=Ford, John 1788 p. 280
Kelly, Miss=Archdeacon, Thos., jr ii 1795 p. 384
Kelly, Miss=Thompson, Capt. Wm 1788 p. 280
Kelly, Miss=Duff, Rhd. 1804 p. 763
Kelly, Miss=Withers, Isaac 1804 p. 763
Kelly, Miss=Taaffe, Patrick 1805 p. 384
Kelly, Miss=Pope, Geo 1805 p. 445
Kelly, Miss=Wade, Joseph 1806 p. 126
Kelly, Mrs.=Needham, Mr. 1808 p. 191
Kelly, Lt., 61st Regt.=Kenny, Miss, co. Limerick Jan. 1807 p. 64
Kelly, Mrs.=Whelan, John 1812 p. 279
Kelly, Anna Isabella=Pigot, Geo. i 1794 p. 287
Kelly, Anne=Newcombe, Arthur 1804 p. 192
Kelly, Bernard=Connell, Widow July 1772 p. 400
Kelly, Chas., Charleville=Johnson, Miss, Headfort, co. Leitrim Oct. 1790 p. 384
Kelly, rev. Daniel, Dawson Grove, co Armagh=Donaldson, Miss, of Castle Dillon, same co. Nov. 1789 p. 616
Kelly, E., Clare, King's co.=Shell, Miss, Mahonstown, co. Westmeath Sep. 1791 p. 288
Kelly, Edmond, Ballyfern, co. Roscommon=French, Miss, d. of Sir Chas., Bt., of Clogha, co. Galway July 1779 p. 488
Kelly, Edw., Cardiffstown, co. Louth=Caraher, Miss, Dundalk Nov. 1794 p. 480
Kelly, Edw., Upper Bridge St.=Kean, Miss, y. d. of Roger, of Bridge St.Mar. 1812 p. 143
Kelly, Eliza=Poole, Michael ii 1790 p. 384
Kelly, Eliza=Taaffe, John 1802 p. 256
Kelly, Eliza=Carey, rev. Lucius 1811 p. 592
Kelly, Eliza Maria=Anderson, J. 1812 p. 279
Kelly, Esther=Stayte, Rhd. 1772 p. 676
Kelly, H.C. of Dame St.=Hayland, Miss, of Back Lane Apr. 1803 p. 255
Kelly, Helen=Lyster, Capt. 1771 p. 112
Kelly, James, s. of late Denis, Castle Kelly=St. George, Miss June 1807 p. 383
Kelly, Mary=Dermundy, And. 1773 p. 736
Kelly, Mary=Waldron, Fran. 1776 p. 792
Kelly, P., Lower Ormond Quay=Butler, Eliza, Grafton St. Jan. 1811 p. 56
Kelly, Patrick=Blakeley, Miss, 2nd d. of Rbt. of Chancery Lane July 1790 p. 96
Kelly, Peter, Gt. Lonford St.=Graves, Miss, Dame St. Feb. 1776 p. 143
Kelly, Sam., Adderley=McMullen, Miss, Hanover St. Oct. 1807 p. 640
Kelly, Thos.=Graves, Miss Oct. 1771 p. 512
Kelly, Thos., M.D.=Tighe, Miss, Ballyshannon may 1784 p. 280
Kelly, rev. Thos.[entd. in error as Kelly, rt. hon Thos., 2nd Justice Common Pleas, Ireland]=Tighe, Miss, at Rosanna, co Wicklow July 1795 96 p. 288
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Corduff, co. Dublin=Walsh, Miss, Stoneybatter Apr. 1805 p. 284
Kelly, Wm., Stroakstown, co. Rosocommon=Lissam, Jane Apr. 1793 p. 384

Kemmis, J., Knightstown, Queen's co.=Smyth, Miss, e.d. of Archdn., in Sackville St., by Archbp. of Dublin Dec. 1807 p. 763

Kennedy, Miss=Lambert, James 1774 p. 430
Kennedy, Miss=Bavers, Tongue 1781 p. 224
Kennedy, Miss=Sullivan, Rbt. 1784 p. 552
Kennedy, Miss=Healy, Rodney 1808 p. 511
Kennedy, Miss=Daniel, Thomas 1809 p. 432
Kennedy, Edw., Mount Kennedy, co. Waterford=Gleeson, Miss, d. of Dr., Cove hill, nr. Dungarvan June 1812 p. 279
Kennedy, Edw.=Bayly, Miss, e.d. of John, of Gowron, nr. Ballitore, by Dean of Clogher Dec. 1781 p. 672
Kennedy, Eliza=Meade, Rhd. 1785 p. 391
Kennedy, rev. J.P.=Cary, Mary, both of Londonderry Sep. 1786 p. 504
Kennedy, Jas., aet 22, Ballinamultina=Crotty, J., aet. 51, Lismore, co. Waterford July 1807 p. 447
Kennedy, Jas., Mathersforth, nr. Lurgan=Morrow, Elizabeth, Kinego, co. Armagh july 1807 p. 448
Kennedy, John, woollen draper=Paxton, Miss Mar. 1772 p. 168
Kennedy, Letitia=Turner, Rhd. 1801 p. 575
Kennedy, Maria Parsons=Ardah, Wm. 1804 p. 192
Kennedy, Mary=Seagrave, Geo. 1781 p. 672

Kenney, Miss=O'Shaughnessy, R. 1808 p. 383

Kenny, Miss=Clark, J., jr. 1801 p. 255
Kenny, Miss=Griffith, Wm. 1802 p. 639
Kenny, Miss=Kelly Lt. 1807 p. 64
Kenny, Arabella=Eagle, Simon i 1790 p. 480
Kenny, Edw., Hamblinstown, co. Meath=Brady, Miss, Stonefield jan. 1795 p. 96
Kenny, John, Dublin=Phellan, Miss, Ballyragget July 1805 p. 446
Kenny, Joseph, Grange, Mellon, co. Kildare=Walker, Margt., only d. of Sam., Mecklinburgh St. July 1809 p. 432
Kenny, Matilda=Henly, Fdk. 1803 p. 703
Kenny, Rbt. , Ballingar=Phellan, Miss, d. of John, Ballyragget mar. 1804 p. 192
Kenny, Thos.=Leonard, Eliza, d. of John, late of Brownstown, co. Kildare July 1787 p. 392

Kent, Rev. Chas., of Trinity College, Dublin=Lloyde, Mrs., Bride St. June 1778 p. 424

Keogh, Miss=Hume, Rbt., jr. 1777 p. 72
Keogh, Anthy., Roscommon=French, Miss Mar. 1772 p. 68
Keogh, Edmond, of Corkip=Byrne, Miss, Corboy Oct. 1795 p. 384
Keogh, John, Loughlinstown, co. Kildare=Clynch, Miss, Peamount, same co. June 1789 p. 336
Keogh, Mary=Netterville, Fdk. 1775 p. 629
Keogh, Michael, bar.-at-law, Crumlin,co. Dublin=Lombard,Miss, d. of late James, Cork May 1795 p. 480
Keogh, Timothy=Fisher, Susan, in Lismore June 1793 p. 568

No entries

Keys, Widow=Cooper, Jas. 1810 p. 571
Keys, Benj.=Hargraves, S., both of Limerick June 1809 p. 376
Keys, Chas., Co Fermanagh=Cranfield, Miss, Church Lane 10 Jan 1778 p. 64

No entries

No entries

No entries

Killen, Visct. [Arthur Jas. Plunket, K.P., 1821, cr.1831 Baron Fingall of Woolhampton Lodge, co. Berks of U.K.]e.s. of E. Fingall, =Donelan, [Frances d. of John], Ballydonelan, co. Galway 18 Dec 1785 p. 670

No entries

Kinaham, D.=Lowden, Mrs. July 1804 p. 447

Kirby, Miss=Baldwin, Wm ii 1792 p. 568
Kirby, John=Rose, Miss, York St. Sep 1801 p. 575

Kine, Bryan, jr., Creggs, co. Galway=McDonagh, Miss, Lisnageera, same co. Jan. 1805 p. 62

King, Miss=Henry, Rev 1772 p. 363
King, Capt.=King, Miss, of Athlone Apr. 1771 p. 168
King, Miss=King Capt. 1771 p. 168
King, Miss=Lowcay, Anthony 1773 p. 160
King, Miss=Loftus, Capt. Wm. 1778 p. 128
King, Miss=Robinson, Jas. 1778 p. 424
King, Miss=Crampton, Capt. J 1784 p. 744
King, Miss=Holmes, Thomas 1786 p. 111
King, Miss=Auchmuty, John 1789 p. 616
King, Lady=McMahon, Andrew 1789 p. 616
King, Rev.=Popham, Miss, Bandon Oct. 1791 p. 384
King, hon. Miss=Mountcashel, Earl of ii1791 p. 480
King, Miss=Pigott, Wm. ii1794 p. 568
King, Miss=Rowley, Capt. Chas., R.N. i 1798 p. 96
King, Miss=Hutchinson, Col. ii 1798 p. 815
King, Miss=Hutchinson, Major i 1798 p. 191
King, Miss=Shaw, R.W. ii 1799 p. 143
King, Miss=Keane, H.D. ii 1800 p. 191
King, Miss=Moorhead, Rev. 1801 p. 383
King, Miss=Rea, Lt. 1802 p. 764
King, Miss=Bradford, Mr. 1805 p. 445
King, Miss=Curry, Wm 1808 p. 576
King, Abraham Bradley, Dame St.=Oulton, Miss, Dawson St. July 1793 p. 96
King, Alexander=Trumble, Catherine, both of and at Monaghan April 1807 p. 255
King, Anne=Corbet, Rev ii 1798 p. 815
King, Aldm. Sir Anthy.=Turner, Mrs. , r. of Timothy of Clare St. Sep 1786 p. 504
King, lady Caroline= Morrison, Major-gen. Edw, i 1800 p. 381
King, Chas. Croker, North Cumberland St.=Perrin, Miss, South Cumberland St. Feb. 1807 p. 128
King, Croker=Magee, W.S. 1787 p. 560
King, E.=Overend, Geo. 1788 p. 111
King, Edward, M.P., born Carrick=Madden, hon. Mrs., d. of late Earl of Erne Apr. 1793 p. 384
King, Edward=Keays, Jane, d. of Christopher, painter and glazier Sep. 1801 p. 575
King, Lady Frances=Tennison, Thos. 1803 p. 319
King, Gilbert, of Charlestown, co. Roscommon=King, Jane Mar. 1774 p. 116 172
King, Capt. Geo., of Dumfries Light Dragoons=Giffard, Harriett, e.d. of John, of Ely Place, on of sheriffs peers city Dublin May 1800 p. 320
King, Harriet=Daly, Dennis 1776 p. 143
King, James, s. of Gilbert, of Charlestown, co. Roscommon=Creighton, hon. Miss, d. of Visct. Erne May 1783 p. 280
King, Lady Jane=Parsons, Wm 1772 p. 336
King, Jane=King, Gilbert 1774 p. 116 172
King, John=Lanesborough, Jane, Ctss. Dowager of, s. to Earl of Belvedere Feb. 1790 p. 192 [Md. first at Milan, Lombardy, afterwards at St. Julian's Church, Shrewbury)
King, Margt.=Bennet, rev. W.L. 1810 p. 384
King, Mary=Stevenson, Edw. 1773 p. 616
King, Molloy=Sharpe, John 1774 p. 629
King, Paul, Kingsville=Nicholson, Olympia, d. of Wm., Ibilman, co. Tipperary, at Waterford July 1809 p. 431
King, Pierce N., Macmine, co. Wexford=Carroll, Elizabeth, d. of Geo., co. Dublin July 1808 p. 447
King, Rhd.=Ross, Miss, e.d. of Wm., of Sandwick Feb. 1800 p. 120
King, Capt. Rhd., R.N., only s. of Adm. Sir Rhd., Bt.=Duckworth, Miss, only d. of Rear-adm. Sir J., K.B., at Stoke, nr. Plymouth Jan. 1804 p. 62
King, Sam., jr., Dungannon=McIlroy, Charlotte, y.d. of late Patrick, of Killiman Feb. 1809 p. 127
King, Wm.=Dennis, Miss, d. of rev. Wm, at Waterford Apr. 1802 p. 256

No entries

Kirby, John=Rose, Miss, York St. Sep 1801 p. 575

Kirk, Lt., Loyal Essex Fencibles=Young, Miss, Kennedy's Lane July 1801 p. 448
Kirk, Mrs.=Smith, Jas., senr. 1806 p. 191
Kirk, Miss=Thonboe, Michael 1807 p. 448
Kirk, Miss=Townly, Robt. 1775 p. 566
Kirk, Thos., Dublin=Robinson, Miss, d. of Joseph, builder Mar. 1808 p. 191
Kirk, Wiliam H., of Belfast=Martin, Miss, of Carrick-fergus, at Marahinch dec. 1804 p. 763

Kirwin, Patrick=Brown, Louisa, dau. of D.G., at Castle McGarrett 8 Aug 1811 p. 448

Knight, Lt.-col. of 21st Foot=O'Neil, Miss, at seat of Chas. O'Neil, Castle of Monkstown, co. Dublin Oct. 1788 p. 560

Knox, rev. John, Russell, co. Donegal=Hill, Miss, d. of Edwd, M.D., President Coll. Physicians, in Hracourt St. June 1790 p. 576

Knowles, Adm. Sir Chas. H., Bt.=Johnston, Charlotte, d. of Chas. of Ludlow Oct. 1800 p. 255

Kyle, Miss=Gordon, Alex. 1785 p. 391
Kyle, Robert, Laurel hill=Fulton, Miss, Coleraine Oct. 1801 p. 640

No entries

Lacey, Miss=Evans, John 1781 p. 112

Lacy, Miss=Bernard, Wm. 1806 p. 447

No entries

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