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The Garrison of the City of Londonderry

18th August 1643


In the Garrison of the City of Londonderry


The Muster Roll of Henry Finchs Company of Foot


(These men were in the main from the Parish of Faughanvale Co Londonderry)


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Henry Finch


George Cooke


George Downinge


Christopher Cootes


John Westgate


John Moldrage


William Rea


William Coote


John Fowler


Andrew Hamilton


Christopher Allen


Henry Beames


John Borde


John Boyd


Ninian Boyd


Thomas Browne


Thomas Burnell


Richard Craneen


John Craven


John Craveen


Thomas Craven


Robert Cuthbertson


Lewis Davis


John Dalgleish


Richard Edwards


William Enlish


Robert Ewrye


Henry Finch


Henry Finch


John  Flanell


Martin Galbraith


John Gates


John Griffin


Edward Goose


Thomas Greene


William Handlinge


Pter Hender


Thomas Hender


Archibald Hood


Christopher Howell


Edward Hullye


John Hullye


Robert Hullye


James Houston


John Kennedye


John Kellye


Robert Kerbye


John Langmore


Charles Langton


Matthew Lindyse


Simon McKilcome


Gilbert McKiltire


John McKiltire


Philio McKiltire


Robert McKiltire


Turloch McLochlin


Donaghy McLocklin


John Maderall


Andrew Maderall


George Madox


Peter Madox


John Magee


John Magown


James Major


John Matthews


Patrick Matire


William Mitchell


Robert Morrison



Ada Morthwan


Owen O Doherty



James OGallagher


Owen O Gallagher


Darby O Kean


William O Linshanan


Darby O Mullan


Thomas Parke


Robert Patterson


John Peirmon


James Rabb


Thomas Rankine


James Robinson


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John Robinson


James Smith


John Smith


William Smith


Henry Tallen


John Topine


William Turbett


Cane Walters


James Watts


Robert Wharton


James Wilson


Robert Wilson


Patrick Wright


John Younge

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