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Passenger List RMS Titanic



Steerage class Irish Passengers who embarked at Queen???s Town

(Survivors in bold type)


Barry, Julia
Bourke, Catherine
Bourke, John
Bradley, Bridget
Buckley, Daniel
Buckley, Katherine
Burke, Jeremia
Burke, Mary
Burns, Mary
Canavan, Mary
Carr, Ellen
Carr, Jeannie
Chartens, David
Cannavan, Pat
Colbert, Patrick
Conlin, Thos. H.
Connaghton, Michel
Connors, Pat
Conolly, Kate
Conolly, Kate
Daly, Marcella
Daly, Eugene
Devanoy, Margaret
Dewan, Frank
Dooley, Patrick
Doyle, Elin
Driscoll, Bridget
Emmeth, Thomas
Farrell, James
Foley, Joseph
Foley, William
Flynn, James
Flynn, John
Fox, Patrick
Gallagher, Martin
Gilnegh, Katie
Glynn, Mary
Hagardon, Kate
Hagarty, Nora
Hart, Henry
Healy, Nora
Horgan, John
Hemming, Norah
Henery, Delia
Jenymin, Annie
Kelly, James
Kelly, Annie K.
Kelly, Mary
Kerane, Andy
Kennedy, John
Kilgannon, Thomas
Kiernan, John
Kiernan, Phillip
Lane, Patrick
Lemom, Denis
Lemon, Mary
Linehan, Michel
Madigan, Maggie
Mahon, Delia
Mannion, Margaret
Mangan, Mary
McCarthy, Katie
McCoy, Agnes
McCoy, Alice
McCoy, Bernard
McCormack, Thomas
McDermott, Delia
McElroy, Michel
McGovern, Mary
McGowan, Katherine
McGowan, Annie
McMahon, Martin
Mechan, John
Meeklave, Ellie
Moran, James
Moran, Bertha
Morgan, Daniel J.
Morrow, Thomas
Mullens, Katie
Mulvihill, Bertha
Murphy, Norah
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Kate
Naughton, Hannah
Nemagh, Robert
O'Brien, Denis
O'Brien, Thomas
O'Brien, Hannah
O'Connell, Pat D.
O'Connor, Maurice
O'Connor, Pat
O'Donaghue, Bert
O'Dwyer, Nellie
O'Keefe, Pat
OLeary, Norah
O'Neill, Bridget
O'Sullivan, Bridget
Peters, Katie
Rice, Margaret
Rice, Albert (child)
Rice, George (child)
Rice, Eric (child)
Rice, Arthur (child)
Rice, Eugene (child)
Riordan, Hannah
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Edw.
Sadlier, Matt
Scanlan, James
Shaughnesay, Pat
Shine, Ellen
Smyth, Julian
Tobin, Roger


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