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Passengers of the Lucretia






Schooner Lucretia, St. Johns To Philadelphia.

























List or Manifest of all Passengers Taken on Board the Schooner Lucretia
Whereof George Kimball is Master, From St. Johns, N.B, Burthen 137 81/75
and Owned by George Kimball and Others of Berest and Sent to

20 August 1819
                         Schooner Lucretia
                             St. Johns
Schooner = Lucretia: Master = Kimball : From = St. Johns: Burthen = 137
81/75 tons : Built At = [?]: Bound to = Philadelphia:
                         List of Passengers
   Name                       Age          Sex
   John Doherty                27           M
   Manus Doherty               24           M
   Unity Doherty               20           F
   Jane Doherty                17           F
   George Gamble               40           M
   Mary Gamble                 40           F
   James Gamble                20           M
   Matilda Gamble              17           F
   Eliza Gamble                12           F
   William Gamble              10           M
   GeorgeGamble                 8           M
   David Gamble                 5           M
   William Scott               29           M
   Elizabeth Scott             25           F
   George Scott                 2           M
   William McCastlins          32           M
   Margt. McCastlins           29           F
   Alexr. McCastlins            8           M
   Saml. McCastlins             5           M
   Patrick McKee               18           M
   Phillip Bryers              20           M
   James Blair                 25           M
   Ann Blair                   18           F
   David McDaniel              23           M
   Hugh McDaniel               21           M
   William Cunningham          22           M
   Danslet Miller              25           M
   Thomas Nickson              24           M
   Anna Nickson                22           M
   Sarah Stars                 21           F
   Peter Donnoly               24           M
   John McCracken              28           M
   Thomas Scott                21           M
   Ann McCracken               20           F
   John Scott                  18           M
   William McCracken           24           M
   Jane Scott                  22           F
   James McCracken             23           M
   Alexander McCracken         16           M
   Mary McCracken              10           F
   John Gadis                  38           M
   Margaret Gadis              37           F
   Henry Gadis                 18           M
   Bessey Gadis                15           F
   Ann Gadis                   10           F
   Adam Gadis                   2           M
   Arthur O'Neil               43           M
   Margaret O'Neil             39           F
   George O'Neil               19           M
   Barbara O'Neil              16           F
   Henry O'Neil                12           M
   Michael Doherty             30           M
   James McCracken              2           M
   Sarah Treanor               26           F
   Elizabeth McCracken        infant        F
   Margaret Rickey             21           F
   Mary Elliott                68           F
   Fanny Elliott               22           F
   Andrew Elliott              14           M
   Micheal Mc Catery           26           M
   Anthony Mullen              25           M
   Hugh Mc Dermott             26           M
   Pat Mullen                  21           M
   Micheal N[---?]             30           M
   Lawrence Golding            25           M
   Susanna Golding             20           F
   Frank Calahan               36           M
   Hannah Calahan              30           F
   Hugh Calahan                 8           M
   Mary Calahan                 6           F
   Hannah Calahan               3           F
   Denis Mc Bride              25           M
   William Rupel               22           M
   Major Henson                30           M
   Patrick Drugan              30           M
   Nancy Drugan                26           F
   Nancy Drugan                15           F
   Richard Mc Gee              20           M
   James Lawson                25           M



















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