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1901 Census Abstracts Parish of Killymard


1901 Census of Killymard Parish Co Donegal.


Lindel Buckley



BOYD - John and Margaret, Ellen, Matilda, Isabella, Jane, James.

REGAN - John, John and Margaret Kelly (s.i.law)

PERRY - Francis and Margaret, Eliza, Margaret

PERRY - Joseph and Fanny, Eliza McAtamany (neice), William McAtamany, Joseph McAtamany,

Thomas McAtamany.

GOLD - Charles and Johanna, Charles J., Lavina, Andrew, Tamar Amelia.

MAGEE - Andrew, Anne McIntyre, Patrick Scott.

McCLUSKEY - William and Susan, (Caretaker).



CASSIDY - Patrick and Annie, James, William, Patrick, George, Charles.

WILSON - Robert and Catherine, Robert, Alexander, Susan, Rebecca, Lizzie, John.

McKELVEY- Denis, Charles, Margaret, Denis McAnulty.

LY'ITLE - Maria, Hugh Wray,

CARNEY- Maggie, James, Mary, Patrick, Katie, John.

DIVER - Hugh and Bridget, Cassie, John, Bridget, James, Hugh, Maggie, Rose.

McGRORY- Mary, Connell Furey (son), (seamstress).

WRAY-Sarah, William, Mary, Samuel.

SPENCE - David and Sarah, Andrew.

SPENCE - Jacob and Mary, Bridget.

WILSON - Alexander and Mary, Ellen, Edward.



BOYD - John and Margaret, Ellen, Matilda, Isabella, Jane and James.

REGAN - John, John and Margaret Kelly S.I.Law.

PERRY -Francis and Margaret, Eliza, Margaret.

PERRY- Joseph and fanny, Eliza McAtamaney [niece] William McAtamaney,

Joseph McAtamaney, Thomas McAtamaney.

GOLD - Charles and Johanna, Charles J. Lavinia, Andrew, Tamar and Amelia.

MAGEE - Andrew, Anne McIntyre, Patrick Scott.

McClusky -William and Susan [Caretaker.



GILLESPIE - Unity, (seamstress)

BROGAN - Edward and Catherine, Richard.

KELLY- Margaret.

GILLESPIE - Patrick and Margaret, Catherine, William.

WILSON- James, Andy, Ellen, Lizzie, Anne, William, Barbara, Maggie.

WRAY - David and Anne, Alexander.

GILLESPIE - James and Annie, Ellie,

HARVEY - Denis and Mary, Cassie, Ellen, Agnes, Maggie, Alice, Hugh, Joseph, Edward.


WILLIAMSON- Jane, Martha, Lucy,

MEEHAN - Bryan, Mary (caretaker)

WILSON- Eleanor, Annie, William.

McCOOLE - Ellen, John, Michael, Mary, Maggie (knitter).

BRESLIN- Catherine, Mary, Patrick, John.

MULHERN- John, Mary.

GILLESPIE - William and Margaret, Mary, James, Charles, Joseph, Bridget.

GILLESPIE- Joseph, Charles, Bridget, John, James.

McGRATH - Bridget, Mary Harvey,

McGROARY - James, John and Lizzie O'Donnell (s.i.law) Bridget, Annie, James.

DROMORE- Killvmard

HARVEY - Thomas and Catherine, Catherine Scott,

QUINN - Mary, James, Bridget, John Bovle.

IRWIN - William.

LOVE - Richard, Jane, Mary.

WARKE - Thomas and Mary, Thomas, Joseph, Cassie, William, James, Bryan Curley, Mary Burns.

FLAGHERTY- Catherine, Patrick McShea.

MARTIN - James and Mary, Patrick, (railway platelayer)

O'FLAHERTY - Grace, Michael, Mary, Anna, Edward, Robert, Rose, Agnes, George.

O'FLAHERTY- Mary, Maggie, Sarah, George Waugh

CARR - Isabella, Mary

PORTER - James and Kate, Connell, Thomas, Isabella, Bridget, James.

BATTLES - Mary, Hugh McGowan, John McGowan, Mary A. Battles, Rose Scott.

BRESLIN - Edward, Anne, James, Kate.

WILSON - John and Anne, Alex, Joseph, Sarah, Thomas.

SIMMS - William and Margaret, William.

LIPSETT - James and Annie, Lillie, (builder).

CUNNINGHAM - Michael and Anne, Keat, John, James, Mary, Michael, Patrick, Edward.

SIMMS- Margery, James, Margery.

WILSON - Joseph and Ann, David, Robert, Maggie, Mary, Cassie.

SIMMS - William and Lizzie, Alex, Isabella, Hamilton Shaw.

PORTER - Thomas and Jane, Maggie, Annie, Mick, Joseph Rose, Mary.

McDERMOTT - Michael and Mary, Daniel, Mary, John, Maggie, Bridget, Francis.

BUCHANAN William and Rebecca, Rebecca, Cassie, David, Samuel, Elizabeth.

MARTIN - James and Anne.

McCUNNINGHAM - Bryan and Bella, Margaret, Patrick, Mary, William.

KENNEDY - Francis and Maggie, Philip, Mary, Francis, Patrick, Maggie

McCAFFERTY - Hugh and Ellen, Susan.

BROGAN- Mary, William.

BURNS - Patrick and Cassie, Mary, Cassie, James, Charles, Bernard, Mary.

MALLY - Denis and Rose, Bella, Rose.


HAUGHEY - Edward and Elizabeth.

NOLAN - James and Bridget, Maggie, Maria, Annie, Mary, Bridget.

WILSON - Edward and Anne, Willie, Edward, Eliza, David Keaterson.

KENNEDY - John and Margaret, John, Catherine, John Gildea.

KEENEY- Bridget, John, Bridget.

PATTERSON - Francis and Mary, Teresa.

GRAHAM - John, James.


HAMMOND - Thomas and Elizabeth.

MORROW - Samuel and Jane, Isaac.

CRAWFORD - James and Margaret, Annie, Lizzie, John, James, Susan.

HAMMOND - John and Martha, John, Eliza, James.

LOWERY- Margaret, Susan Hammond, Isabella Hammond.

STEVENSON - William and Charlotte, M.Albert, Meta, R.George, Mary Dorrian, John Harley.


FAWCETT- Anne, Andrew, Joseph, Mary Thomas.

CRUMMER - James and Eleanor, Ellen, Robert, John, Thomas, Andrew, Mary Jane.

CAMPBELL - James and Catherine, Isabella, Catherine Griffith, Mary Griffith

WILLIAMSON - William and Rebecca, John, William, Lucy, Robert.


McGONIGLE - Charles and Sarah, David.

KELLY- Anne, Mary, Patrick, Bridget, John.


LENAHAN - Hugh and Fanny, Hannah, Bella Kennedy.

BRENNAN - Patrick and Jane, James, Mary, John, Bridget, Kate.

FLOOD - Denis, Charles, Mary, Francis.

McGONIGLE - Catherine, Anne, James.


STEWARD - George and Isabella, William, Sarah, Mary, Isabella.


BARRETT - John and Fanny, William, Ida, James, Thomas.

GARRELL - Joseph and Mary, Mary, William, Andrew, Samuel, Annie, Cassie.

TIMONY- John, Bridget, Ellen.

MACKEY - David and Jane, Robert, George, Katherine, Robert McCrea.

GALLAGHER - Hugh and June, Patrick, Michael, Catherine.

GALLAGHER - James and Fannie, James.

CRAWFORD - Richard, Cassie, Robert.

McANERN - Daniel and Catherine, Cassie.

BROGAN - William and Margaret, James, Thomas, Richard, Annie, Margaret, Mary, Kate, Joseph.

FAWCETT- Elizabeth, Rebecca, Arthur Morrow.

GILDEA - Denis and Susan, Maggie, Denis.

MORROW - Andrew and Lizzie, Robert, John, Andrew, Annie, Maggie


O'DONNELL - Isabella, Isaac, Mary, John Diver, Mary Diver.

McMULLIN - Timothy and Mary, Francis, William, Bridget Ward.

GLENN - James and Maggie, Mary Scott, (egg merchant).

FERRY - Andrew and Annie, William, Mary, Barbara, Fanny, Jane, Sarah.



MELLY - Mary, Edward, James, Cassie, John, Minnie.

McGETTIGAN - John and Mary, Patrick, Bridget, Fanny, James, Joseph Christopher Monaghan,

Annie Dorrian.

POTTER - John and Catherine, Ellen, Michael, Margaret, Bernard, Charles Myers, Margaret McCloskey, (ex RIC


GALLAGHER- James, Andy Brannigan

CROMMER - Adam and Isabel, Ellie, James, John, Maggie, Anne, Kathleen.

DOHERTY - John and Minnie, Catherine, Catherine, Charles, Patrick, Michael, John Marton

GILLESPIE - Nannie, Bridget, Mary, Patrick, Anthony, Denis McCloskey.

GALLAGHER - Patrick and Gillas, James, John, Patrick, Anthony, Joseph, Ellen McDermott.


WRAY - John, John, Susannah, Mary.

WRAY - Samuel, Francis Harvey.

SPENCE John and Eliza, John, Lizzie, Samuel.


O'DONNELL - Connell and Kate, Mary

LOGAN - George, Mary, John, Oliver, George, Rebecca, Eliza Fitzpatrick, Lizzie Coulter.

WILSON- Edward, Eliza, Robert, William, Robert, M. Jane.

WILSON - Alex, Mary, Martha.

ELVIN - John and Maggie, Minnie.

HENDERSON - John and Mary, Susan, Alexander, William, Robert, James.

MONTEITH - Catherine, Eliza, Tommy, Cassie, Maggie, Bella.

PEARSON -Thomas and Eliza, Thomas, Ellen, Fannie, William.

PATTERSON - Jane, Andrew, Anne.

VANCE - Alex, Bessie, Maggie, Bella.

McCAFFREY - James and Mary, Bridget, Mary Gillespie.

KEERIN- Michael, Sarah.

CONAGHAN - James and Catherine, William, Mary, Ellen, Annie, Jane.

WRAY - Joseph and Hannah, Joseph, William, Sarah, Fannie, William.

MILLER - Andrew and Mary, Sarah, Patrick, Georgina, Polly, Samuel, Louisa, Lillie, Lizzie, Wilhelmina.

LITTLE - Rebecca, Anne, Ellen Crawford, Maria Shaw.

GALLAGHER - Mary, Mary.

RICHIE - Francis and Maria, William, George, Francis.

McCUNNINGHAM - James and Mary, John, Margaret.

MONAGHAN -Sarah, Patrick Murray

CARNEY - James and Mary, Patrick, Sophia.

TORRENS - Margaret, Thomas and Susan Richie (s.i.law), Margaret Richie, Francis, David Richie, William Richie.

GALLAGHER - Michael and Bridget, Daniel, Ellen, Patrick, Michael, Mary, Bridget.

MERCER - William and Gertrude, James Wilson, Rebecca McCrea. (Clerk in holy order). Rector of Killymard.


BROGAN - Joseph and Mary, Joseph, James, Edward, Hugh, Ellen McGinty, (car driver).

POPE - Richard and Ellen, Adeline, Josephine, Mary McGroarty.

WARNOCK - HT, Mary Creery, John Kennedy, (surgeon).

CHAPMAN- Ernest, Elizabeth, Alexander Spratt. (Rector of COI).

McDEVITT- William and Catherine, Annie, Philip, Elizabeth, Ellen, Agnes, Margaret, William.



HEWITT- Thomas and Lucy, William, John, Lucy, Sarah, Andrew, James Wilson.

GRIFFITH - Patrick and Maggie, Michael, Mary, Maggie, Isabella.

GRIFFIN - Patrick, Bridget, Isabella, (mason).

GALLAGHER- Mary, Bridget.


CANNING - John and Margaret, Minnie, (carter).

WHITE - Henry and Frances, Sybil, Anne Davies, James Lewis, Barbara McNeill, Marian Garry, Annie Neilson, Maurice Turner, Ella Calderwood, (ex major general).

THEIN - Robert and Maria, (gamekeeper).

JOHNSTON - James and Jane, James, (gardener).

MURDOCK - Alexander and Elizabeth, (coachman).

McBREARTY- William, Margaret, John

ARNOLD - Robert, Matilda, William Armstrong, Robert Arnold. (blacksmith)


CAMPBELL - Michael and Mary, John, Rose, Neil, Mary, Charles.

MEEHAN - John and Hannah Patrick, Mary, James, Biddy, John, Peter, Tom, Bell, Joseph, George, Francis.

McCUE - Henry and Bridget, Annie, Kate, Henry, John.

QUINN - Owen and Winifred, Cassie, Charles, Annie, Hugh.

O'DONNELL - Annie, Patrick, Bridget.

WARD- James.

FUREY - Bryan and Mary, James, Mary, William Johnson.

McGRUDDY- Patrick, Mary.

DORRIAN - Edward and Bridget, James, John, Maggie, James.

LOVE - Anne, Andrew, Anne.

TIMONY- Denis, Mary.


HANLON - James and Annie, J.Gerald, Edith, Armstrong, Margaret Patterson. (Station master),

WATSON - William and Catherine, William, Victor Sharpe, (photographer).


LAWSON - Lavinia, Andrew, Maggie, William, Andrew.

McCLOSKEY - Bernard and Anne, John, Bernard.

HARVEY- Michael and Bridget, Bernard, Charles, Patrick, (tailor).

MOORHEAD - Catherine, William, Andrew.

McCLOSKEY - Ellen, Susan.

DAY - Hugh and Jane, Joseph, Ellen, Susan, Daniel, Mary, Hugh Julia, Elizabeth, Maggie, Dan McCloskey, Susan Morrow. (saddler).

TIMONY - James and Harriet, Michael, Albert, Harriet, Nora, Josephine Conlan, Susan Dolan,

(Gen. merchant).

GALLINAGH - Thomas, John.


SWEENY - Edward, Mary, Annie, Ellen, Patrick, Sarah.

KENNEDY - Patrick and Unity, James, Lizzie.

SWEENY - Edward and Anne, Manus, James, Mary, Sarah.

BROWN - Michael and Grace, Susan, Maggie, Annie, Michael, James,

KEARNS - Charles, William, Mary, Maggy.

MARTIN - James and Bridget, Ella, James, Annie, Maggie.

KENNEDY- Francis, Sarah, Mary, Isabella, Ann Gallagher.

GALLAGHER - Peter, Margaret.

KENNEDY - Francis and Bridget, Annie, Bernard, Lizzy, Francis.


FREEBURN - James and Ellen, Jane, Lucy


FAWCETT- Catherine, Andrew, James, Sarah, Daniel Kelly.

LOVE - William and Mary, James, Anne, Esther, Mary, Kate, Sarah, Isabel, William, Lillie, Charles Cook.

McCOOLE - Patrick and Bridget, (national teacher).


FUREY - Ellen, Mary Murray.

ELLIS - Edward and Elizabeth Eddie.

FUREY - Jane, Catherine, Joseph.

MINARDS - Mary, (needlework).

FAWCETT - George, Mary (carpenter).

BEVAN - Evelyn, Isabel, Ruth, Alice Duff, Annie Coyle, Eliza Love, Elizabeth Day, Joseph Bibly.

McILWAINE - George and Mary, (gardener)

McDEVITTE - James and Annie, Arthur, May, Georgie, F.E.Lillie.


SWAN - Henry and Sarah, John, *Field.

MULLIN - Sarah, George, Thomas, Mary, Michael.

EWING - Eliza, James, Samuel, Lizzie.

BROGAN - Patrick, Thomas, Maggie, Ann.

KAVANAGH - John and Bridget, William, Maggie, Jim, Jane, John, Patrick, Joseph, Bridget, Mary.

KERR - George and EIiza, Blanche, Florence, William, Frederick, Violet, Elizabeth Knight.(Chief officer - R.N).

FLEMING - Wallace and Agnes, Wallace, Glady's, (coast guard).

CULF - William and Lizzie, William, Clifford, Frank, (coast guard)

HORN - Samuel and Bessie, Lulu, Annie, (coast guard).

ALDFIELD - William and Grace, Annie, Albert, Edith, Willy, Fred, Peter Fitzell, (coast guard).

BARBER - Thomas and Jane, Louisa, Robert, Marrion, (RIC pensioner),

KELLY - Francis and Theresa, Daniel, Mary, Anthony, Edward, Francis, Marguerite, Patrick Campbell.

GRAHAM - Isaac and Margaret, Sarah Elizabeth.

MURPHY - James and Mary, Patrick, John, Mary, Bridget, Maggie, James, Mary.

BROGAN - John and Mary, Bridget, John, Cassie, Elizabeth, Bernard, Christina.

WEIR - William and Anne, (caretaker).


O'DONNELL - John and Anne, John, Catherine Carney, (shoemaker)

CAMPBELL Anne, Patrick, Winnie.

GILDEA - Mary, Bridget, (sprigging)

McKELVEY- James, Cassie

McKELVEY - John and Madge, Annie O'Donnell.

WARD - James and Margaret.

GALLAGHER- Mary, John.

GALLAGHER - John and Anne, Sarah.

GALLAGHER - Edward and Margaret, Con.

KENNEDY- Bridget, Thomas, Bryne, Agnus, Maggie, Patrick, Bridget.

GILLESPIE - Mary, Patrick, Mary, Ellen, Michael Moughan (s.i.law), Bridget Moughan, Mary Moughan.

TORRINS - Jane, Willie, Fanny, Hugh.

McGINLEY- Mary (sprigging)

McGINLEY - Mary, Patrick, Mick, Jane.

QUINN - James and Ann, James, Mary

QUINN - Ann, Mary

KENNEDY - Michael and Anne.

DIVER- John, Connell, Bridget, Agnes, John, Joseph, Michael, Mary.

RITCHIE - Hugh, Esther, Thomas, Charles.

McGRORTY- Mary, Margaret, Mary, Kate.

HAMMOND- Fanny, Richard, Kate, Sarah, Willie, Lizzie, Chrissie.

GOLD - John and Mary, Lamar, Alfred, Percival, Emilly, Arthur.

WRAY - Andrew and Sarah, Annie, Willie, Joe.

CAIRNS - John and Catherine, Bridget, Lizzie, Agnes, Jane, Michael, Patrick.

WRAY - William and Jane, Hugh, Joseph, Robert.














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