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Muster Roll of Dungiven Londonderry

Muster Roll of the tenants of Sir Thomas Phillips of Dungiven ,Co Londonderry 1630/1631

Sir Thomas Phillips, lands being 3000 acres, his men & their armes
swords & calleuers
Christopher Williams
Terge Heyland
William Heiden
John Rosse
Ffrancis Coster
Robert Morton the elder
swords & snaphances
John Stephenson
Thomas Whitt
swords & calleuers
John Spearman
William ffetters
Hugh White
John Martin the elder
John Jacks
Richard ffelton
John Waltinshone
James Robinson
Charles Langdell
Alexander Miller
Robert More
Thomas Conn
Robert Martin younger
John Wilson
Stephen Robinson
David Patten
Richard Bennett
John Shirley
Charles Fisher
John Martin younger
Herbert Carrudhose
John Wyre
William Young
John Latham
William Wylie
John Boyd elder
John Gilleland
John George
Archibald Patten
James ffynley
Edward Poke
James Smyth
Archibald Cally
William Gartly
William Coulton
Alexander Roger
John White
William Smyth
John Crawford younger
calleuers only
Donnogh Garrald
ffrancis McMarr
Peter Lewis
Iuer Mullan
sword & snaphances
Angais Bourston
Robert Patten
John Caman
John ffetters
Christopher Moore
Michael Lamb
John Shirley elder
David Akin
Robert Gilmore
John Boyd
John Montgomery
Patrick ffletcher
James Robinson
Thomas Moore younger
Patrick Jackson
John Robinson
John Houston
snaphance only
Robert Linton
Hugh Jack
Thomas Comnell
Gavin Gilroe
George Robinson
James Oliver
Robert Shannon
Claudius Sprowell
Thomas Moore elder
sword & musket or musket only
William Mooregalway
William Mitchell
sword & musket
Thomas Boyd
James Connell
swords & pikes
Patrick Gibbone
Thomas Smith
Thomas Patten younger
John Martin younger
John Yow
John Crawford
Thomas Sterling
Thomas Miller
John Kellogh
William Dunkin
William Gay
George Rowerth
Alexander Stephenson
pike only
Alexander Browne
no armes
James Parvis
Alexander Dunkan
John Steward
Ninean Watters
Anthony Magee
John fford
Patrick Laughlyne
John Cooke Captaine
John Owen ensigne
Anthony Mathew
John Lawson
George Blare, drummer
Pikes only
Richard Woodfen
John Holliday
Mathew Robinson
George Trotter
no armes
Peter Lewis
Richard Bennet
William Smith
Charles ffisher
Alexander Roger
John Wyre
James Smyth
John Latham
John George
William Young


                                  Note: Calleures & Snaphances are early flintlock type muskets.




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