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The 1766 Religious Census


Parliamentary Religious Returns:  P.R.O. Bundle 79,  No. 1023

United Parishes of Drumglass and Tullaniskan which together with Town and Corporation of Dungannon are commonly called the parish of Dungannon. 


CongoDrumkeriveWm. Robinson
William McClelan+Patk. Danly+Laughn. McGoweran
John SinclairWm. NicksonAlex. Culfield
Robt NickelDanl. LackThos Morrow
Thos McCan Brice Ennis+Patk. Hagan
William Jackson  +Art O Marlay
Jas DavisonGortmeran+Jn. Marlay
Jas LionsJas. Wright 
Jos McNeice Wm. JohnsonLurganboy
John BoysFrans. Mullan +Owen Doyle
Jas RicheyMoses Hamon+Peter Hughes
  John Hollis+Jn McGee
CoolhillsJohn Brese+Phelemy Kelly
Saml DouglassWm. Campbel +Bryan Raverty
+John Raverty  +Patk. Cavanah
Wm. FifeKillineal +Bryan McSkindor
+Con RavartyJas. Finn +Peter McSkinder
Jas Dawson or DavidsonDavid Glen +Hugh Quin
+John daltonWalter Hadock+Chas. Coner
John TaylorJn. Fletcher+Phelimy Coner
Thos. AgnewAbraham Hindry or Hinchy+Peter Fox
Alex SmithWm. Hindry+And. Stewart
John WhiteJas. Wallace+Chas. Stewart
John Courtney+Jas. McGee+Patk. Hagan
Thos. KingRoger Daugherty 
Wm. LipseyThos. Hinds 
Arch. Smith+Jn. McCan Ballybrockey
  Wm. Petterson +Patk. Madden
Cornamuckla  +Patk. Pattan
Con. OnealKingarve+John Coreran
John Porter+Hugh O'Neal+Owen Murphy
John Hanna+Michael Haughey+Roger McGugan
+Eneas McKellin+Mary Haughey+Art Larkan
+Henry McGran+Owen Sanaghan+Bryan Boyle
+Ter. Rork+Thos. McGuire+Ross McMaghan
James McClelan+Neal Quin+Owen Mc Mullan
Jn. McClelan+Terence Quin+Neal Sanaghan
Saml. Logan+Mary Quin 
+Art McMahon+Jn. McGladriganMountpollick
+Patk. McGran+Wm. Mc GavanMr. Jn. Bell
+Chas. Mcgavan+Owen Mc GavanRobt. Farley
+Fras Kane  +Chas McGladrigan
+Phelimy Sanaghan+Lisnallin+Bryan McGladrigan
Jas Gruan+Bryan Marlay 
John Colsin or Colvin+Michl. MarlayMullaghadun
+Bryan Sanaghan+John McGugan+Danl. Madden
  Wm. Hurd +Dinis Madden
Creevagh Jn. Hurd +Jn. Hagan
Rob. Phenix Thos. Hurd +Roger Mcginn
Ant Clarke +Jn. Marten +Michl. Maddin
Andr. Willson +Bryan Marten +Chas. Maddin
Patk. Willson   +Jn. Raverty


Seanchas Ardmhacha

+Patk. McLanly Jn. Graves Rossmore
+Terance Raverty   +Philip O'Kane
+Jas. Loughran Daraghadun +Phelemy Quin
  +Hugh Quin +Bryan McRory
Dungarvan +Jas. Cormick +Art O'Kelly
+Jas Hullin +Jn. Gilespy +Edm McGugan
+Chas. Boyle +Phelimy Quinn Garret Barry
+Art O'Develin +Terance Quin Wm. Cunningham
+Rore Boyle +Jn. Rynes +Danl. Hughes
Jn. Walsh +Nese Quin +Alex. Donaghy
+Eoin McGeery +Jas. McGlone +Dinis Coner
+Art McGurk +Rose Branagan  
+Cormk. Develin +Art O'Hughes Tullycullin
+Frans. Develin +Patk. Ryens Mr. Jn. Irvine
+Ter. Develin +Cat. Ryens Thomas McCausland
  +Rose Ryens +Wm. Eckles
Ranaghan +Rose O'Neal  
Jas. Liester   Tullygun
+Roger McGuir Rossbeg +Bryan Haughey
Wm. Smith +Hugh O'Donly +Patk. Haughey
Wm. Best +Terence McGort +Patk. McGrew
Alex. Frizal +Peter Coner +Ter. McGladrigan
Jn. Best +Owen McGurk +Hugh McGladrigan
Ralph Gavers +Edw. Marten +Owen Hanna
Jn. Best +Wm. McGurk  
Ralph Gavers +Edm. Prunty Tullyodonel
Jn. Gilkison +Jas. MCGurk +Jn. Kelly
Patk. Henry +Ferdy Hughes +Thos. Kelly
+Thos. McCall +Patk. Hughes +Philip O'Hughes
+Dinis McGee +Nicl. McGeery +Patk. O'Hughes
+Mich. McConel   +Barty Agnew
+Phelimy McGladrigan   Jas. Kinley
+Hugh Hullan    


Ballymena +Jn. Raverty Creenagh
+James Horsin +Terence Coulton +Frans Quin
+Patk. Horisin Mary Otterson +Art Quinn
John. Egglison Jn. Makeings +Cormack O'Neal
Wm. Eggleson +Geo M'Clelan +Patk. Taminy
Thos. Halladay +Jas. M'Clelan James Gilmore
Saml Gilmore +Patk. M'Rory +Jn. Boyle
+Hugh McGlone   +Edm. Boyle
Andw. M'Crillah Blacktown +Pat Hely
Saml. Morrison+Patk. MullanJas Houndal
+Patk. M'Rory+Patk. McSkinader+Bryan O'Hagan
+Jas M'Quoart+Tim Dawly+Cormack Lappin
+Widow M'Quoart+Jn. Quin+Toal Hagan
Wm. Rea +Patk M'Gugan+Hugh Donly
Thos. Smith+Ed. M'Williams+Bryan Kelly
+Jn. M'Quoart+Art M'Hattan (or M'Haltan)+Art M'Can
Robt. ManThos. Marshall+Frans Higgans
Wm. Irwine  Jn. Reed
Alexr. M'Cardel  Robt. Cunningham

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