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1824 Pigot's Directory - Donegal Towns

Printed here with kind permission of LindelB, Kiakoura, New Zealand. (see links page)

Aiken	 	Irwin			Land Surveyor				Lifford
Aiken		James			Publican				Pettigo
Allen		George			General Merchant			Letterkenny
Allen		George			Chandler				Letterkenny
Allingham	C.T.			Salt Works		Portnassaw	Ballyshannon
Allingham	Christian, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Ballyshannon
Allingham	Edward			Tanner			Willybrook	Ballyshannon
Allingham	Edward, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Willybrook	Ballyshannon
Allingham	Edward, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Bundoran	Ballyshannon
Allingham	John, Lieut,HP,Dragoons	Nobility & Gentry			Ballyshannon
Allingham	William			Merchant		Park Lane	Ballyshannon
Allingham	William			Tanner			Park Lane	Ballyshannon
Allingham	William			Wine Merchant		Park Lane	Ballyshannon
Alliott		Richard, Rev		Rector					Raphoe
Anderson	John			Grocer					Donegal
Armstrong	John			Grocer			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Ashfield	James			Gun Maker		Bridge		Ballyshannon
Atkinson	George, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Castle St	Ballyshannon
Atkinson	John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Castle St	Ballyshannon
Atkinson	T. John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Cavan Garden	Ballyshannon
Babbington	Murray, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Bonnyglen	Donegal
Backanan	Alexander		Tailor					Letterkenny
Baird		John			Tailor					Raphoe
Ball		Robt, Rev		Clergy			Menvagh		Ballyshannon
Barclay		John			Innkeeper				Raphoe
Barton		William, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Clonelly	Pettigo
Bates		Charles			Publican				Donegal
Beatty		William			Linen & Woollen Draper	Main St		Ballyshannon
Bell		Thomas			MD					Stranorlar
Bell		William			Publican		Market St	Ballyshannon
Bird		Richard			Grocer & seedsman	Main St		Ballyshannon
Birn		John			Baker					Stranorlar
Bissett		William, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Raphoe
Bissett		William, Right Rev Dr 	Lord Bishop of Raphoe			Raphoe
Blackwood	William			Grocer & Chandler			Letterkenny
Bloomfield	Major			Nobility & Gentry	Castle Caldwell	Ballyshannon
Bolton		John			Cabinet Maker		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Bond		Robert			Leather Cutter		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Bonnar		William			Grocer & Ironmonger	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Boyce		Jeremiah		Publican				Donegal
Boyd		Alex., Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Gortlee		Letterkenny
Boyd		John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Ballymacool	Letterkenny
Boyd		William, Rev		Clergy			Kiltoey		Letterkenny
Boyde		Misses			Haberdasher				Stranorlar
Boyde		Oliver			Boot & Shoe Maker			Stranorlar
Boyle		Bartholomew		Clothes Broker		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Boyle		Charles			Boot & Shoe Maker			Raphoe
Boyle		Con.			Publican		Market St	Ballyshannon
Boyle		James			Tailor			Main St		Ballyshannon
Boyle		Michael			Auctioneer		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Boyle		Philip			Inns & Hotels		Main St		Ballyshannon
Boyle		William			Leather Cutter		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Brady		John			Grocer			Main St		Ballyshannon
Brady		John			Leather Seller		Main St		Ballyshannon
Brady		Terence			Apothecary				Pettigo
Brandon		James, Rev		Clergy			Cottage		Ballyshannon
Britton		John, Esq		Post Master		Ballyshannon	Ballyshannon
Brooke		Thomas, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Castle Grove	Letterkenny
Brown		Edward, Esq		PortSurveyor of Rutland	Custom House	Ballyshannon
Brown		James			Tailor			Main St		Ballyshannon
Brown		William			Leather Cutter		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Browne		James			Inns & Hotels		Main St		Ballyshannon
Bryan		?			Apothecary & Surgeon	Castle St	Ballyshannon
Butt		Robert, Rev		Clergy			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Butt		Robert, Rev		Rector					Stranorlar
Byng		Ann			Grocer			Market St	Ballyshannon
Caffrey		Hugh			Publican				Letterkenny
Caldwell	John, Sir, Bart.	Nobility & Gentry	Tyute Cottage	Ballyshannon
Cannon		Cath.			Woollen Draper				Donegal
Car		Joseph			Grocer					Donegal
Carson		John			Parish Clerk				Letterkenny
Carson		Samuel			Merchant				Raphoe
Carson		William			Master in Chancery			Ballyshannon
Cassedy		Owen			Publican				Donegal
Cassidy		Michael			Inns & Hotels		Bridge Foot	Ballyshannon
Cathore		John			Parish Clerk				Pettigo
Caughran	Robert, Esq		Linen Market				Ballyshannon
Chambers	Dan., Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Rock Hill	Letterkenny
Chambers	John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Lifford
Chambers	John, Rev		Clergy			Woodville	Letterkenny
Chambers	Richard			Attorneys				Lifford
Chambers	William			Linen Merchant				Lifford
Charlton	Miss			Nobility & Gentry			Raphoe
Clarke		Andrew, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Lifford
Clarke		Samuel			Publican				Letterkenny
Clements	Andrew			Publican				Lifford
Cochran		John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Edenmore	Ballybofey
Cochran		Robert, Esq		Inspector, Linen Market			Letterkenny
Colonhan	William			Publican				Letterkenny
Conley		Timothy			Grocer					Raphoe
Connor		James			Grocer & Soap Boiler	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Connor		John			Woollen Merchant	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Conolly		John			Publican		Market St	Ballyshannon
Conolly		Terence, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Mount Prospect	Ballyshannon
Conolly		William, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Mount Prospect	Ballyshannon
Coran		Cornelius		Publican				Letterkenny
Coyle		Henry			Publican				Letterkenny
Crawford	Andrew			Attorneys		Castle St	Ballyshannon
Crawford	Capt			Donegal Militia				Donegal
Crawford	Charles			Attorneys				Letterkenny
Crawford	David			Brewer			Spa Mount	Donegal
Crawford	David, Esq		Provost & Barrack Master Castle St	Ballyshannon
Crawford	James			Tanner & Chandler			Donegal
Crawford	John, jun, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Castle St	Ballyshannon
Crawford	Robert			Merchant		Main St		Ballyshannon
Crawford	Robert			Salt Works		Main St		Ballyshannon
Crawford	Samuel			Attorneys				Ballyshannon
Crawford	Thomas Wm		Surgeon, Donegal Regiment Main St	Ballyshannon
Crawford	Thomas Wm		Surgeon to Donegal Regt	Main St		Ballyshannon
Cullen		Cain Cross, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Fair View	Ballyshannon
Cullen		William, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Danby		Ballyshannon
Cummins		John, Rev		Clergy					Ballyshannon
Cunningham	Samuel			Saddler					Letterkenny
Curscaden	Richard			Grocer					Donegal
Daly		Edward			Boot & Shoe Maker	Main St		Ballyshannon
Daly		John			Painter & Glazier	Back St		Ballyshannon
Davis		James			Linen & Woollen Draper	Main St		Ballyshannon
Davis		Matthew, Esq		Port Surveyor		Custom House	Ballyshannon
Davis		Mrs			Woollen Draper		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Delap		William			Salt Manufacturer			Letterkenny
Denning		Charles			Soap Boiler & Chandler	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Dickey		William, Rev		Clergy			Carnone		Raphoe
Dickson		James, Rev		Clergy			Lodge		Ballyshannon
Dillon		Charles			Head Inn & Hotel			Donegal
Divir		Anthony			Post Master				Donegal
Divir		John H			MD					Donegal
Dobson		John			Grocer					Letterkenny
Donaugher	Hugh			Publican		Market St	Ballyshannon
Donlevy		George, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Donegal
Donlevy		Pat., Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Donegal
Dougherty	Isabella		Ladies' Boarding Academy Park Lane	Ballyshannon
Duffy		Robert			Merchant				Raphoe
Dunbar		Major			Nobility & Gentry	Garrison House	Ballyshannon
Dundass		Henry, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Rosscor		Ballyshannon
Dundass		Hugh			Saddler & Harness Maker	Main St		Ballyshannon
Dunlop		Anthony			Painter & Glazier	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Dunlop		Samuel, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Munnellan	Ballybofey
Elliott		John			Baker					Letterkenny
Ellis		Robt H, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Main Street	Ballyshannon
Erskin		William			Baker & flour dealer	Castle St	Ballyshannon
Feely		John			Grocer			Market St	Ballyshannon
Feely		Maurice			Linen & Woollen Draper	Back St		Ballyshannon
Fenwick		WG, Rev			Clergy			Palace		Raphoe
Ferguson	David			Druggist				Letterkenny
Ferguson	James			Publican				Stranorlar
Ferguson	John			Grocer			Purt		Ballyshannon
Ferguson	John			Leather Seller		Purt		Ballyshannon
Fisher		William			Grocer/Dublin Tea Agent			Letterkenny
Forbes		James, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Danby		Ballyshannon
Forster		Nassaw, Esq		Coast Surveyor		Custom House	Ballyshannon
Foster		Robert			Apothecary		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Foster		Robert, Rev		Clergy					Lifford
Foy		James			Ironmonger				Letterkenny
Frederick	John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Fort William	Ballyshannon
Frederick	Mrs			Nobility & Gentry	Camlin		Ballyshannon
Fulton		Rev			Clergy			Drumbo		Stranorlar
Gailey		Charles			Grocer					Letterkenny
Gailey		Robert			Grocer					Letterkenny
Galbraith	William			Grocer & Publican			Raphoe
Gallagher	Denis			Publican				Donegal
Gallagher	James			Grocer			Purt		Ballyshannon
Gallagher	James			Cloth Merchant				Letterkenny
Gallagher	William			Baker					Raphoe
Gamble		Rev			Clergy					Letterkenny
Genkins		Andrew			Tanner			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Gibbons		Charles			Publican				Stranorlar
Gibson		Thomas			Boot & Shoe Maker	Main St		Ballyshannon
Gill		John			Boot & Shoe Maker	Main St		Ballyshannon
Gillespie	Adam			Surgeon to the Infirmary		Lifford
Gillispie	Richard, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Green		Francis			Cabinet Maker		Main St		Ballyshannon
Green		John			Baker			Main St		Ballyshannon
Green		John			Grocer			Main St		Ballyshannon
Green		John			Merchant		Main St		Ballyshannon
Green		John			Tanner			Main St		Ballyshannon
Green		Patrick			Publican				Raphoe
Greer		George			Grocer					Letterkenny
Greer		James			Woollen Draper				Stranorlar
Greer		James			Publican & Innkeeper			Stranorlar
Greirson	John, Capt		Nobility & Gentry	Lougheaske	Donegal
Grier		John			Baker			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Grier		John			Leather Cutter		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Gunning		John			Grocer					Stranorlar
Hall		Harris			Publican		Market St	Ballyshannon
Hall		Samuel			Painter & Glazier			Letterkenny
Halmon		Andrew			Parish Clerk				Donegal
Hamilton	Alexander, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Cockstown	Ballyshannon
Hamilton	John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Brown Hall	Ballyshannon
Hamilton	John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Cockstown	Ballyshannon
Hamilton	William			Grocer			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Hayes		Samuel, Sir, bart	Nobility & Gentry	Drumbo Castle	Ballybofey
Hayes		Samuel, Sir, Bart	Nobility & Gentry	Drumbo Castle	Stranorlar
Henderson	George			Attorneys		Castle St	Ballyshannon
Henderson	Gustavus		Publican				Letterkenny
Hevey		Partrick		Baker			Purt		Ballyshannon
Holmes		Achenson		Publican				Donegal
Holmes		Alexander		Publican				Pettigo
Homan		George, Rev		Clergy			Barn Hill	Letterkenny
Hood		Henry			Grocer					Letterkenny
Huey		Alexander, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Raphoe
Hunter		John			Surgeon & apothecary			Letterkenny
Hunter		John & Co		Wholesale & retail grocers		Letterkenny
Hunter		Robert, Esq		Pro-Collector		Custom House	Letterkenny
Ingram		William, Rev		Clergy					Pettigo
Irvin		Joseph, Rev		Clergy			Bowgreen	Donegal
Irwin		Haslet, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Kilmackredin	Donegal
Irwin		James			Baker and Confectioner	Main St		Ballyshannon
Irwin		James, Rev, AM		Master of Royal School			Raphoe
Ivers		D.C.			Surgeon			Castle St	Ballyshannon
Ivers		D.C.			Apothecary		Market St	Ballyshannon
Jacob		Robert S, Rev		Rector					Pettigo
Johnston	George			Attorneys		Laputa		Ballyshannon
Johnston	George, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Laputa		Ballyshannon
Johnston	John			Baker			Market St	Ballyshannon
Johnston	John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Drenan		Ballybofey
Johnston	John, Esq		Bleacher		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Johnston	Joseph, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Summer Hill	Ballybofey
Johnston	Joseph, Esq		Bleacher		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Johnston	Mary			Linen & Woollen Draper	Main St		Ballyshannon
Johnston	Robert			Leather Seller				Raphoe
Johnston	Robert, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Oak Field	Ballyshannon
Johnston	Robert, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Brook Hill	Ballyshannon
Jones		John, Capt		Donegal Militia				Ballyshannon
Kainkaid	Miss			Distributor, Stamp Office		Donegal
Keatley		Samuel			Saddler & Harness Maker	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Keenhan		James			Publican		Purt		Ballyshannon
Keenhan		John			Grocer			Main St		Ballyshannon
Kelly		Edward			Publican		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Kelly		Edward			M.D.			Castle St	Ballyshannon
Kelly		Edward			Tallow Chandler & Soapboiler Castle St	Ballyshannon
Kelly		John, Rev		PP					Raphoe
Kelly		Peter			Brewer			Market St	Ballyshannon
Kelly		Peter			Wine Merchant		Castle St	Ballyshannon
Kemble		Archibald, Rev		Clergy			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Kenny		Robert			Baker			Market St	Ballyshannon
Kenny		Robert			Watch Maker		Castle St	Ballyshannon
Kerr		Samuel			Post Master				Raphoe
Kerrigan	Hugh, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Stranorlar
King		David			Cloth Merchant				Letterkenny
King		Mrs			Haberdasher		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
King		Robert			Watch Maker		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Knoud		William			Publican				Donegal
Knox		George, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Lifford
Knox		William, Rev		Rector					Lifford
Laird		Jane			Innkeeper				Letterkenny
Laird		John			Apothecary		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Laird		John			Proctor					Raphoe
Laird		Samuel			Woollen Draper		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Lee		Richard			Apothecary		Main St		Ballyshannon
Leech		George			General Merchant			Letterkenny
Leyttle		Joseph, Rev		Clergy					Letterkenny
Lighton		Miss			Nobility & Gentry			Raphoe
Lighton		WHM, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Drum Lodge	Letterkenny
Lighton		William, Esq		Port Surveyor		Custom House	Letterkenny
Lindsey		Benjamin		Grocer					Raphoe
Lipsett		Joseph, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Main St		Ballyshannon
Lipsett		Michael			Haberdasher		Main St		Ballyshannon
Lipsett		Michael			Linen & Woollen Draper	Main St		Ballyshannon
Lipsett		Thomas			Master in Chancery			Ballyshannon
Logan		Isabella		Milliner				Raphoe
Lynch		Hugh			Publican				Letterkenny
Macartney	Ann			Calico Dealer		Main St		Ballyshannon
Magee		Joseph, Rev		PC, Clergy				Ballyshannon
Magee		Robert			Parish Clerk				Stranorlar
Maguire		Hugh			Grocer					Pettigo
Major		Mrs			Nobility & Gentry			Raphoe
Mansfield	Captain			Donegal Militia		Gilligordon	Stranorlar
Mansfield	Francis, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Castle Wray	Letterkenny
Mansfield	Ralph, Esq		Collector		Custom House	Letterkenny
McAllin		Thomas			Painter & Glazier	Purt		Ballyshannon
McAucely	John			Publican		Back St		Ballyshannon
McAuley		John			Painter & Glazier			Letterkenny
McCabe		Charles			Publican		Purt		Ballyshannon
McCarran	Timothy			Woollen Draper				Letterkenny
McCartney	Ann			Haberdasher		Main St		Ballyshannon
McCausland	Esq			Nobility & Gentry			Raphoe
McCausland	John			Surgeon					Stranorlar
McClintock				Publican				Letterkenny
McConel		Moses			Linen Merchant				Raphoe
McConney	Thomas			Publican				Letterkenny
McCormick	James			Grocer & Hotel Keeper			Stranorlar
McCormick	John			Baker					Donegal
McCrea		Robert			Saddler					Letterkenny
McCrea		William			Saddler & c.		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
McCullum	Alexander		Publican				Letterkenny
McCuney		Michael			Teacher			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
McDevitt	Philip			Publican				Letterkenny
McDonagh	William			Woollen Draper		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
McDonagh	William			Woollen Draper				Donegal
McDonnell	Nancy			Grocer					Stranorlar
McGaruahan 	Benson			Teacher					Stranorlar
McGeehin	James			Publican				Letterkenny
McGettigan	Patrick, Rev		Clergy					Letterkenny
McGloin		James			Grocer			Main St		Ballyshannon
McGowan		James			Merchant		Purt		Ballyshannon
McGowan		Patrick			Baker			Back St		Ballyshannon
McGuily		Neil			Leather Seller				Letterkenny
McGuire		Bryan			Grocer			Back St		Ballyshannon
McIntire	Andrew, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Main St		Ballyshannon
McIntire	James			Baker & Publican			Donegal
McLaw		William			Apothecary				Raphoe
McLoghlin	Patrick			Publican		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
McManamon	William			Publican				Stranorlar
McMenamon	Francis			Publican		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
McMullan	Robert			Muslin & Calico Warehouse		Letterkenny
McNulty		James			Leather Cutter		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
McNulty		John			Boot & Shoe Maker	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Mellen		Andrew			Grocer					Letterkenny
Miller		Anthony			Cloth Dealer				Stranorlar
Miller		John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Ballintra	Ballyshannon
Mills		Robert			Publican				Raphoe
Moffit		Robert			General Merchant			Letterkenny
Monaghan	William			Publican				Donegal
Montgomery	Alexander, Rev		Clergy			Inver		Donegal
Montgomery	Gabriel			Land Surveyor				Lifford
Montgomery	John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Ashbrook	Ballyshannon
Montgomery	Mrs			Nobility & Gentry	Clover Hill	Donegal
Montgomery	Robert, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Convoy		Raphoe
Moore		Robert			Publican				Letterkenny
Morton		John			Salt Manufacturer			Lifford
Mulligan	Edward			Tailor			Purt		Ballyshannon
Mulreany	Hugh			Grocer, ironmonger & salt manufacturer	Donegal
Munday		Francis			Leather Seller		Back St		Ballyshannon
Munds		Robert			Auctioneer		Purt		Ballyshannon
Munn		Alexander		Grocer					Letterkenny
Murray		Edward			Attorneys				Letterkenny
Murray		Richard			Surgeon, R.N., H.P.			Ballyshannon
Nash		Herbert M., Rev		Clergy			Fair View	Ballyshannon
Nelson		Robert			Painter & Glazier	Market St	Ballyshannon
Nesbitt		Charles, Rev		Clergy					Raphoe
O'Brien		Margaret		Publican		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
O'Doherty	Daniel			Tailor			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
O'Doherty	Michael, Rev, PP	Clergy			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
O'Doherty	Michael, Rev, PP	Clergy					Stranorlar
O'Doherty	Richard, Esq		Coroner to the County	Londonderry	Donegal
O'Donnell	James			Grocer			Purt		Ballyshannon
O'Donnell	James			Publican		Purt		Ballyshannon
O'Neill		Arthur			Linen Draper		Main St		Ballyshannon
O'Neill		John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Park Hill	Ballyshannon
Packenham	Robert, Rev		Nobility & Gentry	Kildony		Ballyshannon
Palmer		Thomas, Major		Yeomanry				Raphoe
Patterson	John			Baker			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Patterson	John			Surgeon					Letterkenny
Patterson	Thomas			Grocer					Letterkenny
Peoples		HE, Esq			Sub Distributor, Stamp Office		Letterkenny
Peoples		James			Cloth Merchant				Letterkenny
Quin		Peter			Spirit Dealer		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Ramsey		William			Linen & Woollen Draper			Letterkenny
Ramsey		William			Grocer & Leather Seller			Letterkenny
Ramsey		William			Watch Maker				Letterkenny
Ramsey		William, Rev		Clergy					Raphoe
Rankin		Lieutenant		Nobility & Gentry	Cottage Grove	Ballyshannon
Read		Thomas			Publican				Pettigo
Reid		John			Coppersmith				Letterkenny
Reid		Thomas			Surgeon to the Dispensary		Letterkenny
Reilly		James			Publican		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Reynolds	Robert, Lieut, H.P.	Donegal Militia				Ballyshannon
Risk		Sarah			Publican				Lifford
Robinson	George			Woollen Draper				Pettigo
Roulson		James			Surgeon to the Dispensary		Raphoe
Russell		George			Stamper, Linen Market			Letterkenny
Scanlen		Daniel			Publican				Lifford
Scanlen		Patrick			Publican				Lifford
Scanlon		Hugh			Publican & Baker	Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Scott		A			Surgeon to the Dispensary		Pettigo
Scott		Alexander		Publican				Letterkenny
Scott		John			Grocer			Main St		Ballyshannon
Scott		John			Linen & Woollen Draper	Main St		Ballyshannon
Scott		John			Sub Distributor		Stamp Office	Ballyshannon
Seeley		John, Esq		Collector		Custom House	Ballyshannon
Sheil		Simon			M.D.			College Lane	Ballyshannon
Sheil		Simon, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Ward Town	Ballyshannon
Sheil		Simon, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	College Lane	Ballyshannon
Sherkey		James			Parish Clerk				Lifford
Sherkey		John								Lifford
Sherkey		Joseph								Lifford
Smith		George			Woollen Draper				Pettigo
Spence		Francis			Nurseryman				Stranorlar
Spence		Mrs			Nobility & Gentry			Lifford
Spence		William M, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Lifford
Spratt		Andrew, Rev		Clergy					Letterkenny
Sproule		Robert			Surgeon			Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Steele		James, Rev		Clergy					Stranorlar
Steen		Thomas			Publican				Stranorlar
Stephens	William			Grocer			Back St		Ballyshannon
Stevenson	Mrs			Nobility & Gentry			Lifford
Stewart		George, Rev		Clergy					Raphoe
Stewart		Henry, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Nursery		Ballybofey
Stewart		Henry, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Tyrcallaun	Raphoe
Stewart		Henry, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Nursery		Stranorlar
Stewart		Mr			Stamper, Linen Market			Ballyshannon
Stewart		William			Grocer					Letterkenny
Stofford	Joseph, Rev Dr		Rector			Glendoon	Letterkenny
Styles		Charles, Sir, bart	Nobility & Gentry	Cloghan		Ballybofey
Styles		Charles, Sir, bart	Nobility & Gentry	Cloghan		Stranorlar
Swanston	Edward			Publican				Pettigo
Sweeney		Andrew			Publican				Letterkenny
Taylor		Andrew			Publican		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Taylor		James, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Raphoe
Taylor		James, Rev		Clergy					Raphoe
Taylor		William			Hotel Keeper		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Thompson	Aaron			Tanner					Raphoe
Thompson	Mrs			Publican				Donegal
Thompson	William			Apothecary		Market St	Ballyshannon
Thornley	Captain, H.P.		Nobility & Gentry	Park Lane	Ballyshannon
Thornley	James, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Ballyshannon
Thornley	JD, Esq			Pro-Collector		Custom House	Ballyshannon
Tighe		Richard, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Ballyshannon
Tobin		John, Esq		Nobility & Gentry			Donegal
Tooner		John			Publican		Ballybofey	Ballybofey
Tracey		Edward			Gents Boarding Academy	Main St		Ballyshannon
Turner		John			Baker					Letterkenny
Urquart		D., Capt, H.P.		84th Regt		Park Lane	Ballyshannon
Usher		John, Rev		Archdeacon				Raphoe
Waldron		Mrs			Nobility & Gentry	Bundoran	Ballyshannon
Walker		Alexander		Parish Clerk				Raphoe
Walker		Mrs			Millstone Importer			Donegal
Walker		Mrs			Draper					Donegal
Walker		Robert, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Grove Hill	Ballybofey
Walker		William, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Kilkeden	Ballybofey
Wallace		John			Linen Merchant				Raphoe
Walsh		Joseph, Rev		Rector					Donegal
Ward		John, Rev		Clergy					Pettigo
Ward		Michael			Publican		Back St		Ballyshannon
Warren		Robert, Rev		Clergy			Main St		Ballyshannon
Wetherow	James			Tanner					Raphoe
Willson		William			General Merchant			Letterkenny
Willson		William			Solicitor				Raphoe
Wray		Alexander		Innkeeper				Raphoe
Wray		Alexander		Saddler					Raphoe
Wray		John, Capt		Chief Constable				Donegal
Wray		John, Rev		Clergy			Convoy		Raphoe
Wray		William			Whitesmith				Raphoe
Wray		William, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Oak Park	Letterkenny
Young		Ralph, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Oatlands	Letterkenny
Young		Ralph, Esq		Distributor, Stamp Office		Letterkenny
Young		Thomas, Esq		Nobility & Gentry	Mount Hall	Ballybofey
Young		William			Boot Maker				Letterkenny

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