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Memorial to Lewis Williams

Name at Birth: Lewis Williams
Date of Birth: 3rd November 1812
Place of Birth: Moville, County Donegal, Ireland
Name at Death:  
Place of Death: Quebec, Canada
Date of Death: 6th April 1847
Place of Burial: Unknown
Marital Status: Married
Memorial Image - Lewis Williams
Tribute / Message: Francis Williams was born the first son of Lewis Williams and Frances Caufield,in the townland of Ballyratten just outside of Moville, County Donegal, Ireland. The family were poor even by the standards of the time and when the famine hit hard in 1847 Lewis with his wife Catherine took the terrible decision to take passage for Canada with their four youngest children Samuel, William, Eliza and Sarah, leaving Francis and his sister Jane in the care of their elderly grandparents. The intention was that when the family were settled in Canada the two children would be sent for and the family reunited. Nothing was ever heard of Lewis or Catherine or the children again.

It is thought that the family perished in the typhus epidemic which was raging in the Ottawa Valley at that time although this has never been confirmed. Francis after waiting for many years for the letter which never came,eventually married Annie Peoples the daughter of a neighbouring family in Ballyratten and went on to have 12 children including Lewis Williams my grandfather. They continued to live and farm on the old homestead in Ballyratten.

It is to the memory of Lewis and Catherine Williams my great great grandparents and their young children Samuel, William, Mary Ann and Catherine Eliza that I place this memorial.
They lie in a place as yet unknown to me, in a distant land, but their memory still lives on and will continue to do so.


Your headstone stands among the rest, neglected and alone.

The name and date, are chiseled out, in weather beaten stone.

It reaches out for all to see,it is too late to mourn.

You did not know I would exist, you died and I was born.

Yet each of us are part of you, in flesh, in blood, in bone,

And in my breast there beats a pulse entirely not my own.

Dear ancestor, the space you left those many years ago

Is filled today by all of us, who would have loved you so.

I wonder if you laughed and loved,I wonder if you knew

That someday I would find this place and come to visit you.




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