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Townlands in County Fermanagh List

Abocurragh Abohill Acres Aghaboy
Aghacramphill Aghaderryloman Aghadreenan Glebe Aghadrum
Aghadrumsee and Killygorman Aghagaffert Aghagay Aghagrefin
Aghahannagh Aghaherrish Aghahoorin Aghakeeran
Aghakillymaud Aghalaan Aghalane Aghaleague
Aghalun Aghalurcher Glebe Aghama Aghameelan
Aghamore Aghamore North Aghamore South Aghamuldowney
Aghanaglack Aghanaglogh Aghannagh Agharahan
Agharainy Agharoosky Agharoosky East Agharoosky West
Aghatirourke Aghavass Aghavea Aghavea Glebe
Aghavoory Aghavore Aghaweenagh Agheeghter
Aghindaiagh Aghindisert Aghinish Island Aghintra
Aghinure Aghinver Aghnablaney Aghnacarra
Aghnachuill Aghnacloy Aghnacloy North Aghnacloy South
Aghnagrane Aghnahinch Aghnahoo Aghnaloo
Aghnashammer Aghnaskew Aghnaskew Glebe Agho
Aghyoule Altagoaghan Altawark Altmartin
Altnaponer Annachullion Glebe Annaghard Annaghilly North
Annaghilly South Annaghkeel Annaghlee Annaghmartin
Annaghmore Glebe Annaghmullin Annagolgan Annahervy
Annahone Annashanco Annynanum Arda
Ardatrave Ardees Glebe Ardees Lower Ardees Upper
Ardgart Ardlougher Ardmoney Ardmore
Ardore Ardshankill Ardtonnagh Ardunshin
Ardvarny East Ardvarny West Arlish Arnot's Grove
Artinagh Ashwoods Ashwoods or Woody Mullaghree Askill
Atnamollyboy Attybaron Attyclannabryan Aughaward
Aughey Aughlish Aughrim Backwood
Ballagh Ballaghgee Ballaghmore Ballindullagh Inward
Ballindullagh Outward Ballintarsan Ballintempo Ballycassidy
Ballydoolagh Ballygonnell Ballyhill Ballyhose
Ballyhullagh Ballylucas Ballymacaffry Ballymacataggart
Ballymackilroy or Mullaghkeel Ballymagaghran Ballymagaghran Island Ballymakenny
Ballynabrannagh Ballynakill Ballynant Ballyreagh
Ballysooragh Ballysroonagh Ballywillin Baltreagh
Banagher Bannagh Beg Bannagh More Baragh
Barnalackan Barnhill Barr of Bolusty More Barr of Drumbadmeen
Barr of Drumgormly Barr of Ramoan Barr of Slattinagh Barr of Slawin
Beagh Beagh Big Beagh Little Beagho
Beihy Belcoo East Belcoo West Bellanadohy
Bellanaleck Bellanamallard Belleisle Bellmount
Belview or Drumcoo Bess Island Bigwood Bilberry Island
Bingham's Rock Binmore Glebe Black Rock Blackhill
Blackslee Blaney East Blaney Island Blaney West
Bleanish Island Bloomfield's Rock Blunnick Boa Island
Bockan Island Bodarra Big Bodarra Little Bohasset
Bohattan Bohevny Bohora Bohulkin
Boleyhill Bolusty Beg Bolusty More Bolusty More, Barr of
Bonnybrook Boolawater Bosallagh Boshinny
Bottom Bowara Bowarran Boyaghan
Boyhill Braade Brackagh Bracklin
Bracky Brannish Breagho Breandrum
Brobrohan Brockagh Brollagh Brookfield
Brookhill Broughderg Brougher Brownhill
Brughas Bruscarnagh Buck Island Buck or Garrow Islands
Buggan Bumper Lodge or Mullan Bun Bunaninver
Buninubber Bunlougher Bunmichael Bunnablaneybane
Bunnahesco Bunnahola Island Bunnahone Bunneill
Bunnisnagapple Burfits Hill CLay Cackinish
Cady Cahore Caldragh Caldrum Glebe
Calkill Callagheen Callow Callowhill
Cam Camgart Camletter Camplagh
Camplany Cantytrindle Cappog Cappy
Captain's Island Car Island Carickaleese Carn
Carneyhill Carneyhome Carnirk Carnmore
Carntrone Carr Carra Carran
Carran Beg Carran East Carran Little Carran More
Carran West Carranboy Carrick Carrickabweehan
Carrickadrantan Carrickagreany Carrickaheenan Carrickaloughan
Carrickawick Carrickbeg Carrickcroghery Carrickmacflaherty
Carrickmacosker Carrickmacrourk Island Carrickmacsparrow Carricknabrattoge
Carricknaseer Carrickoughter Carrickpolin Carrickreagh
Carrickyheenan Carrigan Carrigans Carrigolagh
Carrontreemall Carrowcarlan Carrowgarragh Carrowhony
Carrowkeel Carrowmacmea Carrowmaculla Carrowmore
Carrownagiltagh Carrownalegg Carry Cashel
Cashelnadrea Cassan Cassidy Castle Balfour Demesne
Castle Coole Castle Irvine Demesne Castletown Monea Cavanacross
Cavanacurragh Cavanagarvan Cavanagh Cavanakeery
Cavanaleck Cavanalough Glebe Cavancarragh Cavanmore
Cavanreagh Cavans Cavantillycormick Cavantreeduff
Chanterhill or Moneynoe Glebe Clahernagh Claragh Claraghy
Claranagh Clareview Cleen Cleenagh
Cleenaghan Cleenish (Island) Cleenishgarve and Deerahan Islands
Cleenishmeen Island Cleenriss Cleens New Cleens Old
Cleffany Cleggan Clenaghisle Clevaghy
Cloghagaddy Cloghan Cloghanagh Cloghbally
Cloghcor Clogher Clogherbog Cloghmore
Cloghoge Cloghtate Cloghtogle Clonagun
Clonamullog Clonatty Clonaweel Clonbunniagh
Cloncah Rock Cloncallick Cloncarn Cloncloghy
Cloncoohy Cloncorick Cloncorr Clondaval
Clonee Clonelly Clonelty Clonfad
Clonfane Clonfard Clonfeile Clongowna
Clonkee Clonliff Clonmacfelimy Clonmackan
Clonmaulin Clonmin Glebe Clonnaroo Clonshannagh
Clontelaghan Clontivrin Clonturkle Clontycoora
Clontyferagh Clontymore Clontymullan Clonumphry
Clonursan Glebe Cloon Cloonacarn Cloonatreane
Cloonatrig Cloonatumpher Cloonaveel Cloonavoan
Cloy Clyhannagh Coa Coagh
Coaghan Coalhill Coasan Coghran's Island
Cole's Hill Colebrook Demesne Comaghy Commons
Conagher Concaroe Conckera Conerick
Coney Island Congo Coolacrim Coolaghty
Coolaness Coolaran Coolarkan Coolbeg
Coolbuck Coolcoghill Coolcran Coolcrannel
Coolgarran Coolinfin Glebe Coolisk Coolkill
Coollane Coolnagrane Coolnalong Coolnamarrow
Coolnashanton Coolnasillagh Coolrakelly Cooltrain
Cooltrane Coolyermer Cooneen Coragh
Coragh (Crawford) Coragh Glebe Corbane Cordarragh
Cordoolagh Cordwood Corfannan Corflugh
Corgary Corlacky Corlaghaloon Corlaght East
Corlaght West Corlatt Corlave Corlough
Cormonalea Cornabrass Cornacaghan Cornaclare or Johnstown
Cornacrea Cornacreeve Cornacully Cornadarum
Cornafannoge Cornagee Cornagrade Cornagun
Cornahaltie Cornahawla Cornahoule Cornakessagh
Cornakill Cornaleck Cornamramurry Cornamucklagh
Cornanoe Cornarooslan Cornashannel Cornashee
Cornashesko Cornaskeoge Cornavray Corrachrow
Corraclare Corraclare Big Corraclare Little Corraclare North
Corracloon Corracoash Corraderrybrock Corradillar
Corradovar Corradreenan East Corradreenan West Corraghy
Corraglass Corraglass West Corragole Corragunt
Corraharra Corraheen Corrakeel Corrakelly
Corralea Corraleek Corralinnen Corralongford
Corrameen Corramonaghan Corramore Corranaheen
Corranewy Corranny Corrard Corrardaghy
Corrardreen Corrateskin Corratistune Corratrasna
Corravehy Corrawully Correen Correll
Corrinshigo Corry Corsale Corscreenagh
Corsenshin Cortaher Cortrasna Cosbystown
Cosbystown East or Rosspoint Cossycon Craghan Cran
Crannoges Crawfords Hill Creagh Creaghamanone Island
Creaghanameelta Island Creaghananure Island Creaghanarourke Island Creaghanchreesty Island
Creaghawaddy Island Creaghmacwallen Island Creaghnarourk Island Creefin Island
Creenagho Creevehill Crehan Island Crevinish
Crevinishaughy Island Crillan Crimlin Croaghan
Croaghrim Crockada Crockadreen Crockaleen
Crockaness Crockareddy Crockarevan Crockateggal
Crockawaddy Glebe Crockerahoas Crocknaboghil Crocknacreevy
Crocknagowan Crocknagrally Crocknagross Crocknakeeragh
Crocknakelly Glebe Crocknanane Crom Cromaghy
Croneen Croneen Barr Croostan Cross
Crossmurrin Crott Crottan Crownhall
Crummer Crummy Cruninish Island Cruntully
Cules Long Cules Short Culky Cullaghmore
Cullatagh Culleen Cullen Cullentragh
Culliagh Cullion Culliondoo Cultiagh
Curley's Rock Curragh Curraghanall Curraghfad
Curraghlare Curraghmore Currin Currogs
Curryann Cushrush Island Cushwash Cuslea
Dairies Big Dairies Little Davy's Island or Inishmore Deal Island
Deer Park Deerahan and Cleenishgarve Islands Deerpark
Demesne Dernabacky Dernacapplekeagh Dernaglug and Drumaa
Dernagore Dernashesk Dernish Island Derreens East
Derreens West Derrin Derrintony Derry
Derry Beg Derry More Derryad Derryaghna
Derryany Derryard Derryargon Derryart
Derryasna Derrybeg Derrybeg East Derrybeg West
Derrybrack Derrybrick Derrybrusk Derrycallaghan
Derrycanon Derrychaan Derrychara Derrychoran
Derrychree Derrychulla Derrychulloo Derrychurra
Derryclawan Derryclegna Derrycorban Derrycorby
Derrycormick Derrycree Derrycrum Derrycullion
Derrydoon Derryelvin Derrygannon Derrygelly
Derrygennedy Derrygiff Derrygoas Derrygonnelly
Derrygore Derrygurdry Derryharney Derryhawlagh
Derryheanlisk Derryheely Derryhenny Derryhevlin Glebe
Derryhillagh Derryhoney Derryhooly Derryhowlaght East
Derryhowlaght West Derryhurdin Derryinch Derrykeeghan
Derrykeny Derrykerrib Derrylaney Derrylea
Derryleague Derryleck Derrylester Derrylin
Derryloman Derryloo Derrylougher Derrymacausey
Derrymacrow Derrymakeen Derrymeen Derrynacloy
Derrynacrannog Derrynacross Derrynafaugher Derrynameeo
Derrynanny Derrynashesk Derrynavogy Derrynawilt East
Derrynawilt West Derryneese Derryneeve Derrynim
Derrynure Derryraghan Derryree Derryrona Glebe
Derryscobe Derryshandra Derrysteaton Derryvahon
Derryvary Beg Derryvary More Derryveone Derryvogue
Derryvolan Derryvore Derryvrane Derryvree
Derryvullan Devenish (Island) Dinnydoon Diviny
Doagh Glebe Dog Big Dog Little Donagh
Donegall Doocharn Doocharn Island Doochrock
Dooederny Doogary Doohat Doohatty Glebe
Dooletter Doon Doon and Eshcleagh Doonan
Dooneen Dooraa North Dooraa South Dooross
Dornogagh Dragh Dreenan Dressoge
Dresternan Dring Drogan Droles
Dromore Dromore Big Dromore Little Drumaa
Drumaa and Dernaglug Drumacrittin Drumad Drumadagarve
Drumadillar Drumadown Drumadraghy Drumadravy
Drumady Drumageever Drumane Drumanure
Drumany Drumany Beg Drumany More Drumaran
Drumaraw Drumard Drumarky Drumarraght
Drumary Drumataffan Drumaveel Drumawill
Drumawillin Drumbad Drumbad Beg Drumbad More
Drumbadmeen Drumbadmeen, Barr of Drumbadreevagh Drumbaghlin
Drumbane Drumbaran Drumbargy Drumbarna
Drumbarry Drumbealimy Drumbeggan Drumbegger
Drumberny Drumbinnis Drumbinnisk Drumbo
Drumboarty Drumbockany Drumboghanagh Glebe Drumbominy
Drumboory Drumboy Drumbrick Drumbristan
Drumbrughas Drumbrughas East Drumbrughas North Drumbrughas South
Drumbrughas West Drumbulcan Drumbullog Drumcahy
Drumcanon Drumcard Drumcaw Drumchorick
Drumcin Drumclay Drumcloona Drumclounish
Drumcolgny Drumcon Drumconlan East Drumconlan West
Drumconnis Drumconor Drumcoo Drumcoo or Belview
Drumcor Drumcorban Drumcose Drumcramph
Drumcreen Drumcrin Drumcroohen Drumcrooil
Drumcrow Drumcrow East Drumcrow West Drumcru
Drumcullion Drumcully Drumcunny Drumcurren
Drumderg Drumdoney Drumdran Drumduff
Drumee Drumeeshil Drumelly Drumerheeve
Drumerwinter Drumettagh Drumgague Drumgallan
Drumgamph Drumgarrow Drumgay Drumgivery
Drumgoast Drumgoland Drumgole Drumgoon
Drumgormley, Barr of Drumgormly Drumgorran Drumgowna
Drumgowna East Drumgowna West Drumgramph Drumgrenaghan
Drumguiff Drumguillagh Drumhack Drumharriff
Drumhaw Drumhervin Drumhirk Drumhirk Lower
Drumhirk Upper Drumhoney Drumhose Drumhoy
Drumierna Druminillar Druminiskill Druminshin Beg
Druminshin More Druminshinardagh Drumkeen Drumkeenagh
Drumkeenragh Drumkeeran Drumkillen Drumlaghy
Drumleagues Big Drumleagues Little Drumliff Drumlisaleen
Drumlish Drumlone Drumlongfield Drumlught
Drumlyon Drummacabranagher Drummacahan Drummacalara
Drummack Drummackan Drummackilowney Drummacoorin
Drummal Drumman Drummannagapple Drummans Glebe
Drummaw Drummee Drummeer Drummenagh Beg
Drummenagh More Drummoan or Newtate Drummoghan Drummonaghan
Drummoney Drummoyagh Drummuck Drummully
Drummurl Glebe Drummurry Drummusky Drumnacross
Drumnagalliagh Drumnagreshial Drumnamalragh Drumnameel
Drumnanane Drumnarullagh Drumnasreane Drumnavahan
Drumoghill Drumoris Drumpeen Drumquilla
Drumrainbane Drumrainduff Drumrainy Drumralla
Drumreane Drumrearty Drumreask Drumroo
Drumroosk Drumrush Drumsara Drumsastry
Drumsawna Beg Drumsawna More Drumscollop Drumshancorick
Drumshane Drumshimuck Drumsillagh Drumskea
Drumskew Drumskimly Drumskinny Drumskool
Drumsloe Drumsluice Drumsna Drumsoo
Drumsroohil Drumswords Drumwhinny Drumyarkin
Duck Island Dulrush Dungoghy Duross
Eagle Island Edenaclogh Edenagee Edenagilhorn
Edenamohill Black Edenamohill Under Edenaveagh Edenbane
Edenclaw Great Edenclaw Little Edenmore Edenticromman
Ederdacurragh Ederdaglass or Hollybank Edergole Edergole Island
Edergool Ederny Ely Island Enaghan
Enniskillen Erdinagh Errasallagh Erveny
Ervey Eshacorran Eshanummer Eshbane
Eshbralley Eshcarcoge Eshcleagh and Doon Eshekerin
Eshmeen Eshnadarragh Eshnadeelada Eshnagorr
Eshnanumera Eshnascreen Eshnasillog Beg Eshnasillog More
Eshthomas Eshywulligan Eskeragh Estea Island
Falls Fardrum Fargrim Farm
Farnaconnell Farnaght Farnamullan Farranaconaghy
Farranacurky Farranasculloge Farrancassidy Fartagh
Fassagh Faughard Faugher Faurkagh
Feagh Feddan Feddans Fedian
Ferney Ferny Island Feugh Finlane
Finner Finner's Islands Finnis Island North Finnis Island South
Fintonagh Firs Florence Court Demesne Fod Island
Foglish Follum Big Follum Little Foremass
Forfey Formil Forthill Foydragh
Frevagh Friar's Island Furnish Fyagh
Gad Island Gadalough Gaffer Island Galbally
Gall Island Gallagh Galloon Gardenhill
Gardrum Gargrim Garraroosky Garrifly
Garrison Garrow or Buck Islands Garvaghy Garvary
Garvoghill Garvros Gay Island Geaglum
Geddagh Island Gillyholme (Ely) Gillyholme (L'Estrange) Giltagh
Glasdrumman Glasmullagh Glen Glen East
Glen West Glenall Glenarn Glencoonra
Glencovet Glebe Glencunny Glengesh Glenkeel
Glenkeen Glenlevan Glennagarran Glennasheevar
Glenross Glenvannan Glenwinny Goat Island
Gola Goladoo Goladuff Golan
Gole Gorgesh Gorminish Gortacar
Gortacarn Gortacharn Gortadrehid Gortadrehid Big
Gortadrehid Little Gortahurk Gortahurk East Gortahurk West
Gortaloughan Gortalughany Gortaree Gortatole
Gortbrannan Gortdonaghy Gorteen Gortermoan
Gortgall Gortgarran Gortgarvan Gortgeran
Gortgommon Gortgonnell Gortgor Gortgorgan
Gortgranagh Gortgullenan Gortindarragh Gortineddan
Gortinure Gortleet Gortmaconnell Gortmessan
Gortmullan Gortnacally Gortnacarrow Gortnaderg
Gortnagriffin Gortnagullion Gortnalee Gortnaree
Gortoral Gortraw Gowny Graan
Graffy Granshagh Big Granshagh Little Grattan
Gravel Ridge Gravel Ridge Island Gravelly Island Greagh
Greaghacapple Greaghacholea Greaghaphort Greaghatirrive
Greaghaverrin Greaghavockan Greaghawarren Greaghcashel
Greaghmore Greaghnafine Greaghnagleragh Greaghnagore
Greaghnamoyle Greaghrawer Greenan Greenhill
Greentown or Knocknabrattoge Greenwoodhill Greystone Grogey
Gubb Gubbacrock Gubbakip Gubbaroe
Gubdoo Gublusk Gubnaguinie Gubrusdinna
Gull Rock Gushedy Beg Gushedy More Hare Island
Hay Island Henrystughan Hermitage Heron Island
Hill's Island Hollybank or Ederdaglass Hollybrook Hollymount
Horse Island Imeroo Inisclin Inish Beg or Tom's Island
Inish Conra Island Inish Dacharne Inish Davar Inish Divann
Inish Doney Inish Fovar Inish Free Inish Garve
Inish Lougher Inish More or Davey's Island Inish Rath Inishcollan
Inishcorkish Inishcreagh Island Inishcreenry (Island) Inishcrevan (Island)
Inishee Island Inisherk (Island) Inishfausy Inishfendra (Island)
Inishkeen Inishkeeragh Inishleague (Island) Inishlirroo
Inishlught Inishmacsaint (Island) Inishmakill (Island) Inishmeely
Inishore Inishroosk Inishteige Inishturk
Inisway Inver Isle Namanfin Johnstown or Cornaclare
Jubilee Island Keadew Keady Keelaghan
Keelagho Keelaghy Keelpark Glebe Keenaghan
Keenaghy Keeran Keeran Beg Keeran More
Kerney Island Kevenagh Kilduff Kilgarrett
Kilgarrow Kilgarrow Glebe Kilgortnaleague Killafinta
Killaghy Killalahard Killarbran Killard
Killartry Killashanbally Killaspeenan Killee
Killernam Killesher Killy Beg Killy More
Killybane Killyblane Killybracken Killybreagy
Killybreed Killycappy Killycarnan Killycat
Killycloghan Killycloghy Killyclowny Killycramph
Killycreen East Killycreen West Killycrutteen Killyculla
Killydrum Killyfole Killygarry Killygorman and Aghadrumsee
Killygowan Island Killygrania Killygreagh Killygullan
Killyhevlin Killyhommon Killykeeghan Killykeeran
Killylacky Killylea Killylifferbane Glebe Killylifferdoo
Killyliss Killymackan Killymittan Killynacran
Killynamph Killynick Killynoogan Killynubber
Killynure Killypaddy Killyphort Killyraw
Killyreagh Killyroo Killyrover Killytaggart
Killyvannan Killyveagh Glebe Killyvilly Killywillin
Kilmacbrack Kilmacormick Kilmalanophy Kilmore
Kilmore North Kilmore South Kilnabrack Kilnacran
Kilnakelly Kilnakirk Kilnaloo Kilnamaddoo
Kilnamaddy Kilnambrahar Kilnameel Kilnarainy
Kilready Kilridd Kilronan Kilrooskagh
Kilrooskagh Island Kilroosky Kilroot Kilsallagh
Kilsmullan Kilteen Glebe Kiltenamullagh Kiltierney
Kiltober Kilturk North Kilturk South Kilturk West
Kiltycrose Kiltyfelan Kimran Kinarla
Kinawley Kingarrow North Kingarrow South Kinglass
Kingstown Kinmeen North Kinmeen South Kinmore
Kinnausy Island Kinoughtragh Kinrush Kippeen Island
Knappagh Knock Beg Knock Island Knock More
Knockadoois Knockageehan Knockalough Knockarevan
Knockateggal Knockavea Knockawaddy Knockbodarra
Knockboy Knockennis Knockmacaroony Glebe Knockmackegan
Knockmacmanus Knockmaddaroe Knockmanoul Knocknabrass
Knocknabrattoge or Greentown Knocknahunshin Knocknalear Knocknalosset
Knocknashangan Knocknastackan Knockninny Knockroe
Knockroe Archdall Knockroe Irvine Knocks Lack
Lackaghboy Lacky Lamb Island Lammy
Lanaghran Landbrock Lankill Lanmore
Lannaght Laragh Largalinny Larganacarran
Largandoy Largy Larkhill Larmore
Lattonagh Lattone Laughill Lavaran
Lea Leaghan Leam Leam Beg
Leam More Leambreslen Leamnamoyle Lebally
Leeffa Legacurry Legaduff Legatillida
Legg Leggs Leginn Legland
Leglehid Legmacaffry Legnabrocky Legnagay Beg
Legnagay More Legnahorna Legnavea Lehill
Lehinch Leighan Leitrim Lenaghan
Leraw Lergan Lesky Lettan
Letter Letterbailey Letterboy Letterbreen
Lettergreen Letterkeen Lettermoney Levaghy
Levally Lower Levally Upper Lignameeltoge Lisadearny
Lisblake Lisbofin Lisboy Liscosker
Liscreevin Lisdead Lisderry Lisdivrick
Lisdoodan Lisdrum Lisduff Lisgally
Lisgoole Lisingle Liskilly Lislarris
Lislea Lismacsheela Lismalore Lismonaghan
Lismoonly Lisnabane Lisnadurk Glebe North Lisnadurk Glebe South
Lisnadurk Middle Lisnagole Lisnaknock Lisnamallard
Lisnashillida Lisnavoe Lisnawesnagh Lisolvan
Lisoneill Lisrace Lisreagh Lisroddy
Lisroon Lissagorry Glebe Lissan Littlehill
Littlemount Lockard Big Lockard Little Loftus Island
Lonesome Island Long Island Long Rock Longfield
Longrob Lough Hill Loughachork Loughgare
Loughkillygreen Lowery Lowerybane Lugmore
Lurgan Lurganbane Lurganboy Lurganclabby
Lurgandarragh Big Lurgandarragh Little Lusty Beg Lusty Beg Island
Lusty More Lusty More Island Macart Island Mackan Glebe
Macknagh Magheracross Magheradunbar Magheragannon
Magherahar Magheramenagh Magheramore Magheranageeragh
Magherareagh Magho Magonragh Magurk's Island
Mallybreen Manger Manoo Manor Water House
Mantlin Marlbank Meenacloyabane Meenagleragh
Meenarainy Meenatully Meenawargy Meenmore
Meentullyclogh Middletown Midhill Milligans
Milltate Milltown Milltown Blaney Millwood
Minran Mockbeggar Modeenagh Moher
Moheranea Moleena Molly Monaghan
Monalla Monanacloy Monavreece Monawilkin
Monea Moneen Moneenbane Moneendogue
Moneykee Moneymakinn Moneyneddy Moneynoe Glebe or Chanterhill
Moneyouragan Mongibbaghan Monmurry Montiaghroe
Moorlough Mossfield or Urbal Moughley Mount Darby
Mount Prospect or Tullyoran Mountdrum Mountjoy Island Movarran
Moybane Moybrone Moyglass Moykeel
Moylehid Moynaghan North Moynaghan South Moysnaght
Muckenagh Muckinish or White Island Muckros Muggalnagrow
Mullaghbane Mullaghblaney Mullaghboy Mullaghbrady
Mullaghbreedin Mullaghcapple Mullaghcapple Glebe Mullaghconnelly
Mullaghdun Mullaghfad Mullaghfarne Mullaghgare
Mullaghgarrow Mullaghglass Mullaghinshogagh Mullaghkeel or Ballymackilroy
Mullaghkippin Mullaghlehan Mullaghlevin Mullaghmaddy
Mullaghmakervy Mullaghmeen Mullaghmore Mullaghree
Mullaghsillogagh Mullaghy Mullan Mullan or Bumper Lodge
Mullanacaw Mullanahinch Mullanasaggart Mullanaskea
Mullanavehy Mullanawinna Mullanmeen Middle Mullanmeen Under
Mullanmeen Upper Mullanrody Mullans Mullanshellistragh
Mullanvaum Mullavea Glebe Mullies Mullyard
Mullyardlougher Mullybrack Mullybreslen Mullybritt
Mullycavan Mullycovet Mullydinnity Mullyduff
Mullygarry Mullykivet Mullyknock or Topped Mountain Mullylogan
Mullylun Mullylusty Mullymesker Mullynaburtlan
Mullynacoagh Mullynagowan Mullynaherb Mullynahunshin
Mullynalughoge Mullynascarty Mullynaskeagh Mullynaval
Mullynavale Mullynavannoge Mullynavarnoge Mullyned
Mullyneeny Mulnadoran Mulnahorn Mulrod
Munville Mweelbane Naan Island East Naan Island South
Naan Island West Ned Ned's Island Nedsherry
Newpark Newtate or Drummoan Newtown Nutfield
Oakfield Oghill Oghillicartan Old Barr
Ora Beg Ora More or Tullybrack Oughterdrum Owenbreedin
Owenskerry Owl Island Paris Island Big Paris Island Little
Parkhill Parson's Green Glebe Physicberry Island Pipers Hill
Point Pollaginnive Pollkathleen Portbeg
Portinode Portmush Portnablahy Portnacloyaduff
Portnasnow Glebe Portora Portreagh Ports
Pottiagh Procklis Pubble Purgatory Island
Pushen Island Rabbit Island Rabron Rafintan
Rahall Rahallan Rahalton Rakeelan Glebe
Ramaley Ramoan or Barr Ramult Randalshough
Rateen Rathfure Rathkeelan Rathkeevan
Rathmoran Rathmore Ratoal Ratona
Ratoran Raw Reilly Relagh
Rellan Renogher Glebe Reyfad Rigg
Ring Ringvilla Rockfield Rocky Island
Rooskagh North Rooskagh South Roosky Ross
Ross Inner Ross Outer Rossaa Rossachrin
Rossahilly Rossavally Rossbeg Rossbrick Glebe
Rosscah Rosscarn Rossclare Rosscolban
Rosscolton Rosscor Rosscor Island Rosscorkey Island
Rosscrennagh Rossdagamph or St Catherines Rossdanean Rossdoney
Rossfad Rossgad Rossgole Rossgweer
Rossharbour Rossharbour Island Rossharbour Old Rossigh
Rossinnan Rossinure Beg Rossinure More Rosskit Island
Rosslea Rossmacaffry Rossmacall Rossmacawinny
Rossmacole Rossmore Rossnafarsan Rossole
Rossorry Rosspoint or Cosbystown East Rossyvullan Rotten Mountain
Rough Island Round Island Rush Island Rushin
Rushinbane Rushindoo Sallaghy Salloon
Sallow Island Sally Island Sally Islands Sallysgrove
Salry Sam's Island Samsonagh Sandhill
Sandholes Scaffog Scandally Scardans Lower
Scardans Upper Scattered Rocks Screegan Island Screevagh
Scribbagh Scribby Sessiagh East Sessiagh West
Sessiaghs Shallany Shanaghy Shanco
Shankill Shanmullagh Shannock Shannock Green
Shanraa Shanvally Shave Island Shean
Sheebeg Sheehinny Sheemuldoon Sheeny
Sheepwalk Sheetrim Shillanmore Sidaire
Silverhill Skea Skeagh Skeoge
Skreen Skrinny Slapragh Slattinagh
Slattinagh, Barr of Slawin Slawin, Barr of Slee Slievebane
Slisgarrow Slush Hill Smith's Rock Snowhill
Spring Grove Springtown Sraharory Srahenny
Srameen Island Sraniff Sruhanure St Catherine's or Rossdagamph
Staff Island Stallion Cowes Island Starraghan Stonefort
Stonepark Stony Islands (2) Stragolan Stragole
Stragowna Stralahan Stralustrin Stramatt
Stranacally Stranadarriff Stranafeley Stranahone
Strananerriagh Stratonagher Stratore Stripe
Strongbow Island Stumpys Hill Summerhill Swallow Island
Tabagh Tamlaght Tantybulk Tatnamallaght
Tatteevagh Tattenabuddagh Tattenaheglish Tattenalee
Tattenamona Tattendillur Tattinbarr Tattinderry
Tattinfree Tattintonegan Tattinweer Tattycam
Tattygare Tattygare Glebe Tattygormican Tattykeel Lower
Tattykeel Upper Tattykeeran Tattymacall Tattymore
Tattymorris Tattynacunnian Tattynageeragh Tattynagolan
Tattynuckle Tattyreagh Tawnaghgorm Tawnawanny
Tawnydorragh Tawnynoran Tawnyreagh Tedd
Teebane Teemore Teer Teesnaghtan
Teige's Rock Templenaffrin Tents Thomastown
Thornhill Glebe Tibberedoge Glebe Tievaveeny Tievealough
Tievebunnan Tievegarrow Tievenavarnog Tiraffy
Tiraltan Tiranagher Beg Tiranagher More Tiraroe
Tiravally Glebe Tiravree Glebe Tirconnell Tireeghan
Tireevil Tirenny Tirigannon Tirmacspird
Tirmonen Tiroogan Tirwinny Tober
Tobradan Tom's Island or Inishbeg Tonagh Glebe Tonanoran
Tonardrum Tonavally Toneel North Toneel South
Toney Tonity Bog Tonitygorman Tonlisderritt
Tonnaboy Tonnacroob Tonnagh Tonnaghboy
Tonregee Island Tonwore Tonydrummallard Tonyglaskan
Tonyloman Tonymalloe Tonymelt Tonymore
Tonystick Tonyteige Tonyvarnog Tonywall
Toolinn Toppan Toppan Island Topped Mountain or Mullyknock
Toralt Tower Beg Tower More Townhill
Trahanacarrick Island Trannish (Island) Trasna Trasna Island
Treel Trien Trillick Tromogagh
Trory Trustan Trustan Glebe Tubbrid
Tullanaginn Tullanaglare Tullanaglug Tullanaguiggy
Tullinteskin Tullinwonny Tully Tully North
Tully South Tullyavy Tullybellina Tullybrack or Ora More
Tullycallrick Tullycarbry Tullychurry Tullyclea
Tullycreevy Tullydevenish Tullyfad Tullygerravra
Tullyharney Tullyholvin Lower Tullyholvin Upper Tullyhommon
Tullyhona Tullykelter Tullykenneye Tullylammy
Tullylone Tullylough Tullyloughdaugh Tullymargy
Tullymore Tullynabohoge Tullynacor Tullynadall East
Tullynadall West Tullynagarn Tullynaglug Tullynagowan
Tullynaloob Tullynashammer Tullynasrahan Tullyneevin
Tullyoran or Mount Prospect Tullyrain Tullyreagh Tullyrossmearan
Tullysranadeega Tullyullagh Tullyvarrid Tullyvocady
Tullyvogy Tullyweel Turkey Islands Ummer
Ummera Urbal or Mossfield Urros Uttony
Water Horse Wheathill Wheathill Glebe Whilliter
Whinnigan Glebe White Island White Island or Muckinish Whitehill
Whitehill North Whitehill South Whiterocks Windmill Hill
Woaghternerry Woodhill Woody Mullaghree or Ashwoods  

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