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Flax Growers Bounty List 1796 - County Down

Adair Henry Killowen Down

Adair John Killowen Down

Adams Hugh Annaclone Down

Adams James Drumballyroney Down

Adams Joseph Drumballyroney Down

Adams Samuel Seapatrick Down

Adams Sarah Drumballyroney Down

Adams Widow Drumballyroney Down

Admas James Drumballyroney Down

Agar James Kilmegan Down

Agar John Kilmegan Down

Agnew James Dromore Down

Agnew James Kilbroney Down

Agnew John Clonduff Down

Agnew Robert Drumballyroney Down

Agnew William Kilkeel Down

Aicken Isaac Clonallan Down

Aleavy Patrick Clonallan Down

Allan Edward Drumballyroney Down

Allen James Kilcoo Down

Allstaine Robert Drumballyroney Down

Allstaine Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Alsop Thomas Ballyculter Down

Amerson James Down Down

Anderson David Newry Down

Anderson James Comber Down

Anderson James Drumballyroney Down

Anderson Robert Bangor Down

Anderson Sarah Aghaderg Down

Anderson William Saintfield Down

Andrews William Newry Down

Annet Arthur Kilkeel Down

Annet George Clonallan Down

Annet Hans Kilkeel Down

Annet Hugh Kilbroney Down

Annet James Clonallan Down

Annet James Kilbroney Down

Annet John Clonallan Down

Annet John Kilkeel Down

Annet Robert Clonallan Down

Annet Robert Kilbroney Down

Annet William Clonallan Down

Armor John Kilclief Down

Armor John Killinchy Down

Armor Margaret Drumballyroney Down

Armor Thomas Bright Down

Armour William Kilkeel Down

Armstrong John Magheradrool Down

Armstrong Richard Kilkeel Down

Ash Hugh Loughinisland Down

Ash James Loughinisland Down

Atchison Jeremiah Maghera Down

Atkins John Drumgath Down

Atkinson George Kilkeel Down

Backen John Kilmegan Down

Bagnell Edward Newry Down

Bagnell Patrick Newry Down

Bailey James Kilcoo Down

Bailey James Saintfield Down

Bailey James, Esq. Killyleagh Down

Bailey John Dunsfort Down

Bailey Robert Ballee Down

Bailey Robert Comber Down

Bailey Thomas Dunsfort Down

Bailey Widow Anne Dunsfort Down

Bailie John Newry Down

Balmer John Hillsborough Down

Barber Rev. Samuel Drumgath Down

Barnet James Saintfield Down

Barney Bernard Ardglass Down

Barney Nos. Dunsfort Down

Barr Andrew Aghaderg Down

Barr James Bangor Down

Barr John Drumballyroney Down

Barr Nathnaiel Bangor Down

Barry James Kilcoo Down

Barry Thomas Kilcoo Down

Bayrd John Kilkeel Down

Bean Robert Aghaderg Down

Beard Archibald Aghaderg Down

Beard Samuel Aghaderg Down

Beard Thomas Aghaderg Down

Beaty John Annahilt Down

Beaty John Inch Down

Beaty Richard Hillsborough Down

Beaty William Hillsborough Down

Beck George Annaclone Down

Beck Hugh Kilkeel Down

Beck William Aghaderg Down

Bell Alexander Drumgooland Down

Bell Andrew Clonduff Down

Bell David Aghaderg Down

Bell David Drumgath Down

Bell Henry Maghera Down

Bell James Drumgath Down

Bell John Drumballyroney Down

Bell Robert Garvaghy Down

Bell William Drumballyroney Down

Benerd Robert Saintfield Down

Bennet Mattew Saintfield Down

Berry John Annaclone Down

Berry John Seapatrick Down

Bicket Widow ??? Maghera Down

Biggam Hugh Magherally Down

Biggan Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Biggane Thomas Seapatrick Down

Bigham David Kilmegan Down

Bigham James Kilmore Down

Bigham John Kilcoo Down

Black James Down Down

Black James Loughinisland Down

Black James Magheradrool Down

Black William Down Down

Blackly Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Blackwood John Loughinisland Down

Blackwood Samuel Loughinisland Down

Blackwood Thomas Kilmegan Down

Blain James Garvaghy Down

Blair James Down Down

Blairs Samuel Down Down

Blakely James Drumballyroney Down

Blakely Joseph Drumballyroney Down

Blaney Daniel Saul Down

Blaney Denis Ballee Down

Blaney William Saul Down

Blayney Henry Dunsfort Down

Bleakely Anne Drumballyroney Down

Bleakly A. Drumballyroney Down

Bleakly J. Drumballyroney Down

Bleakly William Drumballyroney Down

Boale Widow ??? Killinchy Down

Bordon Patrick Kilcoo Down

Borwne William Kilmore Down

Bowden Thomas Dunsfort Down

Bowden William Newtown Down

Boyan James Down Down

Boyd Alexander Newry Down

Boyd David Kilmegan Down

Boyd David Loughinisland Down

Boyd Hugh Newtown Down

Boyd James Ardglass Down

Boyd John Comber Down

Boyd John Drumballyroney Down

Boyd John Killowen Down

Boyd John Kilmegan Down

Boyd Richard Kilmegan Down

Boyd William Newry Down

Boyle Patrick Newry Down

Bradford William Donaghmore Down

Bradford William Newry Down

Brady Edward Loughinisland Down

Branagan Thomas Clonduff Down

Brand Joseph Kilkeel Down

Braney Daniel Dunsfort Down

Braney Hugh Loughinisland Down

Braney John Bright Down

Braniff James Witter Down

Branigan Richard Loughinisland Down

Brannan Owen Kilcoo Down

Brannon Patrick Kilkeel Down

Breadley John Saintfield Down

Breet John Ardquin Down

Brien George Ballyculter Down

Brien James Ballyculter Down

Brien Patrick Ballyculter Down

Brien Richard Ballyculter Down

Brien Widow ??? Saul Down

Briggs Alexander Annaclone Down

Brown Edward Garvaghy Down

Brown Hugh Garvaghy Down

Brown James Killyleagh Down

Brown James Newtownards Down

Brown John Clonduff Down

Brown John Garvaghy Down

Brown Nathaniel Ballee Down

Brown Samuel Clonduff Down

Brown Welsh Clonduff Down

Brown William Drumballyroney Down

Brown William Garvaghy Down

Browne James Kilmegan Down

Browne John Kilmegan Down

Browne Joseph Kilmegan Down

Browne Patrick Loughinisland Down

Browne Robert Kilmore Down

Browne Thomas Kilmegan Down

Browne Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Browne Widow ??? Saintfield Down

Brownly Robert Saintfield Down

Burney Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Burns Daniel Aghaderg Down

Burns Daniel Kilcoo Down

Burns Edward Aghaderg Down

Burns George Aghaderg Down

Burns George Drumgooland Down

Burns Hugh Kilmegan Down

Burns James Kilcoo Down

Burns James Newry Down

Burns John Drumgooland Down

Burns John Kilmore Down

Burns John Tyrella Down

Burns Laughlin Aghaderg Down

Burns Laughlin Drumgooland Down

Burns Mugh Kilmore Down

Burns Nicholas Drumgooland Down

Burns Patrick Down Down

Burns Peter Clonduff Down

Burns W. Drumgooland Down

Burns Widow ??? Aghaderg Down

Burns Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Butterfield Bernard Clonallan Down

Butterfield James Clonallan Down

Byrne Arthur Annaclone Down

Byrne Edward Garvaghy Down

Byrne James Annaclone Down

Byrne John Garvaghy Down

Byrne Patrick Annaclone Down

Byrne Terence Annaclone Down

Byrne Valentine Garvaghy Down

Byrns Patrick Aghaderg Down

Cairnes William Kilkeel Down

Caldwell Andrew Drumballyroney Down

Caldwell John Aghaderg Down

Caldwell John Drumballyroney Down

Caldwell Samuel Drumballyroney Down

Caldwell Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Callister John Maghera Down

Camack Thomas Saintfield Down

Camblin James Kilmore Down

Camlin John Drumballyroney Down

Camlon John Kilkeel Down

Campbel Abraham Aghaderg Down

Campbell Archibald Aghaderg Down

Campbell Bernard Annaclone Down

Campbell Daniel Annaclone Down

Campbell David Newry Down

Campbell Elinor Aghaderg Down

Campbell George Aghaderg Down

Campbell Hans Aghaderg Down

Campbell James Aghaderg Down

Campbell James Drumballyroney Down

Campbell John Kilkeel Down

Campbell John Kilmegan Down

Campbell John Newry Down

Campbell Joseph Aghaderg Down

Campbell Margaret Drumballyroney Down

Campbell Robert Kilkeel Down

Cane Richard Ballyculter Down

Cannon James Killyleagh Down

Cannon Newill Killyleagh Down

Cannon William Killyleagh Down

Cantley George Newry Down

Canty Robert Drumballyroney Down

Cardwell John Kilmegan Down

Cargo William Holywood Down

Carigan Mathew Dromore Down

Carmichael Jane Tullylish Down

Carney Neal Dunsfort Down

Carothers John Aghaderg Down

Carr Andrew Newtownards Down

Carr Daniel Bright Down

Carr George Down Down

Carr George Witter Down

Carr Hugh Ballee Down

Carr James Kilmegan Down

Carr James Rathmullan Down

Carr John Ballee Down

Carr John Kilkeel Down

Carr John Kilmegan Down

Carr John Newtown Down

Carr Nicholas Tyrella Down

Carr Paul Kilmegan Down

Carr Peter Ballee Down

Carr Rowland Kilmegan Down

Carr Samuel Kilkeel Down

Carr Samuel Kilmegan Down

Carr Widow ??? Tyrella Down

Carron Leasly Kilclief Down

Carruthers James Clonduff Down

Carry Edward Newry Down

Cars William Killinchy Down

Carson Andrew Aghaderg Down

Carson George Kilkeel Down

Carson Hugh Down Down

Carson Hugh Kilmore Down

Carson Johnston Ballyculter Down

Carson Joseph Bright Down

Carson Robert Aghaderg Down

Carson Samuel Ballyphilip Down

Carson Thomas Drumgooland Down

Carson Widow ??? Killinchy Down

Carson Widow ??? Kilmore Down

Carvile Daniel Saul Down

Carvile James Saul Down

Carvill Owen Clonduff Down

Carwell Hugh Clonduff Down

Carwford William, Sr. Newry Down

Cassidy Patrick Kilkeel Down

Caswell James Aghaderg Down

Caswell John Aghaderg Down

Caugherty James Dunsfort Down

Caughery Edmond Witter Down

Caughey James Ballyculter Down

Caughey John Kilclief Down

Caughey Widow ??? Rathmullan Down

Caulfield Alice Kilkeel Down

Caulfield Mary Kilkeel Down

Cavan James Ballee Down

Cavan John Ballyculter Down

Cawley John Aghaderg Down

Cermid William Rathmullan Down

Chalmers David Clonallan Down

Chambers James Newtown Down

Chambers James Rathmullan Down

Chambers John Comber Down

Chambers John Dunsfort Down

Chambers Robert Newtown Down

Chapman George Drumgath Down

Charleton Redmond Maghera Down

Chesney Alexander Clonallan Down

Chesnut William Kilkeel Down

Chirrey Robert Killinchy Down

Chirrey Robert Kilmegan Down

Christian William Bright Down

Clark Andrew Clonallan Down

Clark Andrew Newry Down

Clark John Killyleagh Down

Clark Richard Dunsfort Down

Clark Thomas Dunsfort Down

Clark William Kilclief Down

Clarke Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Clarke Charles Saintfield Down

Clarke David Loughinisland Down

Clarke Hugh Dunsfort Down

Clarke James Killincare Down

Clarke James Rathmullan Down

Clarke Neal Kilkeel Down

Clarke Thomas Rathmullan Down

Clarke Widow ??? Rathmullan Down

Clarke William Dunsfort Down

Cleeland Allen Dundonald Down

Cleeland Hugh Kilmore Down

Cleeland John Kilmore Down

Cleeland Robert Kilmore Down

Cleeland William Kilmore Down

Cleland Hugh Killyleagh Down

Cleland James Killyleagh Down

Clements William Aghaderg Down

Clerk Terence Garvaghy Down

Cleveland John Kilbroney Down

Clidsdnle William Kilmore Down

Clingan John Ballee Down

Clingan John Tyrella Down

Clinton Hugh Dunsfort Down

Clinton John Dunsfort Down

Clinton Widow ??? Dunsfort Down

Clougsdall Alexander Kilmegan Down

Clowney John Drumballyroney Down

Clyde Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Coal Andrew Aghaderg Down

Coatch John Killinchy Down

Coatch John Saul Down

Coatch William Killinchy Down

Coats Richard Killinchy Down

Cochran Hugh Down Down

Cochran James Inch Down

Cochran John Down Down

Cochran Widow ??? Down Down

Colgan Edward Kilkeel Down

Colgan Francis Kilkeel Down

Colgan John Kilkeel Down

Colgan Loughlin Kilkeel Down

Colgan Nicholas Clonduff Down

Colgan Nicholas Kilkeel Down

Colgan Patrick Clonduff Down

Collins Nicholas Aghaderg Down

Colville James Comber Down

Commen John Maghera Down

Common John Kilmore Down

Conagher Bernard Bright Down

Conagher Bernard Down Down

Conagher Edward Bright Down

Conagher Edward Saul Down

Conagher Henry Down Down

Conagher James Bright Down

Conagher James Down Down

Conagher John Saul Down

Conagher John, Jr. Kilclief Down

Conagher John, Sr. Kilclief Down

Conagher Neal Bright Down

Conagher Neale Kilclief Down

Conelly Margaret Kilmore Down

Conigan Nicholas Kilkeel Down

Conn John Dunsfort Down

Conn Robert Kilmegan Down

Conn William Dunsfort Down

Connel Anthony Clonduff Down

Connel Mathew Kilmore Down

Connelly Michael Kilmore Down

Connolly John Loughinisland Down

Connor Denis Loughinisland Down

Connor James Newry Down

Connor Patrick Aghaderg Down

Connor Patrick Annaclone Down

Connor Philip Aghaderg Down

Connor Robert Dromore Down

Convey Patrick Ardquin Down

Coobreath James Kilkeel Down

Coonegan Arthur Kilkeel Down

Coonegan Patrick Kilkeel Down

Cooper James Newtown Down

Cooper John Clonduff Down

Copeland James Clonallan Down

Copland Arthur Kilmore Down

Corbet Robert Drumballyroney Down

Corbet Thomas, Jr. Drumballyroney Down

Corbett John Dromore Down

Corgan James Kilclief Down

Coriston Edward Rathmullan Down

Corkey Isaac Clonallan Down

Corran Edward Dunsfort Down

Corran Felix Ardquin Down

Corran Felix Rathmullan Down

Corran Hugh Ballyphilip Down

Corran James Ballyculter Down

Corran Patrick Ardkeen Down

Corran Thomas Dunsfort Down

Corran William Ballyphilip Down

Corran William Dunsfort Down

Cosslechan Richard Dromara Down

Coughlin Thomas Kilmore Down

Coulter James Kilclief Down

Coulter Matthew Kilclief Down

Coulterd William Newtown Down

Cousins Thomas Aghaderg Down

Cowan George Aghaderg Down

Cowan Samuel Annahilt Down

Cowper Thomas Kilkeel Down

Coyle Owen Clonallan Down

Craig Henry Drumballyroney Down

Craig Joseph Aghaderg Down

Craig Samuel Down Down

Craige John Dundonald Down

Craige John Kilmegan Down

Craige William Kilkeel Down

Craige William Saintfield Down

Crail John Kilclief Down

Crail Richard Kilclief Down

Crail William, Jr. Kilclief Down

Crail William, Sr. Kilclief Down

Craney Edward Aghaderg Down

Craney Matthew Aghaderg Down

Craney Michael Aghaderg Down

Craney Owen Aghaderg Down

Craney Owen, Jr. Aghaderg Down

Craney Patrick Aghaderg Down

Craney Patrick Kilmore Down

Craney Thomas Aghaderg Down

Craney William Aghaderg Down

Crangle Bryan Down Down

Crangle Charles Witter Down

Crangle Edward Saul Down

Crangle Henry Ardglass Down

Crangle Henry Drumballyroney Down

Crangle James Witter Down

Crangle John Rathmullan Down

Crangle Patrick Dunsfort Down

Crangle Patrick Rathmullan Down

Crangle Patrick Saul Down

Crangle Patrick, Jr. Ardglass Down

Crangle Patrick, Sr. Ardglass Down

Crangle Thomas Kilmegan Down

Crangle William Down Down

Crangle William Kilmegan Down

Crawford Archibald Killinchy Down

Crawford Hugh Newry Down

Crawford James Killyleagh Down

Crawford James Loughinisland Down

Crawford John Loughinisland Down

Crawford Nicholas Loughinisland Down

Crawford Owen Kilmore Down

Crawford Thomas Newry Down

Crawford William Newry Down

Creen John Kilclief Down

Creen John Maghera Down

Creen Michael Ballyculter Down

Creighton James Newtown Down

Creighton Richard Down Down

Creighton Robert Down Down

Cricket Francis Down Down

Cricket John Saul Down

Cricket Patrick Saul Down

Cricket Widow ??? Inch Down

Crickett Bernard Down Down

Crimmins Down Drumballyroney Down

Crockart Hugh Saintfield Down

Crookshank Andrew Annaclone Down

Crookshank Henry Annaclone Down

Crosbey John, Jr. Dunsfort Down

Crosbey John, Sr. Dunsfort Down

Crosier James Kilkeel Down

Crossan Samuel Killyleagh Down

Crossgrey James Kilmore Down

Crossgrey Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Crothers Anne Seapatrick Down

Crothers Samuel Seapatrick Down

Crozier John Newry Down

Crumie Jane Drumballyroney Down

Crummer David Clonduff Down

Crumrice Gilbert Drumballyroney Down

Cudwell Thomas Annaclone Down

Cull Bryan Clonallan Down

Cull Charles Kilkeel Down

Cull Christopher Kilkeel Down

Cull Henry Kilkeel Down

Cull Hugh Clonallan Down

Cull Mary Clonallan Down

Cull Michael Kilkeel Down

Cull Patrick Kilkeel Down

Cull Roger Clonallan Down

Cull Thomas Kilkeel Down

Cultragh Andrew Killyleagh Down

Cummin Edward Kilkeel Down

Cummin James Kilkeel Down

Cummin John Kilkeel Down

Cummin John Maghera Down

Cummin Richard Kilmegan Down

Cummin William, Jr. Kilkeel Down

Cummin William, Sr. Kilkeel Down

Cummins James Drumgath Down

Cummins Thomas Newtown Down

Cunegan Patrick Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Arthur Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Catherine Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Christopher Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Daniel Kilkeel Down

Cunigan James Kilkeel Down

Cunigan John Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Patrick Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Peter Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Phelemy Kilbroney Down

Cunigan Shane Kilkeel Down

Cunigan Thomas Kilkeel Down

Cuningan Daniel Ballyculter Down

Cuningan John Drumgooland Down

Cunnigan George Kilkeel Down

Cunnigan Henry Kilkeel Down

Cunnigan Peter Kilkeel Down

Cunningham James Garvaghy Down

Cunningham John Drumballyroney Down

Cunningham Patrick Garvaghy Down

Curlet Thomas Kilcoo Down

Curlett Daniel Clonallan Down

Curoming Thomas Aghaderg Down

Curran Patrick Clonduff Down

Curren John Kilkeel Down

Currey John Magheradrool Down

Currey William Magheradrool Down

Currow Richard Dunsfort Down

Curry David Newtown Down

Curry Francis Ballee Down

Dale Hugh Saintfield Down

Dalzel David Dundonald Down

Dalzell Alexander Newtownards Down

Dalzell James Drumgooland Down

Dalzell Samuel Drumgooland Down

Dalzell William Drumgooland Down

Darbey Patrick Down Down

Darby John Bright Down

Davenport Edward Drumgath Down

Davidson Andrew Clonduff Down

Davidson John Clonduff Down

Davidson Robert Drumballyroney Down

Davidson Robert Magherally Down

Davis James Drumballyroney Down

Davis James Magheradrool Down

Davison Andrew Kilmegan Down

Davison Andrew Loughinisland Down

Davison Hugh Kilmegan Down

Davison James Dunsfort Down

Davison James Kilmore Down

Davison John Loughinisland Down

Davison Samuel Down Down

Davison Samuel Killinchy Down

Davison Samuel Saul Down

Davison Sarah Aghaderg Down

Davison Thomas Down Down

Davison William Comber Down

Davison William Down Down

Davison William Kilmore Down

Davison William Magheradrool Down

Decky John Aghaderg Down

Dennis John Bangor Down

Denvir Cornelius Bright Down

Denvir James Ballee Down

Denvir James Down Down

Denvir James Dunsfort Down

Denvir James Rathmullan Down

Denvir James Saul Down

Denvir John Ballyculter Down

Denvir Michael Kilclief Down

Denvir Patrick Ballee Down

Denvir Patrick Bright Down

Denvir Richard Ballyculter Down

Denvir Richard Bright Down

Denvir Richard Down Down

Denvir Richard Rathmullan Down

Denvir Widow ??? Saul Down

Denvir William Ballyculter Down

Denvir William Down Down

Depoe John Kilcoo Down

Deviaghan Mary Kilkeel Down

Devlin Bartholomew Clonduff Down

Devlin Berndard Clonduff Down

Devlin John Aghaderg Down

Devlin John Annaclone Down

Devlin Michael Aghaderg Down

Devlin Owen Aghaderg Down

Devlin Peter Aghaderg Down

Diamond Hugh Garvaghy Down

Dick John Drumballyroney Down

Dick John Seapatrick Down

Dickson David Aghaderg Down

Dickson Hugh Clonduff Down

Dickson John Dromore Down

Dickson William Clonduff Down

Digeny Hugh Drumgath Down

Dilford John Down Down

Divin Patrick Kilkeel Down

Dixon Hugh Kilmore Down

Dixon James Ballee Down

Dixon James Down Down

Dixon John Ballee Down

Dixon John Down Down

Dixon Thomas Ballee Down

Dixon William Down Down

Doak Widow ??? Magheradrool Down

Dobbin William Annaclone Down

Dodd Francis Saintfield Down

Dodds Andrew Newry Down

Dodds John Drumgooland Down

Dodds Samuel Drumgooland Down

Dodds Sarah Drumgooland Down

Dogan William Newtownards Down

Dogherty Patrick Rathmullan Down

Dogherty William Down Down

Donald Robert Drumballyroney Down

Donaldson Alexander Drumgath Down

Donaldson Andrew Kilkeel Down

Donaldson George Kilkeel Down

Donaldson James Drumgath Down

Donaldson Margaret Clonallan Down

Donaldson Robert Dromore Down

Donaldson Thomas Aghaderg Down

Donaldson William Kilkeel Down

Donaldson William Killowen Down

Donan George Killyleagh Down

Donan William Loughinisland Down

Donnan James Ballyphilip Down

Donnel Francis Kilmore Down

Donnell James Saintfield Down

Donocho Hugh Kilmore Down

Doogan Patrick Kilkeel Down

Doran Arthur Kilkeel Down

Doran Bryan Kilkeel Down

Doran Charles Kilkeel Down

Doran Daniel Kilkeel Down

Doran Denis Kilkeel Down

Doran Edward Clonallan Down

Doran Eleanor Kilmegan Down

Doran Hugh Kilkeel Down

Doran James, Jr. Kilkeel Down

Doran James, Sr. Kilkeel Down

Doran Laughlin Kilkeel Down

Doran Mary Kilmegan Down

Doran Owen Kilbroney Down

Doran Patrick Clonallan Down

Doran Patrick Kilkeel Down

Doran Patrick Kilmegan Down

Doran Patrick, Sr. Kilkeel Down

Doran Peter Kilkeel Down

Dorian Daniel Ardquin Down

Dorian John Ballyphilip Down

Dorian Jon Witter Down

Dornan Daniel Loughinisland Down

Dornan James Kilmore Down

Dornin Thomas Kilmore Down

Dougherty Charles Tyrella Down

Dougherty Edward Down Down

Dougherty James Down Down

Dougherty John Inch Down

Dougherty Patrick Ballyculter Down

Dougherty Robert Kilmore Down

Dougherty Terence Tyrella Down

Dougherty W. Ballyculter Down

Douglas Samuel Comber Down

Douglas William Down Down

Dowdal Robert Kilkeel Down

Downey James Down Down

Downey John Clonallan Down

Downey John Down Down

Downey Patrick Down Down

Doyle Bernard Drumballyroney Down

Doyle Bryan Aghaderg Down

Doyle Bryan Drumgooland Down

Doyle Edward Maghera Down

Doyle Felix Drumgath Down

Doyle Henry Drumgooland Down

Doyle John Kilkeel Down

Doyle Patrick Drumgooland Down

Doyle Thomas Kilkeel Down

Drake Richard Bright Down

Droan Laughlin Kilbroney Down

Duff David Kilmore Down

Duff James Kilmore Down

Duffy Thomas Newtown Down

Dugan Cormick Kilmegan Down

Dugan Edward Bright Down

Dugan James Bright Down

Dugan Patrick Kilmegan Down

Duggan Patrick Rathmullan Down

Dunbar William Kilkeel Down

Dunlap Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Dunlap Thomas Kilmore Down

Dunlap William Kilmore Down

Dunn John Drumballyroney Down

Dunn John Seapatrick Down

Dunn William Newry Down

Eagleson William Newtown Down

Edgar Hans Kilkeel Down

Edgar Hugh Drumgath Down

Edgar James Kilkeel Down

Edgar John Kilkeel Down

Edgar Margaret Aghaderg Down

Edgar Mrs. ??? Annahilt Down

Edgar Oughtery Kilkeel Down

Edgar Thomas Kilkeel Down

Edgar William Drumballyroney Down

Elison James Kilmore Down

Elliot James Donaghmore Down

Ellison John Kilmore Down

Emmerson Edward Kilmegan Down

English Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Ennis John Rathmullan Down

Ennis Joseph Bright Down

Ennis Joseph Dromore Down

Ewart Robert Seapatrick Down

Farrel Bryan Kilmore Down

Farus John Aghaderg Down

Fegan Adam Newry Down

Fegan Arthur Clonallan Down

Fegan Bernard Drumballyroney Down

Fegan Daniel Drumgath Down

Fegan John Drumballyroney Down

Fegan Leard Drumgath Down

Fegan Patrick Clonduff Down

Fegan Patrick Drumballyroney Down

Fell Christopher Aghaderg Down

Ferguson David Annaclone Down

Ferguson David Newtown Down

Ferguson Edward Newtown Down

Ferguson Henry Comber Down

Ferguson Hugh Newtown Down

Ferguson James Killinchy Down

Ferguson James Newtown Down

Ferguson John Newtownards Down

Ferguson Robert Comber Down

Ferguson Samuel Kilkeel Down

Ferguson Samuel Newtown Down

Ferguson Thomas Clonallan Down

Ferguson Thomas Dromara Down

Ferguvy David Drumballyroney Down

Fernan Patrick Aghaderg Down

Fernon Peter Kilmegan Down

Ferral John Garvaghy Down

Ferral Richard Annaclone Down

Ferran James Newry Down

Ferris Robert Drumballyroney Down

Fetierne Hugh Comber Down

Fettis Widow ??? Hillsborough Down

Feye Daniel Ballyculter Down

Fianagan Hugh Clonallan Down

Finneny William Kilkeel Down

Fisher John Clonallan Down

Fitzpatrick Bernard Annaclone Down

Fitzpatrick Daniel Clonduff Down

Fitzpatrick Daniel Kilcoo Down

Fitzpatrick Daniel Killowen Down

Fitzpatrick Denis Kilkeel Down

Fitzpatrick Eneas Maghera Down

Fitzpatrick Francis Drumballyroney Down

Fitzpatrick Francis Drumgooland Down

Fitzpatrick James Down Down

Fitzpatrick James Kilmegan Down

Fitzpatrick James, Jr. Drumgooland Down

Fitzpatrick John Aghaderg Down

Fitzpatrick John Annaclone Down

Fitzpatrick John Clonduff Down

Fitzpatrick John Down Down

Fitzpatrick John Kilmegan Down

Fitzpatrick John Loughinisland Down

Fitzpatrick Owen Kilcoo Down

Fitzpatrick Patrick Dunsfort Down

Fitzpatrick Patrick Kilkeel Down

Fitzpatrick Patrick Newry Down

Fitzpatrick Peter Drumgath Down

Fitzpatrick Terence Clonduff Down

Fitzpatrick Thomas Drumgooland Down

Fitzpatrick Thomas Kilmegan Down

Fitzpatrick William Kilmegan Down

Fitzsimmons Bryan Ballee Down

Fitzsimmons Henry Ballee Down

Fitzsimmons James Ballee Down

Fitzsimmons James Bright Down

Fitzsimmons James Kilclief Down

Fitzsimmons James Kilmegan Down

Fitzsimmons James Tyrella Down

Fitzsimmons John Ballee Down

Fitzsimmons John Bright Down

Fitzsimmons John Kilclief Down

Fitzsimmons Patrick Bright Down

Fitzsimmons Patrick Kilclief Down

Fitzsimmons Patrick Kilmegan Down

Fitzsimmons Patrick Tyrella Down

Fitzsimmons William Tyrella Down

Fitzsimons Edward Down Down

Fitzsimons George Killincare Down

Fitzsimons Henry Down Down

Fitzsimons James Ballyculter Down

Fitzsimons James Down Down

Fitzsimons James Kilmore Down

Fitzsimons John Down Down

Fitzsimons Patrick Ardglass Down

Fitzsimons Patrick Down Down

Fitzsimons Patrick Dunsfort Down

Fitzsimons Patrick Rathmullan Down

Fitzsimons Redmond Kilkeel Down

Fitzsimons Richard Saul Down

Fitzsimons Thomas Ballyculter Down

Fitzsimons William Down Down

Flanagan Edward Ballyculter Down

Flanagan James Clonallan Down

Flanagan John Clonallan Down

Flanagan William Loughinisland Down

Flannigan Christopher Kilkeel Down

Flannigan Edmund Kilkeel Down

Flannigan Hugh Kilkeel Down

Flannigan James Kilkeel Down

Flannigan John Kilkeel Down

Flannigan Patrick Garvaghy Down

Flannigan Terence Kilkeel Down

Fleming Isaac Holywood Down

Fleming Robert Aghaderg Down

Fletcher Rev. Mr. ??? Drumballyroney Down

Flin Edward Loughinisland Down

Flin Roger Killyleagh Down

Flinn Andrew Kilcoo Down

Flinn Charles Loughinisland Down

Flinn James Loughinisland Down

Flinn John Annaclone Down

Flinn Patrick Loughinisland Down

Flood William Kilkeel Down

Floyd Stephen Kilkeel Down

Fluke David Ardquin Down

Folrene Widow ??? Ballee Down

Folune James Down Down

Folune Owen Down Down

Forde Rev. Mr. ??? Magheradrool Down

Forgison Richard Down Down

Forman Thomas Magheradrool Down

Forrester James Kilkeel Down

Forsythe George Seapatrick Down

Fowler Robert Blaris Down

Foy James Kilkeel Down

Foy John Kilkeel Down

Frame Robert Comber Down

Fullerton William Drumballyroney Down

Fulton Henry Aghaderg Down

Fulton James Aghaderg Down

Furrey William Kilmore Down

Gaa Robert Newtownards Down

Gaddis Joseph Aghaderg Down

Gaff Robert Kilcoo Down

Gafney Philip Kilmore Down

Galagher Bernard Garvaghy Down

Galbraith Hugh Comber Down

Galbraith Hugh, Jr. Comber Down

Galbraith James Kilkeel Down

Galbraith John Comber Down

Galbraith Samuel Comber Down

Gallaway Robert Rathmullan Down

Gallaway William Rathmullan Down

Gardner Thomas Dromore Down

Garret David Saintfield Down

Garret William Saintfield Down

Gauf Thomas Tullylish Down

Gawley Robert Hillsborough Down

Gawley Widow ??? Hillsborough Down

Gebbey Hugh Saintfield Down

Gebbey Robert Maghera Down

Geherty Bryan Kilmore Down

George James Kilkeel Down

George Thomas Kilkeel Down

Getgood William Aghaderg Down

Gibbany John Annaclone Down

Gibbons Widow ??? Tyrella Down

Gibson Henry Donaghmore Down

Gibson James Hillsborough Down

Gibson James, Jr. Kilmegan Down

Gilcriest Nugem Ardglass Down

Gilcriest Thomas Ardglass Down

Gilcriest William Ardglass Down

Gill James Kilkeel Down

Gillcriest James Dunsfort Down

Gillcriest Peter Dunsfort Down

Gillcriest William Dunsfort Down

Gilles James Kilmegan Down

Gilles John Loughinisland Down

Gillespie Robert Annaclone Down

Gillespie William Aghaderg Down

Gilmore Arthur Drumgooland Down

Gilmore John Drumgooland Down

Gilmore Patrick Kilmegan Down

Gilpatrick John Kilmegan Down

Glendillen Joseph Kilmegan Down

Glendillion John Loughinisland Down

Glendillon James Loughinisland Down

Gordon Jane Kilkeel Down

Gordon John Aghaderg Down

Gordon Patrick Loughinisland Down

Gordon Samuel Newry Down

Gordon Widow ??? Bright Down

Gordon Widow ??? Dromore Down

Gordon William Magherally Down

Gorman James Drumgath Down

Goudy Doctor ??? Kilmegan Down

Gracey George Down Down

Gracey James Newtown Down

Gracey William Newtown Down

Graham John Newry Down

Graham Thomas Newry Down

Grahams Edward Kilmegan Down

Grahams Hugh Magheradrool Down

Grahams James Kilmegan Down

Grahams John Loughinisland Down

Grahams Nicholas Down Down

Grahams Peter Drumgooland Down

Grahams Thomas Loughinisland Down

Grahams W. Drumgooland Down

Grahams Widow ??? Down Down

Grahane William Seapatrick Down

Grant John Clonduff Down

Grant John Loughinisland Down

Grant John Newry Down

Gray James Aghaderg Down

Gray John Inch Down

Gray John Maghera Down

Gray Widow ??? Kilcoo Down

Green Arthur Dunsfort Down

Green Bryan Inch Down

Green Henry Ardglass Down

Green Hugh Maghera Down

Green John Dunsfort Down

Green Patrick Ardglass Down

Green Patrick Kilmore Down

Green Robert Drumgath Down

Green Thomas Kilmegan Down

Green Widow ??? Kilcoo Down

Green William Loughinisland Down

Greer James Saul Down

Greer John Seapatrick Down

Grehane John Seapatrick Down

Grenan Edward Kilmegan Down

Grenan James Kilkeel Down

Grenan Nicholas Kilmegan Down

Grenan Peter Maghera Down

Gresham James Drumballyroney Down

Gribben Michael Drumgooland Down

Gribben Peter Kilmegan Down

Gribben Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Gribbin Joseph Kilkeel Down

Gribbon Corney Clonallan Down

Gribbon John Drumgath Down

Gribbon William Dromore Down

Griben Widow ??? Down Down

Griffin John Clonallan Down

Griffith John Garvaghy Down

Grimes John Magherally Down

Grive Edward Loughinisland Down

Grive Peter Loughinisland Down

Grunan Patrick Clonduff Down

Guffot Samuel Annahilt Down

Guililand James Down Down

Gulliland Thomas Ballee Down

Gunin Garven Dundonald Down

Gunin James Dundonald Down

Gurnigan Patrick Ballyphilip Down

Hadfor George Drumgath Down

Hagan Patrick Drumgath Down

Haislip Arthur Kilkeel Down

Halliday John Dromore Down

Hamill Bryan Ballyculter Down

Hamilton Andrew Seapatrick Down

Hamilton Francis Saintfield Down

Hamilton Gawen Killinchy Down

Hamilton Hugh Kilkeel Down

Hamilton Hugh Killinchy Down

Hamilton James Seapatrick Down

Hamilton John Maghera Down

Hamilton Thomas Killinchy Down

Hanlon Patrick Loughinisland Down

Hanna Adam Kilkeel Down

Hanna Edward Rathmullan Down

Hanna George Rathmullan Down

Hanna Hugh Clonallan Down

Hanna Hugh Maghera Down

Hanna James Down Down

Hanna James Kilkeel Down

Hanna John Down Down

Hanna Nicholas Kilmegan Down

Hanna Patrick Bright Down

Hanna Patrick Inch Down

Hanna Robert Kilkeel Down

Hanna Robert Kilmegan Down

Hanna Robert Rathmullan Down

Hanna Robert Saul Down

Hanna Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Hanna William Kilkeel Down

Hannah John Aghaderg Down

Hannah Moses Annahilt Down

Hannet Patrick Ballee Down

Hannet Patrick Ballyculter Down

Hannet Richard Ballee Down

Hannet Richard Ballyculter Down

Hannet Robert Ballee Down

Hannet Roland Bright Down

Hannet Roland Rathmullan Down

Hannet Widow ??? Ballee Down

Hannet William Ballee Down

Hannet William Ballyculter Down

Hanvey James Ballee Down

Hanvey John Saul Down

Harbison Robert Aghaderg Down

Harbison Robert Newry Down

Harcourt Richard Garvaghy Down

Harpur John Inch Down

Harpur Joseph Aghaderg Down

Harpur Robert Kilkeel Down

Harris Joseph Killyleagh Down

Harris Widow ??? Kilmore Down

Harrison Edward Aghaderg Down

Harrison Hugh Annaclone Down

Harrison Samuel Saintfield Down

Harrison Widow ??? Drumballyroney Down

Harshy Andrew Annaclone Down

Harshy John Annaclone Down

Harshy Robert Annaclone Down

Harvey James Down Down

Harvey John Garvaghy Down

Harvey Widow ??? Aghaderg Down

Haslip John Killinchy Down

Hastings James Down Down

Hastings Widow ??? Down Down

Haugh Alexander Loughinisland Down

Haugh James Kilmegan Down

Hauney Mary Clonallan Down

Hawthorn Andrew Aghaderg Down

Hawthorn Edward Aghaderg Down

Hawthorn Francis Aghaderg Down

Hawthorn James Ballee Down

Hawthorn John Aghaderg Down

Hawthorn William Aghaderg Down

Hay Charles Saintfield Down

Hay William Saintfield Down

Hazard James Loughinisland Down

Hazard Robert Kilmegan Down

Hazlet John Loughinisland Down

Hazord Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Heagan Patrick Clonduff Down

Heanan James Drumballyroney Down

Heanen Patrick Drumballyroney Down

Heils John Loughinisland Down

Henderson Joseph Drumballyroney Down

Henderson William Clonallan Down

Hendrey William Ballee Down

Hendron Widow ??? Seapatrick Down

Henery Robert Bright Down

Hennon David Annaclone Down

Hennon John Annaclone Down

Henry Agnes Newry Down

Henry Alexander Annaclone Down

Henry Patrick Loughinisland Down

Henry Robert Down Down

Henvey Denis Kilmore Down

Henvey Patrick Kilmore Down

Henvey Patrick Loughinisland Down

Heron Andrew Drumgooland Down

Heron Thomas Inch Down

Herron John Dromore Down

Herron Robert Seapatrick Down

Herron Samuel Saul Down

Heslit William Newry Down

Hevnon Susanna Loughinisland Down

Heyne James Saul Down

Heyne John Ballyculter Down

Heyne Patrick Ballyculter Down

Heyne W. Ballyculter Down

Heyns Patrick Loughinisland Down

Higgins Francis Drumgooland Down

Higgins Hugh Maghera Down

Higgins Mark Drumgath Down

Higgins Owen Garvaghy Down

Higgins Patrick Kilcoo Down

Hile Robert Kilmegan Down

Hile William Kilmegan Down

Hill Abraham Kilmegan Down

Hill James Drumballyroney Down

Hill John Kilmegan Down

Hill Robert Kilmegan Down

Hillas Malcolm Drumballyroney Down

Hillen Patrick Drumgath Down

Hoadley James Newtown Down

Hodges John Kilmegan Down

Holens Thomas Garvaghy Down

Holiday William Kilmore Down

Hollan Michael Bright Down

Hollan Patrick Kilclief Down

Holliday John Killinchy Down

Hook William Seapatrick Down

Hothard Miss Alice Dromore Down

Houston George Kilkeel Down

Houston Mary Kilkeel Down

Hoyns Mathias Kilkeel Down

Hudson Allan Aghaderg Down

Hughes Adam Ballee Down

Hughes John Dunsfort Down

Hughes Johnston Ballee Down

Hughes Richard Saul Down

Hughes Thomas Down Down

Hughston William Ballee Down

Hunter James Ballee Down

Hunter John Knockbreda Down

Hunter Joseph Killincare Down

Hunter William Bright Down

Huston William Drumballyroney Down

Hutchinson Daniel Killowen Down

Hutchinson James Down Down

Hutchinson John Kilkeel Down

Hutchinson John Newtown Down

Hutton James Kilmore Down

Hutton James, Jr. Kilmore Down

Hutton John Kilmore Down

Hutton Robert Kilmore Down

Hyne James Bright Down

Hyne James Saul Down

Hyne John Ballyculter Down

Hyne Patrick Ballyculter Down

Hyne Richard Saul Down

Hyne Robert Saul Down

Hyne William Ballyculter Down

Hyons Hugh Down Down

Icaley John Rathmullan Down

Ingram Mr. ??? Drumgooland Down

Ireland Hans Kilmore Down

Irvin John Rathmullan Down

Irvin William Rathmullan Down

Irwin Brice Aghaderg Down

Irwin David Drumballyroney Down

Irwin John Kilkeel Down

Irwin Robert Kilkeel Down

Irwin Robert Newry Down

Irwin Samuel Kilkeel Down

Irwin William Drumballyroney Down

Jackson John Killinchy Down

Jackson Mr. ??? Ballyculter Down

Jackson Robert Drumballyroney Down

Jameson James Inch Down

Jameson John Inch Down

Jardon S. Donaghmore Down

Jennings Bernard Donaghmore Down

Jennings Castor Inch Down

Jennings John Inch Down

Jennings Robert Loughinisland Down

Jerden James Aghaderg Down

Johnston Adam Ballee Down

Johnston Adam Killyleagh Down

Johnston Archibald Dundonald Down

Johnston Arthur Killyleagh Down

Johnston David Newry Down

Johnston Hugh Drumballyroney Down

Johnston Hugh Drumgath Down

Johnston James Kilmegan Down

Johnston James Magheradrool Down

Johnston John Aghaderg Down

Johnston John Clonduff Down

Johnston John Killinchy Down

Johnston John Maghera Down

Johnston Robert Drumballyroney Down

Johnston Samuel Magheradrool Down

Johnston William Hillsborough Down

Johnston William Kilmore Down

Jones Thomas Kilbroney Down

Jordan Abraham Hillsborough Down

Jordan Widow ??? Maghera Down

Kain Samuel Killincare Down

Kane James Seapatrick Down

Kane Mary Kilkeel Down

Kean John Clonallan Down

Kean Terence Clonallan Down

Keany William Kilmore Down

Kearney Daniel Drumballyroney Down

Kearney Denis Drumballyroney Down

Kearney Patrick Ardglass Down

Kearns Robert Aghaderg Down

Keating Peter Garvaghy Down

Keating Phelemy Newry Down

Keeke Nathaniel Garvaghy Down

Keelty Hugh Kilkeel Down

Keelty Isabella Kilkeel Down

Keelty Patrick Kilkeel Down

Keelty Peter Kilkeel Down

Keenan Arthur Drumgooland Down

Keenan John Kilcoo Down

Keenan Michael Kilmegan Down

Keenan Robert Inch Down

Keer Arthur Clonallan Down

Keernan J. Kilmore Down

Kelly Arthur Drumgooland Down

Kelly Bernard Donaghmore Down

Kelly Bryan Kilkeel Down

Kelly Daniel Kilmore Down

Kelly Edward Drumgooland Down

Kelly Edward Kilmore Down

Kelly Hugh Maghera Down

Kelly James Ballee Down

Kelly Matthew Kilkeel Down

Kelly Michael Maghera Down

Kelly Patrick Drumgath Down

Kelly Patrick Kilkeel Down

Kelly Patrick Kilmegan Down

Kelly Thomas Newtown Down

Kelly William Kilclief Down

Kelly William Kilmore Down

Kelso James Drumballyroney Down

Kenedy Richard Loughinisland Down

Kenedy Widow ??? Down Down

Kenley Patrick Kilmegan Down

Kenmuire John Kilkeel Down

Kenmuire Robert Kilkeel Down

Kenmuire Thomas Kilkeel Down

Kennedy Hugh Aghaderg Down

Kennedy James Aghaderg Down

Kennedy John Drumballyroney Down

Kennedy John Kilmegan Down

Kennedy William Kilmegan Down

Kenny Daniel Newtown Down

Keon Robert Drumballyroney Down

Keown Daniel Drumgath Down

Keown Francis Bright Down

Keown John Bright Down

Keown Michael Dunsfort Down

Keown Nicholas Ballyculter Down

Keown Patrick Ballyculter Down

Keown Robert Aghaderg Down

Keown Widow ??? Maghera Down

Keowne John Kilmegan Down

Keowne John Maghera Down

Keowne William Down Down

Kerehar Patrick Witter Down

Kernaghan Adam Newry Down

Kerr Eleanor Garvaghy Down

Kerr James Clonallan Down

Kerr Mary Kilkeel Down

Kerr Robert Newry Down

Kerr Thomas Kilkeel Down

Kerr Widow ??? Drumgath Down

Kibben Alexander Comber Down

Kibben Widow ??? Rathmullan Down

Kidd Eliza Donaghmore Down

Kidd Joseph Donaghmore Down

Killen Hugh Kilmegan Down

Killen Hugh Saintfield Down

Killen James Kilmegan Down

Killen Jenkin Kilmore Down

Killen John Kilmore Down

Killen John Loughinisland Down

Killen Micahel Kilmegan Down

Killen Patrick Down Down

Killen Richard Kilmegan Down

Killen Richard Loughinisland Down

Killen Stephen Tyrella Down

Killen Thomas Rathmullan Down

Killen Widow ??? Down Down

Killey John Drumgath Down

Killion Richard Tyrella Down

Kilpatrick Andrew Drumballyroney Down

Kilpatrick Robert Drumballyroney Down

Kilpatrick William Drumballyroney Down

Kinaltey Edward Kilcoo Down

Kincar James Ballyhalbert Alias St. An Down

King John Drumgooland Down

King Laurence Kilcoo Down

King Thomas Magheradrool Down

Kinley Peter Kilmegan Down

Kinner William Down Down

Kirk Francis Drumballyroney Down

Kirk Robert Drumgath Down

Kirk William Drumballyroney Down

Kirkwood Robert Down Down

Kirkwood Widow Jane Holywood Down

Kirkwood Widow Margaret Holywood Down

Knox Robert Drumballyroney Down

Lack James Saintfield Down

Larkin Charles Magheradrool Down

Larkin Francis Kilkeel Down

Larkin Thomas Kilkeel Down

Laughlin John Killinchy Down

Laverty Anthony Bright Down

Laverty Bryan Bright Down

Laverty Edward Bright Down

Laverty James Down Down

Laverty John Bright Down

Laverty Patrick Bright Down

Laverty William Bright Down

Lavery Murtagh Kilkeel Down

Lavery Patrick Newry Down

Leister Isaac Newry Down

Lemont James Comber Down

Lenaghan John Bright Down

Lenaghan John Kilmegan Down

Lenaghan William Maghera Down

Lenan James Ballyculter Down

Lennon Hugh Drumballyroney Down

Lenon Michael Aghaderg Down

Lewers James Bright Down

Lewers Jane Ballee Down

Lewers William Rathmullan Down

Lightbody John Kilmore Down

Lightbody Samuel Kilmore Down

Lightbody William Kilmore Down

Linden Charles Drumgath Down

Linden James Kilkeel Down

Linden Patrick Drumgath Down

Linden Patrick Kilkeel Down

Linden Samuel Drumgath Down

Linden William Clonduff Down

Lindsay David Clonduff Down

Lindsay John Clonduff Down

Lindsay William Kilmegan Down

Lindsey Adam Loughinisland Down

Lindsey John Saul Down

Linton George Saul Down

Linton James Saul Down

Linton John Saul Down

Linton Robert Drumballyroney Down

Linton Widow Hanah Saul Down

Linton William Ballyculter Down

Little John Aghaderg Down

Logan Robert Newry Down

Logan Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Longmore William Aghaderg Down

Lowey James Ardglass Down

Lowry Andrew Dromore Down

Lowry Elizabeth Seapatrick Down

Lowry Henry Killinchy Down

Lowry Robert Kilclief Down

Lowry Robert Killyleagh Down

Lowry William Killinchy Down

Lowry William Newtown Down

Lucas Benjamin Inch Down

Lucas Charles, Esq. Inch Down

Lucas Joseph, Esq. Inch Down

Lundy Partick Kilmore Down

Lutton Charles Aghaderg Down

Lutton John Newry Down

Lylburn Samuel Dromore Down

Lynch Henry Saul Down

Lynch James Saul Down

Lyon John Seapatrick Down

Lyster Edward Killincare Down

Lyttle James Drumballyroney Down

M'Adam James Aghaderg Down

M'Adarra Patrick Clonallan Down

M'Alea James Loughinisland Down

M'Alea Patrick Dunsfort Down

M'Alea Robert Saul Down

M'Alea William Loughinisland Down

M'Aleavy Hugh Clonallan Down

M'Alenon Patrick Garvaghy Down

M'Alinden Edward Drumgooland Down

M'Alinden John Clonduff Down

M'Alinden Patrick Aghaderg Down

M'Alinden Patrick Drumballyroney Down

M'Alindon James Seapatrick Down

M'Alindon Peter Kilcoo Down

M'Alister Eneas Loughinisland Down

M'Alister Patrick Dunsfort Down

M'Alister Peter Down Down

M'Alister Tobias Loughinisland Down

M'Allindon William Kilcoo Down

M'Allister Charles Kilkeel Down

M'Allister Daniel Kilkeel Down

M'Allister James Aghaderg Down

M'Anally Patrick Maghera Down

M'Anerney Patrick Drumgooland Down

M'Anully John Kilcoo Down

M'Anulty Hugh Drumgooland Down

M'Ardel Arthur Drumballyroney Down

M'Arevey James Kilcoo Down

M'Arevey Laurence Drumgooland Down

M'Arevey Philip Drumgooland Down

M'Arevey Widow ??? Kilcoo Down

M'Avoy Mary Clonduff Down

M'Avoy Owen Kilcoo Down

M'Avoy Patrick Newry Down

M'Breen Michael Maghera Down

M'Bride Archibald Newtown Down

M'Bride Hugh Drumballyroney Down

M'Bride James Drumballyroney Down

M'Bride John Aghaderg Down

M'Bride John Drumballyroney Down

M'Bride John Drumgooland Down

M'Bride Joseph Drumballyroney Down

M'Bride Robert Drumballyroney Down

M'Brin Daniel Kilkeel Down

M'Brin John Kilkeel Down

M'Brin Patrick Kilkeel Down

M'Burney Alexander Kilkeel Down

M'Burney Samuel Clonallan Down

M'Byrney George Drumballyroney Down

M'Cabe John Down Down

M'Cable John Kilmegan Down

M'Callistin John Kilmore Down

M'Camble Thomas Down Down

M'Camely Patrick Newry Down

M'Camorn Andrew Loughinisland Down

M'Cance Rev. John Comber Down

M'Cance Thomas Magheradrool Down

M'Candry Felix Kilclief Down

M'Candry Henry Kilmegan Down

M'Candry Peter Kilmegan Down

M'Canless Alexander Clonduff Down

M'Cann Bryan Kilmegan Down

M'Cann Daniel Drumgath Down

M'Cann Hugh Kilmegan Down

M'Cann John Kilmegan Down

M'Cann Owen Aghaderg Down

M'Cannon James Aghaderg Down

M'Carmon William Loughinisland Down

M'Carrey Neal Saul Down

M'Cartan Arthur Drumgooland Down

M'Cartan Christian Saul Down

M'Cartan Daniel Inch Down

M'Cartan Daniel Kilcoo Down

M'Cartan Daniel Kilmegan Down

M'Cartan Edward Drumgooland Down

M'Cartan James Down Down

M'Cartan Owen Kilmegan Down

M'Cartan Patrick Rathmullan Down

M'Cartan Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

M'Cartin Cornelius Dunsfort Down

M'Cartin Hugh Kilcoo Down

M'Cartin John, Jr. Kilmegan Down

M'Cartin John, Sr. Kilmegan Down

M'Cartin Patrick Loughinisland Down

M'Cartin Peter Kilcoo Down

M'Carton John Down Down

M'Carton John Drumballyroney Down

M'Cauley James Saintfield Down

M'Cauley John Drumballyroney Down

M'Caver Charles Kilkeel Down

M'Caver John Kilkeel Down

M'Cavery William Ballee Down

M'Caw Hugh Dromore Down

M'Cay David Drumballyroney Down

M'Cay Hanna Drumballyroney Down

M'Cay Henry Drumballyroney Down

M'Cay James Drumballyroney Down

M'Cay Peter Drumballyroney Down

M'Ceaey James Loughinisland Down

M'Chain John Drumballyroney Down

M'Chean Hugh Drumballyroney Down

M'Chean William Drumballyroney Down

M'Clean Alexander Holywood Down

M'Cleery James Killyleagh Down

M'Cleery William Ballyphilip Down

M'Cleland Francis Annaclone Down

M'Cleland George Aghaderg Down

M'Cleland James Annaclone Down

M'Cleland John Annaclone Down

M'Cleland Samuel Drumballyroney Down

M'Cleland Susannah Newry Down

M'Cleland Thomas Killinchy Down

M'Clelland Francis Magherally Down

M'Clelland Robert Magherally Down

M'Clements Thomas Aghaderg Down

M'Climant Michael Kilmegan Down

M'Clory Patrick Drumballyroney Down

M'Clure Jacob Dromore Down

M'Clure James Comber Down

M'Clurge George Killyleagh Down

M'Clurge Thomas Killyleagh Down

M'Clushey Patrick Aghaderg Down

M'Clusky Robert Drumballyroney Down

M'Collam Daniel Aghaderg Down

M'Comb David Witter Down

M'Comb Mary Kilkeel Down

M'Comb Owen Drumgath Down

M'Comb Robert Drumballyroney Down

M'Comb William Newry Down

M'Combe James Kilmegan Down

M'Comish Felix Clonduff Down

M'Connel James Killyleagh Down

M'Connell Francis Annaclone Down

M'Conory Patrick Dunsfort Down

M'Convey Henry Dunsfort Down

M'Convey Hugh Ballyculter Down

M'Convey Patrick Dunsfort Down

M'Convil John Drumgath Down

M'Conville Anthony Drumgath Down

M'Conville Edward Drumgath Down

M'Conville Hugh Drumgath Down

M'Conville James Drumgath Down

M'Conville Patrick Drumgath Down

M'Conville Patrick, Jr. Drumgath Down

M'Convy James Bright Down

M'Conwell Arthur Aghaderg Down

M'Conwell Bernard Clonduff Down

M'Cooley Maurice Drumballyroney Down

M'Corbert James Kilmore Down

M'Cormick David Ardkeen Down

M'Court Arthur Clonallan Down

M'Cowril Patrick Drumgath Down

M'Crackan John Magherally Down

M'Crackan Samuel Garvaghy Down

M'Cracken John Newry Down

M'Craken James Dromore Down

M'Craken James Drumballyroney Down

M'Crea Joseph Magheradrool Down

M'Cready Alexander Tyrella Down

M'Cready Nathaniel Drumballyroney Down

M'Creedy James Ardquin Down

M'Crenor James Loughinisland Down

M'Crink Thomas Kilkeel Down

M'Crobert John Kilmore Down

M'Crory James Drumballyroney Down

M'Crory John Drumballyroney Down

M'Crouel Samuel Drumballyroney Down

M'Crum George Clonallan Down

M'Crum John Clonallan Down

M'Crunn Moses Drumballyroney Down

M'Crusig Patrick Ballee Down

M'Crusigan Felix Down Down

M'Crusigon John Bright Down

M'Cubray Hugh Loughinisland Down

M'Cubray John Kilmore Down

M'Cubray Richard Saintfield Down

M'Cubrey Hanna Loughinisland Down

M'Culla Gilbert Drumgooland Down

M'Cullagh James Dundonald Down

M'Cullagh John Dundonald Down

M'Cullagh Joseph Maghera Down

M'Cullogh William Drumgath Down

M'Cullogh William Magherally Down

M'Cullough Andrew Newry Down

M'Cullough Bryan Kilkeel Down

M'Cullough Cornelius Newry Down

M'Cullough Daniel Kilkeel Down

M'Cullough James Kilmore Down

M'Cullough James Newry Down

M'Cullough John Aghaderg Down

M'Cullough John Newry Down

M'Cullough Terence Kilkeel Down

M'Cully John Aghaderg Down

M'Cure Robert Drumballyroney Down

M'Cutcheon David Holywood Down

M'Cutcheon James Holywood Down

M'Cutcheon James Newtownards Down

M'Donnell Charles Kilmore Down

M'Donnell Patrick Drumballyroney Down

M'Dowel Daniel Ballyhalbert Alias St. An Down

M'Dowel George Kilkeel Down

M'Dowel Thomas Kilkeel Down

M'Dowell James Kilmegan Down

M'Dowell Joseph Drumballyroney Down

M'Dowell Robert Kilmegan Down

M'Dowell Robert Newtown Down

M'Elmurray William Kilclief Down

M'Elwain Andrew Killincare Down

M'Elwain Samuel Killincare Down

M'Evens James Killinchy Down

M'Evoy Hugh Kilkeel Down

M'Farran James Bangor Down

M'Ferran James Ballyhalbert Alias St. An Down

M'Garry Daniel Ballyphilip Down

M'Garry Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

M'Gausen Samuel Annaclone Down

M'Geveren James Annaclone Down

M'Gibbon Patrick Annaclone Down

M'Giffirt Andrew Ballyphilip Down

M'Gifford James Ballee Down

M'Ginchy Robert Kilmegan Down

M'Giverer A. Drumballyroney Down

M'Giverer J. Grant Drumballyroney Down

M'Givern John Annaclone Down

M'Givren Mary Garvaghy Down

M'Givren Murtagh Garvaghy Down

M'Glory Hugh Drumballyroney Down

M'Gowan Daniel Annaclone Down

M'Graffen Bryan Kilmegan Down

M'Graffin Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

M'Graghan James Kilmegan Down

M'Grath James Ballee Down

M'Grath Patrick Kilmore Down

M'Grath W. Ballyculter Down

M'Graw James Annaclone Down

M'Graw John Drumballyroney Down

M'Guffin James Kilkeel Down

M'Henry James Witter Down

M'Ilbery Daniel Annaclone Down

M'Ilboy Hugh Drumgooland Down

M'Ilchon Patrick Saul Down

M'Ilcon Bryan Down Down

M'Ilcon Daniel Saul Down

M'Ilcon John Ballee Down

M'Ilcon Ricard Down Down

M'Ilcon Widow ??? Rathmullan Down

M'Ilcon William Rathmullan Down

M'Ilea Thomas Killinchy Down

M'Ilearien John Saul Down

M'Ileon James Ballyculter Down

M'Illorey Patrick Newry Down

M'Ilmeal Patrick Bright Down

M'Ilmeal Widow ??? Bright Down

M'Ilmuray Bryan Ballyculter Down

M'Ilmuray Patrick Ballyculter Down

M'Ilmurray James Inch Down

M'Ilmurry John Ballyphilip Down

M'Ilmurry William Dunsfort Down

M'Ilroy Anne Newry Down

M'Ilroy Henry Drumgooland Down

M'Ilroy James Drumgooland Down

M'Ilroy John Drumgooland Down

M'Ilroy Richard Newry Down

M'Ilvernon Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

M'Ilwain Alexander Annaclone Down

M'Ilween Robert Dromara Down

M'Ilwrath Jane Garvaghy Down

M'Kacy John Kilmegan Down

M'Keag Jacob Drumgath Down

M'Keag Robert Drumgath Down

M'Kean James Aghaderg Down

M'Keatian James Ardkeen Down

M'Kee Alexander Clonallan Down

M'Kee David Saintfield Down

M'Kee Edward Kilkeel Down

M'Kee Hugh Saintfield Down

M'Kee James Comber Down

M'Kee James Drumballyroney Down

M'Kee John Aghaderg Down

M'Kee John Clonallan Down

M'Kee John Clonduff Down

M'Kee John Kilkeel Down

M'Kee John, Jr. Clonduff Down

M'Kee Patrick Aghaderg Down

M'Kee Samuel Clonduff Down

M'Kee Thomas Clonallan Down

M'Kee William Aghaderg Down

M'Kee William Newry Down

M'Kee William Newtown Down

M'Kelvey James Kilmore Down

M'Kelvry Joseph Kilmegan Down

M'Keown James Newry Down

M'Keown John Aghaderg Down

M'Keown Michael Aghaderg Down

M'Kery James Witter Down

M'Ketian Thomas Ballee Down

M'Key Daniel Clonduff Down

M'Key Darby Drumballyroney Down

M'Key David Clonduff Down

M'Key Joseph Drumballyroney Down

M'Key Patrick Aghaderg Down

M'Key Patrick Drumballyroney Down

M'Key Peter Drumgooland Down

M'Kibban John Comber Down

M'Kibban Joseph Killincare Down

M'Kibbin John Clonallan Down

M'Kibbin John Kilkeel Down

M'Kibbin William Clonallan Down

M'Kneight Robert Ballee Down

M'Kneown Andrew Ballyculter Down

M'Kneown William Ballee Down

M'Knight John Ballee Down

M'Kown John Dunsfort Down

M'Laughlin Henry Kilcoo Down

M'Linden Daniel Drumgath Down

M'Macken Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

M'Maghon John Clonallan Down

M'Mahon George Annaclone Down

M'Mahon James Ardglass Down

M'Mahon Joseph Dunsfort Down

M'Mahon William Ardglass Down

M'Manus Henry Kilcoo Down

M'Manus John Magheradrool Down

M'Manus Widow ??? Kilcoo Down

M'Manus Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

M'Master David Comber Down

M'Mechan James Ballee Down

M'Meehan Hugh Ballee Down

M'Meehan Samuel Loughinisland Down

M'Millon James Dundonald Down

M'Milton Hugh Comber Down

M'Minn John Killinchy Down

M'Minn John Newry Down

M'Mordie Hans Seapatrick Down

M'Mukan Alexander Loughinisland Down

M'Mullan Brice Newry Down

M'Mullan Cornelius Tyrella Down

M'Mullan Hugh Kilmegan Down

M'Mullan James Witter Down

M'Mullan John Dromore Down

M'Mullan John Newry Down

M'Mullan Patrick Kilmegan Down

M'Mullan Theophilus Kilmegan Down

M'Mullen Eneas Loughinisland Down

M'Mullen Widow ??? Down Down

M'Mullin David Drumballyroney Down

M'Mullon John Drumgooland Down

M'Mullon John Loughinisland Down

M'Mullon Patrick Drumgooland Down

M'Mullon William Down Down

M'Murdey Patrick Kilmore Down

M'Murland James Down Down

M'Murray James Inch Down

M'Murray Samuel Ballee Down

M'Murray Samuel Clonallan Down

M'Nab Nicholas Bright Down

M'Naight Alexander Kilkeel Down

M'Naight James Kilkeel Down

M'Namara Collin Loughinisland Down

M'Namara Denis Saintfield Down

M'Namara James Witter Down

M'Namara John Loughinisland Down

M'Namara Patrick Loughinisland Down

M'Namara Robert Magheradrool Down

M'Namara William Loughinisland Down

M'Natty Felix Clonallan Down

M'Naule David Dundonald Down

M'Neal Joseph Kilmegan Down

M'Neely James Kilkeel Down

M'Neight Andrew Killowen Down

M'Neight Jamws Annaclone Down

M'Neight Robert Garvaghy Down

M'Niece James Seapatrick Down

M'Night Robert Drumballyroney Down

M'Pherson Alexander Hillsborough Down

M'Poland Denis Clonduff Down

M'Polard Owen Drumballyroney Down

M'Poleeud Francis Annaclone Down

M'Pollan John Clonduff Down

M'Quigon Owen Drumballyroney Down

M'Quoid Daniel Dunsfort Down

M'Quoids James Kilmegan Down

M'Quone Robert Killincare Down

M'Roberts John Dromara Down

M'Roberts William Kilmore Down

M'Scramble Andrew Kilmore Down

M'Shadin George Drumballyroney Down

M'Shadin Joseph Drumballyroney Down

M'Shane Peter Annaclone Down

M'Sharry Bartholomew Kilmore Down

M'Shean Daniel Loughinisland Down

M'Shean Michael Maghera Down

M'Shean Richard Loughinisland Down

M'Spadin John Drumballyroney Down

M'Stea Hugh Kilmegan Down

M'Vea Hugh Kilmegan Down

M'Vea John Bright Down

M'Vea Thomas Killinchy Down

M'Veath Patrick Loughinisland Down

M'Veigh Eliza Killowen Down

M'Veigh Owen Killowen Down

M'Vey Forgey Clonallan Down

M'Wade Bernard Garvaghy Down

M'Wha Thomas Bangor Down

M'Williams Thomas Ballyculter Down

Mack James Saintfield Down

Mackan John Drumballyroney Down

Mackan Owen Kilkeel Down

Mackan Thomas Saul Down

Macken Felix Kilkeel Down

Macken Hugh Loughinisland Down

Macken James Kilmegan Down

Macken Murtagh Kilkeel Down

Macken Thomas Killyleagh Down

Macketrick Adam Comber Down

Macketrick Robert Comber Down

Mackey Henry Magheradrool Down

Mackey James Dromore Down

Mackin Peter Drumballyroney Down

Madile David Down Down

Madile William Down Down

Maffet Doctor ??? Loughinisland Down

Maffit Hugh Loughinisland Down

Maffit Samuel Ballyphilip Down

Maffot Elizabeth Newry Down

Maganity John Kilmegan Down

Magarey Arthur Dunsfort Down

Magarey Daniel Dunsfort Down

Magarrey John Saul Down

Magarry John Rathmullan Down

Magarry Robert Bright Down

Magarry Widow ??? Rathmullan Down

Magarry William Dromore Down

Magary James Dromore Down

Magauran Owen Kilmore Down

Magee Bryan Dunsfort Down

Magee Bryan Saul Down

Magee Daniel Kilkeel Down

Magee Denis Rathmullan Down

Magee Ferdinand Killyleagh Down

Magee Henry Kilkeel Down

Magee James Clonallan Down

Magee James Dunsfort Down

Magee James Kilmegan Down

Magee James Saul Down

Magee Jenkin Saul Down

Magee John Saul Down

Magee Joseph Hillsborough Down

Magee Mr. ??? Ballee Down

Magee Owen Ballyculter Down

Magee Owen Garvaghy Down

Magee Patrick Aghaderg Down

Magee Patrick Clonallan Down

Magee Patrick Dunsfort Down

Magee Patrick Loughinisland Down

Magee Patrick, Jr. Saul Down

Magee Patrick, Sr. Saul Down

Magee W. Ballyculter Down

Mageean Daniel Loughinisland Down

Mageean Henry Down Down

Mageean Peter Saintfield Down

Magennis Anne Annaclone Down

Magennis Daniel Garvaghy Down

Magennis Edward Annaclone Down

Magennis Felix Tyrella Down

Magennis Hugh Annaclone Down

Magennis Hugh Down Down

Magennis John Annaclone Down

Magennis Murtagh Annaclone Down

Magennis Roger Down Down

Magil Michael Saul Down

Magill David Clonduff Down

Magill Grizell Clonduff Down

Magill John Clonduff Down

Magill John Drumballyroney Down

Magill William Garvaghy Down

Magin Daniel Clonduff Down

Magin Ealse Clonduff Down

Maginity Nicholas Saul Down

Maginity William Saul Down

Maginnis Arthur Drumballyroney Down

Maginnis Bernard Down Down

Maginnis Charles Drumballyroney Down

Maginnis Philip Down Down

Maginnis Richard Down Down

Maginnis Roger Clonduff Down

Magiveren Patrick Garvaghy Down

Magiverigen Bernard Newry Down

Magiverigen Thomas Newry Down

Magiverin Hugh Drumgath Down

Magivrin Daniel Aghaderg Down

Maglenan James Down Down

Maglenan Patrick Saul Down

Maglenan Peter Loughinisland Down

Maglenen William Rathmullan Down

Maglennan David Down Down

Maglenon Neal Ballee Down

Maglenon Patrick Ballee Down

Maglenon Thomas Ballee Down

Magorian Daniel Tyrella Down

Magorian Matthew Tyrella Down

Magorian Patrick Bright Down

Magowan Samuel Kilmegan Down

Magowan William Clonduff Down

Magowran Roger Saul Down

Magrady Alexander Loughinisland Down

Magrady James Saintfield Down

Magrahan Patrick Kilmegan Down

Magrath Bernard Loughinisland Down

Magrath Denis Down Down

Magrath Henry Ballyculter Down

Magrath Henry Bright Down

Magrath Henry Inch Down

Magrath Henry Loughinisland Down

Magrath Hugh Inch Down

Magrath Hugh Newry Down

Magrath John Ballyculter Down

Magrath John Bright Down

Magrath John Down Down

Magrath John Loughinisland Down

Magrath Joseph Rathmullan Down

Magrath Patrick Ballyphilip Down

Magrath Patrick Bright Down

Magrath Widow ??? Inch Down

Magready Daniel Ballee Down

Magrivery Henry Ballee Down

Magrivey Denis Ballee Down

Magrivey Edward Bright Down

Magrivey Edward Saul Down

Magrivey James Ballee Down

Magrivey James Ballyculter Down

Magrivey James Dunsfort Down

Magrivey Patrick Ballee Down

Magrivey Patrick Ballyculter Down

Magrivey Patrick Saul Down

Magrivey Widow ??? Bright Down

Magrivey William Bright Down

Magrivey William Saul Down

Maguffin Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Maguffin James Maghera Down

Maguire Alexander Loughinisland Down

Maguire Hugh Clonduff Down

Maguire Patrick Kilmore Down

Maguire Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Magurneghan Patrick Magheradrool Down

Majelton Hugh Newtown Down

Maketian Daniel Ballyculter Down

Maketian Denis Ballyculter Down

Maketian Edward Ballyculter Down

Maketian Edward Saul Down

Maketian Hanah Ballyculter Down

Maketian Henry Ballyculter Down

Maketian Hugh Saul Down

Maketian John Saul Down

Maketian Murtagh Saul Down

Maketian Patrick Ardglass Down

Maketian Thomas Ballyculter Down

Maketian Thomas Kilclief Down

Maketian William Saul Down

Maketrick John Knockbreda Down

Malay James Kilmore Down

Maloy John Down Down

Maneeley Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Maneely John Drumballyroney Down

Marmon Christopher Kilkeel Down

Marmon James Kilkeel Down

Marmon James, Jr. Kilkeel Down

Marmon Richard Kilkeel Down

Marmon Richard, Sr. Kilkeel Down

Marmon William Kilkeel Down

Marran Patrick Ballyphilip Down

Marroran Ed. Kilmore Down

Marshal William Newtown Down

Marstown Thomas Seapatrick Down

Martin Charles Kilmore Down

Martin Elizabeth Drumballyroney Down

Martin George Kilmore Down

Martin Gill Kilkeel Down

Martin James Kilmore Down

Martin John Rathmullan Down

Martin Lowrey Killyleagh Down

Martin Robert Ballee Down

Martin Samuel Rathmullan Down

Martin William Down Down

Martin William Drumballyroney Down

Martin William Kilmore Down

Martin William Newry Down

Mathews John Newry Down

Mathews Patrick Kilmore Down

Mathews Rose Newry Down

Mathews Widow ??? Killinchy Down

Mathewson James Inch Down

Mathewson James, Jr. Inch Down

Mathewson James, Sr. Inch Down

Mathewson Thomas Inch Down

Mathewson William Inch Down

Mawhood Edward Drumballyroney Down

Maxwel Henry Loughinisland Down

Maxwel Patrick Loughinisland Down

Maxwel William Kilmore Down

Maxwell James, Jr. Drumgooland Down

Maxwell Samuel Down Down

Maxwell Samuel, Jr. Down Down

Maxwell William Drumgooland Down

May John Drumgath Down

Mayne John Saintfield Down

Mechesemy Andrew Newry Down

Mefadden George Drumgath Down

Megran Thomas Drumgath Down

Mellon Daniel Saintfield Down

Mellon John Saintfield Down

Mellon Patrick Saintfield Down

Mellow Widow ??? Saintfield Down

Melvin James Kilmore Down

Melvin John Dromara Down

Melvin William Newtown Down

Menaboney John Clonduff Down

Merimen George Rathmullan Down

Merimen Nicholas Rathmullan Down

Merimen Patrick Rathmullan Down

Merimen Robert Rathmullan Down

Mettling Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Middleton William Kilmore Down

Millegan James Killyleagh Down

Miller Henry Ballyhalbert Alias St. An Down

Miller Hugh Ballyhalbert Alias St. An Down

Miller James Ballee Down

Miller Joseph Ballee Down

Milligan Samuel Kilmore Down

Mills John Newry Down

Mills Sarah Newry Down

Minnis Charles Clonallan Down

Minnis Charles Kilbroney Down

Minnis John Clonallan Down

Minnis Joseph Kilbroney Down

Minnis William Saintfield Down

Misscamel Adam Dromore Down

Mitchel James Dromore Down

Mitchel Robert Loughinisland Down

Mitchell David Newtown Down

Mitchell James Seapatrick Down

Mitchell John Aghaderg Down

Mitchell Thomas Aghaderg Down

Mitchell Widow ??? Seapatrick Down

Mitchell William Aghaderg Down

Mollyneux William Kilkeel Down

Monaghan Daniel Aghaderg Down

Monaghan George Aghaderg Down

Monan Edward Dunsfort Down

Monan Hugh Inch Down

Monan James Inch Down

Money Hugh Annaclone Down

Money John Ballee Down

Montgomery Robert Newtown Down

Montgomery Widow ??? Clonallan Down

Montroe John Dromore Down

Mooney Daniel Drumgath Down

Mooney James Clonduff Down

Moony Henry Newry Down

Moore Alexander Down Down

Moore Charles Clonallan Down

Moore Charles Kilkeel Down

Moore Charles, Jr. Kilkeel Down

Moore Charles, Sr. Kilkeel Down

Moore Francis Kilkeel Down

Moore George Bright Down

Moore Henry Loughinisland Down

Moore Hugh Dromore Down

Moore James Kilkeel Down

Moore James Killyleagh Down

Moore James Newtown Down

Moore Jane Kilkeel Down

Moore John Aghaderg Down

Moore John Bright Down

Moore John Clonallan Down

Moore John Dromara Down

Moore John Kilkeel Down

Moore John Killyleagh Down

Moore John Newtown Down

Moore Joseph Dromara Down

Moore Margaret Kilkeel Down

Moore Nicholas Ballee Down

Moore Nicholas Kilkeel Down

Moore Samuel Bright Down

Moore Samuel Tullylish Down

Moore Thomas Kilmore Down

Moore Widow ??? Hillsborough Down

Moore Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Moore William Ballee Down

Moore William Newtown Down

Moore William Seapatrick Down

Morgan Edward Drumballyroney Down

Morgan Edward Drumgooland Down

Morgan Felix Drumballyroney Down

Morgan Hugh Newry Down

Morgan James Clonduff Down

Morgan James Newry Down

Morgan John Clonduff Down

Morgan John Newry Down

Morgan Roger Drumballyroney Down

Morigan Daniel Kilcoo Down

Morigan Michael Kilcoo Down

Morigan Owen Kilcoo Down

Morigan Patrick Kilmegan Down

Morigan Patrick Loughinisland Down

Morigan Peter Kilcoo Down

Morigan Rose Drumgooland Down

Mornaghan Patrick Aghaderg Down

Morran Denis Dunsfort Down

Morran James Dunsfort Down

Morris John Drumgath Down

Morris Thomas Kilkeel Down

Morrison Archibald Newtown Down

Morrison Charles Inch Down

Morrison James Kilmore Down

Morrison James Loughinisland Down

Morrison John Annaclone Down

Morrison John Newtown Down

Morrison William Loughinisland Down

Morrow James Clonallan Down

Morrow Thomas Aghaderg Down

Mosunn Samuel Drumballyroney Down

Muckle James Ardkeen Down

Mulhallen James Kilmegan Down

Mulhallen Widow ??? Magheradrool Down

Mulhallon Francis Kilmegan Down

Mulhallon James Kilmegan Down

Mulhallon James Loughinisland Down

Mulholland John Drumballyroney Down

Mulholllan John Hillsborough Down

Mullan Henry Kilclief Down

Mulligan George Seapatrick Down

Mulligan Gilbert Magherally Down

Mulligan James Annaclone Down

Mulligan James Seapatrick Down

Mulligan Joseph Seapatrick Down

Mulligan Joseph, Jr. Seapatrick Down

Mulligan Margaret Magherally Down

Mulligan Mary Seapatrick Down

Mulligan Robert Annaclone Down

Mulligan Roger Drumgath Down

Mullon Daniel Down Down

Mullon Edward Ballyculter Down

Mullon Richard Rathmullan Down

Mulvy Nicholas Newtown Down

Munee John Ballee Down

Munns Mathew Newtown Down

Munrow Anne Aghaderg Down

Murdagh James Killinchy Down

Murdogh Andrew Newry Down

Murelveh Alexander Annaclone Down

Murnan John Bright Down

Murneen Bryan Kilkeel Down

Murnen Henry Ballyculter Down

Murnen James Ballyculter Down

Murnen Patrick, Jr. Loughinisland Down

Murnen Patrick, Sr. Loughinisland Down

Murnen Robert, Jr. Kilclief Down

Murnen Robert, Sr. Kilclief Down

Murphy Arthur Drumgath Down

Murphy Arthur Kilkeel Down

Murphy Denis Ballee Down

Murphy Henry Rathmullan Down

Murphy Hugh Clonduff Down

Murphy James Ballee Down

Murphy James Drumgath Down

Murphy John Ballee Down

Murphy John Witter Down

Murphy Laurence Drumgooland Down

Murphy Laurence Newry Down

Murphy Mary Witter Down

Murphy Michael Bright Down

Murphy Michael Drumballyroney Down

Murphy Owen Clonallan Down

Murphy Owen Clonduff Down

Murphy Patrick Kilkeel Down

Murphy Patrick Killinchy Down

Murphy Peter Drumgath Down

Murphy Richard Clonallan Down

Murphy Terence Drumgath Down

Murphy Terence Killinchy Down

Murphy W. Drumgooland Down

Murphy Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Murray Daniel Kilmegan Down

Murray Edward Killinchy Down

Murray Henry Kilmegan Down

Murray Hugh Drumgooland Down

Murray James Ballyphilip Down

Murray James Down Down

Murray James Killinchy Down

Murray John Aghaderg Down

Murray John Ballyculter Down

Murray John Killinchy Down

Murray John Witter Down

Murray Neal, Jr. Killinchy Down

Murray Neal, Jr. Kilmegan Down

Murray Neal, Sr. Killinchy Down

Murray Neal, Sr. Kilmegan Down

Murray Nicholas Ballyculter Down

Murray Patrick Ballyculter Down

Murray Patrick Down Down

Murray Patrick Kilmegan Down

Murray Patrick Kilmore Down

Murray Peter Killinchy Down

Murray Richard Killinchy Down

Murray Richard Loughinisland Down

Murray Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Murry Mathew Kilmore Down

Neil David Drumballyroney Down

Neile Hugh Down Down

Neile James Down Down

Neile John Down Down

Neill Henry Rathmullan Down

Neilson John Garvaghy Down

Nelson George Loughinisland Down

Nelson Rev. Moses Kilmore Down

Nelson Robert Loughinisland Down

Nelson Robert Magheradrool Down

Nelson Samuel Down Down

Nesbit Hugh Down Down

Nesbit James Down Down

Nesbit John Down Down

Nesbit John Drumballyroney Down

Nesbit Robert Down Down

Nesbit William Down Down

Nesbitt Jane Aghaderg Down

Nesbitt John Drumballyroney Down

Nesbitt Margaret Drumballyroney Down

Nesbitt William Down Down

Neville Francis Bright Down

Neville Thomas Killinchy Down

Newell James Kilclief Down

Newell James Kilkeel Down

Newell John Bright Down

Newell John Kilkeel Down

Newell William Kilmore Down

Newil William Down Down

Newill John Down Down

Newill Margaret Kilkeel Down

Newill Widow ??? Down Down

Newille John Kilclief Down

Newsam Thomas Maghera Down

Nichol John Clonallan Down

Nicholson Joseph Clonallan Down

Nixon George, Jr. Kilmegan Down

Nixon George, Sr. Kilmegan Down

Nixon James Kilmegan Down

Nixon John Down Down

Nixon John Drumballyroney Down

Nixon William Loughinisland Down

Noble William Killinchy Down

Nocher Charles Kilmegan Down

Nugent William Kilkeel Down

O'Brien Daniel Kilmore Down

O'Burn Richard Maghera Down

O'Daire John Rathmullan Down

O'Donnell Charles Kilmegan Down

O'Dry Robert Annaclone Down

O'Hagan John Clonduff Down

O'Hagan Michael Clonduff Down

O'Hara John Killincare Down

O'Hare Bridget Aghaderg Down

O'Hare Michael Aghaderg Down

O'Hear Daniel Killowen Down

O'Hear Peter Dromara Down

O'Hear Widow ??? Dromara Down

O'Here Edward Aghaderg Down

O'Here Henry Aghaderg Down

O'Here John Aghaderg Down

O'Here John Drumballyroney Down

O'Here Owen Aghaderg Down

O'Here Patrick Aghaderg Down

O'Here Patrick Kilcoo Down

O'Neale Daniel Loughinisland Down

O'Neil Hugh Kilkeel Down

O'Neill John Saintfield Down

Ogle John Kilmore Down

Ornmy James Dunsfort Down

Orr Charles Kilkeel Down

Orr Charles Tullylish Down

Orr Gowen Comber Down

Orr James Comber Down

Orr John Ballyculter Down

Orr John Clonallan Down

Orr John Comber Down

Orr John Saul Down

Orr Matthew Saul Down

Orr Samuel Saintfield Down

Orr Samuel Seapatrick Down

Orr Thomas Ballyculter Down

Orr William Clonallan Down

Orr William Loughinisland Down

Owens Felix Drumgooland Down

Owens John Drumgooland Down

Park James Clonduff Down

Parker Andrew Annaclone Down

Parr Bernard Killincare Down

Parr Young Killincare Down

Paten John Holywood Down

Patten David Holywood Down

Patten James Holywood Down

Patten James Killyleagh Down

Patterson Arthur Kilkeel Down

Patterson Hugh Hillsborough Down

Patterson James Comber Down

Patterson John Bright Down

Patterson John Kilkeel Down

Patterson Joseph Hillsborough Down

Patterson Samuel Bright Down

Patterson William Kilmore Down

Paxton John Garvaghy Down

Paxton Richard Clonduff Down

Pedan John Aghaderg Down

Pedann John Aghaderg Down

Peery Joseph Inch Down

Penny James Kilcoo Down

Penny John Newry Down

Percy Gilbert Seapatrick Down

Petierne Widow ??? Comber Down

Pillson Conway Inch Down

Pilson Samuel Seapatrick Down

Piper Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Piper John Drumballyroney Down

Points David Kilmore Down

Poland John Clonallan Down

Pollan Daniel Kilmore Down

Polland Bryan Kilcoo Down

Polland John Kilcoo Down

Polley Robert Ballyculter Down

Polley Thomas Ballyculter Down

Polley W. Ballyculter Down

Polley William Ballyculter Down

Pollin Arthur Kilmore Down

Polline Widow ??? Magheradrool Down

Pollock David Newry Down

Pollock James Newtown Down

Pollock Jane Drumballyroney Down

Porter Hugh Ballyculter Down

Porter John Bright Down

Porter John Clonallan Down

Porter Robert Kilmegan Down

Porter Samuel Aghaderg Down

Porter Thomas Bright Down

Porter Vere Saul Down

Porter Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Potter Henry Kilmore Down

Potts John Annaclone Down

Pray Catherine Kilcoo Down

Pray Patrick Kilcoo Down

Price James Rathmullan Down

Priestly James Drumgooland Down

Pritchard John Dromore Down

Pullin Bernard Drumballyroney Down

Purdey William Kilmore Down

Purdy Charles Kilmore Down

Purdy James Clonallan Down

Purse Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Quail William Dunsfort Down

Quaile John Kilmegan Down

Quaile Roger Down Down

Quaile Samuel Ballyculter Down

Quin Bryan Kilkeel Down

Quin Charles Newry Down

Quin George Kilbroney Down

Quin Henry Kilkeel Down

Quin Hugh Kilkeel Down

Quin James Clonallan Down

Quin James Kilmore Down

Quin John Clonallan Down

Quin John Kilkeel Down

Quin Mary Kilkeel Down

Quin Patrick Aghaderg Down

Quin Patrick Kilkeel Down

Quin Patrick Kilmegan Down

Quin Richard Kilbroney Down

Quin Richard Kilkeel Down

Quin Richard Kilmore Down

Quincy Charles Dunsfort Down

Quinn Arthur Drumballyroney Down

Quinn James Clonduff Down

Quinn James Kilmore Down

Quinn Jane Drumballyroney Down

Quinn John Clonallan Down

Quinn Manus Kilmore Down

Quinn Patrick Clonallan Down

Quinn Peter Drumballyroney Down

Quinn William Kilmore Down

Quinton John Killyleagh Down

Quirk Patrick Dunsfort Down

Quirk Thomas Dunsfort Down

Ralph Denis Loughinisland Down

Ralph John Kilmore Down

Rankin James Saintfield Down

Rankin John Hillsborough Down

Rave Hugh Ballyculter Down

Raymond Ross Kilkeel Down

Rea Alexander Loughinisland Down

Rea Henry Rathmullan Down

Rea James Down Down

Rea Robert Newtown Down

Rea Samuel Kilmore Down

Rea Thomas Kilmegan Down

Rea Widow ??? Down Down

Rea Widow ??? Drumballyroney Down

Read Thomas Bright Down

Redeean Ed. Kilmore Down

Redmond Francis Loughinisland Down

Reed George Magheradrool Down

Reed James Drumballyroney Down

Reed John Clonduff Down

Reed John Kilkeel Down

Reed Samuel Aghaderg Down

Reed Samuel Newry Down

Reilly Barnaby Kilkeel Down

Reilly Bryan Killincare Down

Reilly Patrick Bright Down

Reily Daniel Kilmore Down

Reily Edward Killincare Down

Reily Henry Kilkeel Down

Reily John Kilmore Down

Reily Joseph Killincare Down

Reily Patrick Killincare Down

Reily Philip Kilmore Down

Reily Robert Killincare Down

Reyms Edward Kilmegan Down

Reynolds Robert Kilmore Down

Reynolds Thomas Kilmore Down

Rice John Drumgooland Down

Rice Owen Aghaderg Down

Rice Toal Aghaderg Down

Rice Widow ??? Saintfield Down

Riggs Alexander Newry Down

Ringland Hans Kilmore Down

Ringland John Drumballyroney Down

Roarke Daniel Drumgooland Down

Roarke Terence Kilkeel Down

Robinson James Aghaderg Down

Robinson James Dundonald Down

Robinson James Inch Down

Robinson James Knockbreda Down

Robinson John Clonallan Down

Robinson Robert Saintfield Down

Robinson Samuel Kilmore Down

Robinson Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Robinson William Dromara Down

Robinson William Dundonald Down

Roe Rev. Mr. ??? Kilclief Down

Rogan Daniel Ballyculter Down

Rogan Edward Kilclief Down

Rogan Edward Rathmullan Down

Rogan John Dunsfort Down

Rogan Peter Kilmegan Down

Roger James Kilmore Down

Rogers Bryan Tyrella Down

Rogers Charles Kilkeel Down

Rogers James Killincare Down

Rogers John Kilkeel Down

Rogers Patrick Kilkeel Down

Rogers Thomas Clonallan Down

Rogers William, Jr. Kilkeel Down

Rogers William, Sr. Kilkeel Down

Ronaghan Bernard Maghera Down

Ronaghan Hugh Down Down

Ronaghan Michael Loughinisland Down

Ronaghan Nicholas Loughinisland Down

Ronaghan Patrick Loughinisland Down

Ronan John Ballee Down

Ronan William Ballee Down

Roneghan Patrick Dunsfort Down

Roney Con. Drumgooland Down

Roney Hugh Kilmegan Down

Roney Hugh Tyrella Down

Roney James Drumgooland Down

Roney John Ballee Down

Roney John Clonallan Down

Roney Patrick Ballee Down

Rooney Bryan Down Down

Rooney Bryan Loughinisland Down

Rooney James Clonallan Down

Rooney John Drumballyroney Down

Rooney John Loughinisland Down

Rooney Peter Clonallan Down

Rooney Roger Clonallan Down

Rooney Roger Loughinisland Down

Rooney William Drumgath Down

Rosgrey William Killyleagh Down

Ross James Holywood Down

Ross James Kilmegan Down

Ross John Clonduff Down

Rowan Sarah Annaclone Down

Rowan Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Rowan William Annaclone Down

Roy James Down Down

Royden Thomas Rathmullan Down

Ruhil Thomas Kilmore Down

Rulle John Kilmore Down

Rush Philip Aghaderg Down

Rusk James Killincare Down

Rusk John Killincare Down

Rusk Mary Killincare Down

Rusk Robert Killincare Down

Russel Daniel Maghera Down

Russel William Kilkeel Down

Russell George Tyrella Down

Russell Hugh Kilmore Down

Ryan Patrick Newtown Down

Saey Patrick Down Down

Saey Patrick Kilcoo Down

Saey Patrick Kilmegan Down

Saey William Kilmore Down

Sampson George Dromore Down

Sauns Bernard Aghaderg Down

Sauns Hugh Aghaderg Down

Savage Henry Ballee Down

Savage James Drumgooland Down

Savage James Loughinisland Down

Savage John Saintfield Down

Savage Patrick Kilmegan Down

Savage Patrick Loughinisland Down

Savage William Ballyphilip Down

Savage William Clonallan Down

Sayer Manus Kilkeel Down

Scott George Aghaderg Down

Scott James Aghaderg Down

Scott James Annaclone Down

Scott John Newry Down

Scott Samuel Kilmore Down

Scott Thomas Saintfield Down

Scott William Drumgath Down

Scott William Killyleagh Down

Scott William Kilmore Down

Seed Adam Kilkeel Down

Seed Andrew Kilkeel Down

Seed Hugh Kilkeel Down

Seed James Ballyculter Down

Seed James Bright Down

Seed James Clonallan Down

Seed James, Jr. Ballyculter Down

Seed John Ballyculter Down

Seed Moses Bright Down

Seed Samuel Ballyculter Down

Seed Samuel, Jr. Ballyculter Down

Seed Thomas Ballyculter Down

Seed Thomas Saul Down

Seed William Ballyculter Down

Shannon John Kilmegan Down

Shannon Samuel Aghaderg Down

Shannon Samuel Kilkeel Down

Shannon William Kilkeel Down

Shannon William Saintfield Down

Shauthster Richard Annaclone Down

Shaw Finley Killyleagh Down

Shaw Hans Loughinisland Down

Shaw John Kilmore Down

Shaw John Loughinisland Down

Shaw Mathew Loughinisland Down

Shaw William Drumballyroney Down

Shaw William Saintfield Down

Sheaky Patrick Clonallan Down

Sheals Andrew Comber Down

Sheals Hugh Inch Down

Sheals Patrick Kilmore Down

Sheals Thomas Kilmore Down

Shepherd Samuel Annaclone Down

Shepherd Thomas Aghaderg Down

Sheppard Robert Annaclone Down

Sheridan John Kilmore Down

Sheridan Owen Kilmore Down

Sheridan Silvester Kilmore Down

Sherrock George Down Down

Shield John Seapatrick Down

Shilliday John Drumballyroney Down

Shirnon Thomas Kilmegan Down

Shoridan Thomas Kilmore Down

Short Matthew Kilkeel Down

Shortell Henry Bright Down

Siemmon Hugh Kilcoo Down

Simpson James Magheradrool Down

Simpson Robert Drumballyroney Down

Simpson William Annaclone Down

Sinament George Kilmegan Down

Sinclair John Saintfield Down

Singer Hugh Loughinisland Down

Singer James Loughinisland Down

Sinkler William Kilmore Down

Sloan Alexander Saintfield Down

Sloan Capt. Thomas Kilkeel Down

Sloan Daniel Saul Down

Sloan Henry Loughinisland Down

Sloan John Aghaderg Down

Sloan Laurence Kilkeel Down

Sloan Patrick Kilkeel Down

Sloane Andrew Drumgath Down

Sloane Anne Kilkeel Down

Sloane Edward Kilkeel Down

Sloane James Drumballyroney Down

Sloane James Kilkeel Down

Sloane James Newry Down

Sloane John Kilkeel Down

Sloane Mary Kilkeel Down

Sloane Mathew Kilkeel Down

Sloane Neale Kilkeel Down

Sloane Nicholas Kilkeel Down

Sloane Patrick Kilkeel Down

Sloane Peter Kilkeel Down

Sloane Robert Kilkeel Down

Sloane Thomas Kilkeel Down

Slush Joseph Kilmore Down

Small Arthur Maghera Down

Small John Drumgooland Down

Smith Bernard Ballyculter Down

Smith Bryan Ballee Down

Smith Daniel Down Down

Smith Daniel Kilmegan Down

Smith Denis Loughinisland Down

Smith Francis Down Down

Smith Henry Loughinisland Down

Smith Hugh Kilmegan Down

Smith Isaac Aghaderg Down

Smith James Down Down

Smith James Dromara Down

Smith James Dunsfort Down

Smith James Hillsborough Down

Smith James Kilbroney Down

Smith James Loughinisland Down

Smith John Ballyculter Down

Smith John Clonallan Down

Smith John Kilmegan Down

Smith John Loughinisland Down

Smith Laurence Bright Down

Smith Miss ??? Saul Down

Smith Patrick Loughinisland Down

Smith Patrick Saul Down

Smith Richard Kilcoo Down

Smith Robert Drumballyroney Down

Smith Roger Kilmegan Down

Smith Saunders Down Down

Smith Thomas Ballee Down

Smith Thomas Ballyculter Down

Smith Thomas Clonallan Down

Smith Thomas Dunsfort Down

Smith Thomas Kilbroney Down

Smith William Clonallan Down

Smith William Drumballyroney Down

Smith William Killowen Down

Smith William Kilmegan Down

Smith William, Jr. Kilmegan Down

Smith William, Sr. Kilmegan Down

Smyth Andrew Seapatrick Down

Smyth Catherine Ballyphilip Down

Smyth Hugh Killincare Down

Smyth James Garvaghy Down

Smyth James Killincare Down

Smyth James Kilmore Down

Smyth Joseph Magherally Down

Smyth Patrick Killincare Down

Smyth Peter Annaclone Down

Smyth Peter Killincare Down

Smyth Philip Killincare Down

Smyth Robert Garvaghy Down

Smyth Terence Killincare Down

Smyth Thomas Killincare Down

Smyth William Dunsfort Down

Soden Charles Killincare Down

Soy Philip Drumballyroney Down

Spence James Saintfield Down

Sprott George Saul Down

Sprott Margaret Newry Down

Stafford William Kilkeel Down

Starkey Catherine Maghera Down

Starkey James Bright Down

Starkey John Kilclief Down

Steel Alexander Drumgooland Down

Steel James Drumgooland Down

Steel John Dundonald Down

Steel Rev. William Ballyphilip Down

Steel Robert Maghera Down

Steel Samuel Dundonald Down

Sterling John Kilcoo Down

Sterling William Hillsborough Down

Stevens James Kilmore Down

Stevenson Archibald Clonallan Down

Stevenson Hannah Killyleagh Down

Stevenson James Kilkeel Down

Stevenson James Killyleagh Down

Stevenson John Seapatrick Down

Stevenson Thomas Kilkeel Down

Stevenson Thomas, Sr. Kilkeel Down

Stevenson Widow ??? Kilmore Down

Stevenson Widow ??? Seapatrick Down

Stevenson William Kilkeel Down

Stevenson William Kilmore Down

Stewart Charles Bright Down

Stewart James Kilmegan Down

Stewart James Kilmore Down

Stewart James Newry Down

Stewart James Witter Down

Stewart Samuel Clonduff Down

Stewart Widow ??? Annaclone Down

Stewart William Bright Down

Stewart William Kilmegan Down

Stewart William Kilmore Down

Still James Annaclone Down

Stitt James Newry Down

Stitt John Dunsfort Down

Stitt William Drumballyroney Down

Stockdale George Saul Down

Stockdale Hugh Ballee Down

Stockdale James Saul Down

Stockdale John Ballee Down

Stockdale William Ballee Down

Stogdale Hugh Ballyculter Down

Stogdale John Ballyculter Down

Stogdale John Dunsfort Down

Strain John Dromore Down

Stranaghan Andrew Drumballyroney Down

Stranaghan James Drumballyroney Down

Straney Hugh Loughinisland Down

Straney James Bright Down

Straney John Bright Down

Straney John Loughinisland Down

Straney Patrick Loughinisland Down

Straney Robert Bright Down

Straney William Bright Down

Streaton John Ballyculter Down

Streighton Michael Drumgath Down

Stuart Hugh Kilkeel Down

Sturgeon John Kilmegan Down

Swaile Adam Dunsfort Down

Swaile John Ballyculter Down

Swaile John Dunsfort Down

Swan Samuel Drumballyroney Down

Swindle Henry Saintfield Down

Taggart Alexander Aghaderg Down

Taggart John Aghaderg Down

Taylor Jane Clonallan Down

Taylor Robert Saintfield Down

Taylor Samuel Down Down

Taylor Thomas Inch Down

Taylor Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Taylor William Bright Down

Teath Jacob Drumballyroney Down

Tegan Hugh Dunsfort Down

Tegart Denis Saul Down

Tegart John Ballee Down

Tegart John Saul Down

Tegart Richard Ballee Down

Tegart William Ballee Down

Tegart William Saul Down

Tellford James Magheradrool Down

Terentine Samuel Newtown Down

Teterington John Hillsborough Down

Thompson Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Thompson Daniel Dromore Down

Thompson George Kilmore Down

Thompson Hanna Down Down

Thompson James Aghaderg Down

Thompson James Dromore Down

Thompson John Dromore Down

Thompson John Garvaghy Down

Thompson John Kilkeel Down

Thompson John Loughinisland Down

Thompson John Magheradrool Down

Thompson John Newry Down

Thompson John Tullylish Down

Thompson Joseph Aghaderg Down

Thompson Joseph Drumballyroney Down

Thompson Rev. Moses Kilkeel Down

Thompson Robert Comber Down

Thompson Samuel Aghaderg Down

Thompson Widow ??? Dromore Down

Thompson William Kilkeel Down

Thompson William Killyleagh Down

Thompson William Kilmore Down

Thornton John Hillsborough Down

Thornton Patrick Kilmore Down

Thornton Philip Hillsborough Down

Todd George Newtown Down

Todd James Aghaderg Down

Todd James Drumballyroney Down

Todd John Drumballyroney Down

Todd John Newtown Down

Todd William Comber Down

Toman Widow ??? Loughinisland Down

Toner Laughlin Kilkeel Down

Torney Henry Saul Down

Torney John Kilclief Down

Torney Patrick Ballee Down

Torney Richard Ballyculter Down

Torney Samuel Ballyculter Down

Torney Thomas Down Down

Torreny James Ardquin Down

Townshend Ambrose Kilkeel Down

Trainer Bartholomew Aghaderg Down

Trainer Stephen Aghaderg Down

Travers John Clonduff Down

Traynor Bernard Kilmegan Down

Traynor Hugh Ballee Down

Traynor Hugh Tyrella Down

Traynor Richard Tyrella Down

Traynor Rose Kilmegan Down

Traynor Thomas Kilmegan Down

Treanor Patrick Newry Down

Treanor Roger Clonduff Down

Treanor Thomas Newry Down

Tremble Richard Kilkeel Down

Trevor Robert Drumballyroney Down

Trimble Robert Clonallan Down

Trotters James Holywood Down

Truckleton William Aghaderg Down

Truesdale Robert Drumballyroney Down

Truesdall Samuel Clonduff Down

Trumble Richard Killowen Down

Trusdale Thomas Loughinisland Down

Trymble John Drumgath Down

Trymbles James Drumgath Down

Tuffts Samuel Drumballyroney Down

Tumetty Ross Clonallan Down

Tumilty Elizabeth Kilmegan Down

Tumilty John Maghera Down

Tumilty Patrick Kilmegan Down

Tumilty Rose Kilmegan Down

Tumilty Widow ??? Kilmegan Down

Turley Edward Comber Down

Turley Michael Newry Down

Turley Peter Drumgath Down

Turner James Hillsborough Down

Turney Peter Drumballyroney Down

Turnor Mr. ??? Kilmegan Down

Tweedy Andrew Drumballyroney Down

Tweedy Walter Kilmore Down

Vage William Seapatrick Down

Vance Mary Kilkeel Down

Veegee William Magherally Down

Venney Patrick Rathmullan Down

Waddel Richard Newry Down

Waddell Hugh Newry Down

Wadel Miss Jane Magheralin Down

Wainright Mathew Killincare Down

Walker James Hillsborough Down

Walker William Hillsborough Down

Wallace James Newtown Down

Wallace John Down Down

Wallace John Kilmegan Down

Wallace Richard Magherally Down

Wallace Robert Aghaderg Down

Wallace William Maghera Down

Walls Ambrose Kilmegan Down

Walmsley John Kilkeel Down

Walmsley Samuel Killowen Down

Walsh Henry Kilmore Down

Walsh Mark Killinchy Down

Walsh Patrick Kilmegan Down

Walsh Richard Maghera Down

Walsh Thomas Kilmegan Down

Walsh Valintine Bright Down

Walshman Robert Inch Down

Walterson Henry Clonduff Down

Wamsley James Maghera Down

Ward Bryan Drumgooland Down

Ward Daniel Dromore Down

Ward James Drumgooland Down

Ward John Drumgooland Down

Ward Owen Clonallan Down

Ward Patrick Drumgooland Down

Ward Terence Drumballyroney Down

Ward Thomas Annaclone Down

Ward Thomas Dromore Down

Ward Widow ??? Drumgooland Down

Waterson Hugh Rathmullan Down

Waterson Margaret Ballyphilip Down

Waterson Patrick Saul Down

Watson James Inch Down

Watson Launcelot Aghaderg Down

Watt John Garvaghy Down

Watt Samuel Drumgath Down

Watt William Annaclone Down

Watterson Edward Ballyculter Down

Watterson Edward Kilclief Down

Watterson James Bright Down

Watterson Patrick Ballee Down

Watterson William Ballyculter Down

Watts William Garvaghy Down

West John Down Down

West Thomas Killyleagh Down

West Thomas Kilmegan Down

West William Kilmegan Down

White George Kilkeel Down

White James Newtownards Down

White John Comber Down

White Mark Kilkeel Down

White Matthew Kilkeel Down

White Richard Kilkeel Down

Whiteman James Holywood Down

Whiteman James Kilbroney Down

Whitley Joseph Newtownards Down

Wier Joseph Donaghmore Down

Wightman Patrick Bangor Down

Williams John Saintfield Down

Williamson James Killincare Down

Williamson Robert Killincare Down

Williamson Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Willock Stafford Drumgath Down

Wilson Alexander Drumballyroney Down

Wilson Archibald Kilkeel Down

Wilson Francis Saintfield Down

Wilson Hugh, Jr. Kilmore Down

Wilson Hugh, Sr. Kilmore Down

Wilson James Kilkeel Down

Wilson James Newry Down

Wilson James Newtown Down

Wilson Jane Newry Down

Wilson John Dromore Down

Wilson John Drumballyroney Down

Wilson John Kilkeel Down

Wilson John Magherally Down

Wilson John Saintfield Down

Wilson Joseph Drumballyroney Down

Wilson Nathaniel Comber Down

Wilson Nicholas Kilkeel Down

Wilson Robert Loughinisland Down

Wilson Robert Newry Down

Wilson Robert Seapatrick Down

Wilson S. Drumballyroney Down

Wilson Samuel Aghaderg Down

Wilson Thomas Drumballyroney Down

Wilson William Annaclone Down

Wilson William Donaghmore Down

Wilson William Killyleagh Down

Wilson William Kilmegan Down

Witherspoon John Kilmore Down

Woods Andrew Killinchy Down

Woods Catherine Drumgooland Down

Woods Francis Down Down

Woods Hugh Drumgooland Down

Woods James Dunsfort Down

Woods James Kilmore Down

Woods John Aghaderg Down

Woods John Ballee Down

Woods John Tyrella Down

Woods Susana Drumgath Down

Woodside William Holywood Down

Wright Alexander Kilcoo Down

Wright Alexander Newtown Down

Wright Henry Kilcoo Down

Wright James Saintfield Down

Wright Joseph Kilmegan Down

Wright Thomas Kilcoo Down

Wright William Magherally Down

Yets James Killinchy Down

Yets William Killinchy Down

Young Alexander Kilkeel Down

Young James Kilmegan Down

Young John Aghaderg Down

Young Matthew Kilmegan Down

Young Samuel Aghaderg Down

Young Widow ??? Kilmegan Down


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