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Flax Growers Bounty List, 1796 - County Armagh

Abbitt James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Acheson George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Acheson Gilbert Keady Armagh

Acheson John Loughgilly Armagh

Acheson Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Acheson William Armagh Armagh

Acheson William Loughgilly Armagh

Adams Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Adams John Armagh Armagh

Adams John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Adamson David Loughgall Armagh

Adamson Joseph Loughgilly Armagh

Adamson William Armagh Armagh

Agnew Alexander Derrynoose Armagh

Agnew Francis Killevy Armagh

Agnew James Derrynoose Armagh

Agnew John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Agnew Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Aikins William Armagh Armagh

Albin James Kilmore Armagh

Albin John, Jr. Kilmore Armagh

Albin John, Sr. Kilmore Armagh

Albin Robert Kilmore Armagh

Albin William, Jr. Kilmore Armagh

Albin Wm., Sr. Kilmore Armagh

Alexander John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Alexander Joseph Killyman Armagh

Alexander Joshua Killyman Armagh

Alexander Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Allen Alexander Tynan Armagh

Allen David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Allen George Armagh Armagh

Allen George Kilmore Armagh

Allen James Armagh Armagh

Allen John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Allen Thomas Armagh Armagh

Allen Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Allen Walter Mullaghbrack Armagh

Allen William Armagh Armagh

Allen William Kilmore Armagh

Alten John Kilmore Armagh

Anderson Alexander Armagh Armagh

Anderson David Armagh Armagh

Anderson James Tynan Armagh

Anderson John Clonfeacle Armagh

Anderson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Anderson Robert Tynan Armagh

Anderson Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Anderson William Armagh Armagh

Andrews David Armagh Armagh

Andrews Elizabeth Derrynoose Armagh

Andrews William Kilmore Armagh

Angel James Armagh Armagh

Anslow Michael Drumcree Armagh

Archer Moses Armagh Armagh

Archer William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ard Grorge Killevy Armagh

Ardry Grorge Mullaghbrack Armagh

Armstrong Andrew, Jr. Derrynoose Armagh

Armstrong Andrew, Sr. Derrynoose Armagh

Armstrong Anne Derrynoose Armagh

Armstrong Brent Mullaghbrack Armagh

Armstrong George Derrynoose Armagh

Armstrong George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Armstrong James Kilmore Armagh

Armstrong James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Armstrong John Creggan Armagh

Armstrong John Derrynoose Armagh

Armstrong John Loughgilly Armagh

Armstrong Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Armstrong Thomas Kilmore Armagh

Armstrong William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Armstrong William Tynan Armagh

Arnott John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ash William Tynan Armagh

Ashcroft Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Askin John Tynan Armagh

Atkinson Eleanor Armagh Armagh

Atkinson John Armagh Armagh

Ausley William Newtownhamilton Armagh

Baily William Ballymore Armagh

Ball Eneas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ballance John Ballymore Armagh

Ballentine John Loughgilly Armagh

Ballentine Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Bane George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bane Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bane William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Barber James Loughgilly Armagh

Barclay Alexander Tynan Armagh

Barcly Mary Armagh Armagh

Barker Hugh Newtownhamilton Armagh

Barker James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Barnet James Armagh Armagh

Barns John Armagh Armagh

Barns Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

Barns Thomas Armagh Armagh

Barr John Tynan Armagh

Barret Jacob Loughgall Armagh

Barrett John Derrynoose Armagh

Bateson Robert Armagh Armagh

Bawn George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Baxter Elizabeth Tynan Armagh

Bealey William Armagh Armagh

Beals John Armagh Armagh

Beard Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Beard James Derrynoose Armagh

Beard John Derrynoose Armagh

Beard Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

Beatey Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Beatey Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Beattey James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Beattey William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Beatty Joseph Clonfeacle Armagh

Beavers Samuel Loughgall Armagh

Beck John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Beck Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Beck William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell Agnes Derrynoose Armagh

Bell Benjamin Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell Elizabeth Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell Francis Armagh Armagh

Bell Francis Kilmore Armagh

Bell George Armagh Armagh

Bell Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Bell James Ballymore Armagh

Bell James Loughgilly Armagh

Bell John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell Matthew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell Thomas Armagh Armagh

Bell Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bell William Armagh Armagh

Bennet Daniel Loughgilly Armagh

Bennet John Armagh Armagh

Bennett Bernard Loughgilly Armagh

Bennett Hugh Creggan Armagh

Beresford John Tynan Armagh

Best John Killevy Armagh

Best John Seagoe Armagh

Bettles John Ballymore Armagh

Bettles Scoffield Ballymore Armagh

Bigham Wm. Keady Armagh

Bingham John Tynan Armagh

Bingham William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Birch Samuel Armagh Armagh

Birmingham Widow Loughgall Armagh

Black Adam Mullaghbrack Armagh

Black Brabston Mullaghbrack Armagh

Black George Armagh Armagh

Black James Loughgilly Armagh

Black James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Black John Loughgilly Armagh

Black Luke Mullaghbrack Armagh

Black Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Black Matthew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Black Oliver Mullaghbrack Armagh

Black William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Blackstock James Loughgilly Armagh

Blackwood John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Blair Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Blair William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Blair Wm. Keady Armagh

Blakely David Armagh Armagh

Blakely David Clonfeacle Armagh

Blakely David Keady Armagh

Blakely Edward Creggan Armagh

Blakely John Keady Armagh

Blakely William Keady Armagh

Blevens John Clonfeacle Armagh

Bloomer John Armagh Armagh

Bloomer Richard Tynan Armagh

Bocock Robert Tynan Armagh

Bodle Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bodle James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bodle John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bodle Robert Armagh Armagh

Bodle Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Boland Abraham Loughgall Armagh

Boyd Andrew Loughgilly Armagh

Boyd David Loughgilly Armagh

Boyd James Tynan Armagh

Boyd John Loughgilly Armagh

Boyd Moses Loughgilly Armagh

Boyd Robert Armagh Armagh

Boyd William Loughgilly Armagh

Boyd William Tynan Armagh

Boyland Charles Loughgilly Armagh

Boyland Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Boyland John Loughgilly Armagh

Boyland Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Boyland Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Boyle Francis Armagh Armagh

Boyle Neal Mullaghbrack Armagh

Bradley Owen Loughgilly Armagh

Bradshaw James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Branagan Anne Armagh Armagh

Branagan Arthur Mullaghbrack Armagh

Branagan Bryan Armagh Armagh

Branagan Denis Armagh Armagh

Branagan Phelimy Mullaghbrack Armagh

Branagan Terence Mullaghbrack Armagh

Brann John Ballymore Armagh

Brannagan Felix Killevy Armagh

Brannan Daniel Derrynoose Armagh

Brannan James Derrynoose Armagh

Brannan Philip Derrynoose Armagh

Branon Catherine Derrynoose Armagh

Branon William Derrynoose Armagh

Brawley William Armagh Armagh

Brawly Edward Armagh Armagh

Brigs Robert Armagh Armagh

Brins John Ballymore Armagh

Brookes Jane Armagh Armagh

Brookes John Armagh Armagh

Brookes John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Brookes Thomas Armagh Armagh

Brooks Charles Mullaghbrack Armagh

Brooks John Armagh Armagh

Brotherton Nicholas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Brown Charles Armagh Armagh

Brown George Killevy Armagh

Brown George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Brown James Loughgilly Armagh

Brown John Armagh Armagh

Brown John Derrynoose Armagh

Brown John Keady Armagh

Brown John Loughgilly Armagh

Brown John, Jr. Armagh Armagh

Brown Samuel Keady Armagh

Brown Thomas Keady Armagh

Brown Thomas Killevy Armagh

Brown Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Brownfield John Armagh Armagh

Brownly Thomas Tynan Armagh

Bryans John Armagh Armagh

Bryars Charles Armagh Armagh

Bryars James Armagh Armagh

Bryars John Armagh Armagh

Buchannan Alexander Loughgilly Armagh

Buchanon John Creggan Armagh

Bulla Daniel Kilmore Armagh

Burch James Kilmore Armagh

Burke John Derrynoose Armagh

Burke Peter Keady Armagh

Burke Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Burley William Seagoe Armagh

Burns David Loughgilly Armagh

Burns Hugh Ballymore Armagh

Burns John Creggan Armagh

Busby Robert Tynan Armagh

Byers Samuel Loughgilly Armagh

Byrne Francis Newtownhamilton Armagh

Byrne James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Byrne Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Byrne Michael Newtownhamilton Armagh

Byrne Patrick Armagh Armagh

Byrne Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Byrne William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cairley Anne Mullaghbrack Armagh

Calaghan Bernard Keady Armagh

Calaghan Edward Keady Armagh

Calaghan James Creggan Armagh

Calaghan Patrick Keady Armagh

Caldwell Robert Killevy Armagh

Caldwell William Killevy Armagh

Caliston James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Callaghan Bernard Killevy Armagh

Callaghan Bryan Creggan Armagh

Callaghan Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Callaghan Felix Loughgilly Armagh

Callaghan James Loughgilly Armagh

Callaghan Michael Loughgilly Armagh

Callaghan Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Callaghan Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Callans John Loughgall Armagh

Calter Laurence Armagh Armagh

Campbel Arthur Armagh Armagh

Campbel Patrick Armagh Armagh

Campbell Charles Armagh Armagh

Campbell Cornelius Loughgilly Armagh

Campbell Francis Armagh Armagh

Campbell Hugh Creggan Armagh

Campbell James Armagh Armagh

Campbell James Derrynoose Armagh

Campbell James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Campbell John Armagh Armagh

Campbell John Ballymore Armagh

Campbell John Derrynoose Armagh

Campbell Laurence Newtownhamilton Armagh

Campbell Michael Derrynoose Armagh

Campbell Michael Loughgilly Armagh

Campbell Peter Newtownhamilton Armagh

Campbell Richard Loughgilly Armagh

Campbell Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Campbell Robert Tynan Armagh

Campbell Stephen Newtownhamilton Armagh

Campbell Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Campble Phelemy Clonfeacle Armagh

Canavan Neal Armagh Armagh

Cannon John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cappagh Alexander Loughgall Armagh

Caraboo Neil Tynan Armagh

Caragher Bryan Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Edward Ballymore Armagh

Caragher Edward Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Francis Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Henry Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Matthew Armagh Armagh

Caragher Michael Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Owen Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Peter Armagh Armagh

Caragher Peter Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Rose Newtownhamilton Armagh

Caragher Thomas Newtownhamilton Armagh

Carberry Bernard Tynan Armagh

Carbry Edward Tynan Armagh

Carbry Owen Tynan Armagh

Carbsy Patrick Tynan Armagh

Cardle John Loughgall Armagh

Cardle Wm. Loughgall Armagh

Cardwell James Armagh Armagh

Caregher Terence Newtownhamilton Armagh

Carlisle John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Carnaghan Joseph Armagh Armagh

Carr Felix Loughgilly Armagh

Carr Hugh Loughgall Armagh

Carr John Loughgall Armagh

Carr Patrick Killyman Armagh

Carr Widow Killyman Armagh

Carran Bartolomew Loughgall Armagh

Carrick Verner Mullaghbrack Armagh

Carrol John Loughgall Armagh

Carrol Patrick Armagh Armagh

Carrol Thomas Armagh Armagh

Carroll Edward Derrynoose Armagh

Carroll Jane Armagh Armagh

Carroll Owen Tynan Armagh

Carroll Thomas Armagh Armagh

Carroll Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Carroll William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Carron Patrick Clonfeacle Armagh

Carron Richard Clonfeacle Armagh

Carron Thomas Clonfeacle Armagh

Carson Hugh Armagh Armagh

Carson James Derrynoose Armagh

Carson John Armagh Armagh

Carson John Loughgilly Armagh

Carson Joseph Armagh Armagh

Carson Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Carson Simon Derrynoose Armagh

Carson William Armagh Armagh

Carson Wm Loughgall Armagh

Carter Eleanor Armagh Armagh

Cartmel John Killevy Armagh

Cartmel William Killevy Armagh

Cartmell Francis Armagh Armagh

Casey Patrick Creggan Armagh

Cashaday Thomas Kilmore Armagh

Cassidy John Derrynoose Armagh

Cassidy Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cassidy William Derrynoose Armagh

Cavan John Derrynoose Armagh

Cavanagh Daniel Armagh Armagh

Cavanagh James Armagh Armagh

Cavanagh John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Chambers Anthony Mullaghbrack Armagh

Chambers Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Chambers James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Chambers Thomas Armagh Armagh

Chambers William Armagh Armagh

Chapman James Kilmore Armagh

Chapman Robert Kilmore Armagh

Charleton Rev. Wm. Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cherry Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Christey William Ballymore Armagh

Christy George Ballymore Armagh

Christy Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Clarin Judith Loughgilly Armagh

Clarke Adam Mullaghbrack Armagh

Clarke Alexander Tynan Armagh

Clarke Andrew Newtownhamilton Armagh

Clarke Bryan Creggan Armagh

Clarke David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Clarke James Armagh Armagh

Clarke John Armagh Armagh

Clarke John Killevy Armagh

Clarke John Loughgall Armagh

Clarke John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Clarke John Tynan Armagh

Clarke Mary Killevy Armagh

Clarke Paul Loughgilly Armagh

Clarke Robert Killevy Armagh

Clarke Thomas Killevy Armagh

Clarke William Armagh Armagh

Clarke William Newtownhamilton Armagh

Clelland Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Clelland William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Clements Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Clements John Derrynoose Armagh

Clinton Absalom Ballymore Armagh

Clougher Thomas Clonfeacle Armagh

Cloughley Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cloughley John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Clung James, Sr. Armagh Armagh

Coaser William Tynan Armagh

Coburn John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cochran John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cochran Jonathan Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cochran Joshua Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cochran Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Coin Peter Loughgall Armagh

Collinosavicz Tommasso Mullaghbrack Armagh

Collins Daniel Armagh Armagh

Collins James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Collins John Armagh Armagh

Colthurst Wm. Armagh Armagh

Colwell James Loughgilly Armagh

Compston Arthur Keady Armagh

Cona William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Conaghan James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Conally Mary Killevy Armagh

Coneghey James Loughgall Armagh

Conelly Henry Clonfeacle Armagh

Conelly Phelemy Armagh Armagh

Conigan John Clonfeacle Armagh

Conlan Charles Armagh Armagh

Conlan David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Conlan Michael Creggan Armagh

Conlan Michael Derrynoose Armagh

Conlan William Armagh Armagh

Conn John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Conn Robert Newtownhamilton Armagh

Conn William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Conn William Newtownhamilton Armagh

Connolly Philemy Tynan Armagh

Connor Thomas Loughgall Armagh

Conolly Bridget Tynan Armagh

Conolly James Armagh Armagh

Conolly James Tynan Armagh

Conolly Joseph Armagh Armagh

Conolly Peter Armagh Armagh

Conolly Phelix Armagh Armagh

Conry John Armagh Armagh

Conry Terence Clonfeacle Armagh

Conry Timothy Armagh Armagh

Convrey Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cook Robert Ballymore Armagh

Cooke John Loughgall Armagh

Cooper Francis Tynan Armagh

Cooper Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cooper John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cooper Widow Loughgall Armagh

Copeland John Armagh Armagh

Copeland John Derrynoose Armagh

Copeland Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Copeland Robert Killevy Armagh

Corigan Philip Loughgall Armagh

Corner George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Corner John Loughgilly Armagh

Corner Patrick Kilmore Armagh

Corr James Armagh Armagh

Corr John Armagh Armagh

Corr John Tynan Armagh

Corr Patrick Armagh Armagh

Corr Peter Armagh Armagh

Corr Thomas Armagh Armagh

Corran Hugh Tynan Armagh

Cory Edward Armagh Armagh

Coskry Bryan Mullaghbrack Armagh

Coskry Henry Mullaghbrack Armagh

Coskry James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Coskry John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Coulter Andrew Derrynoose Armagh

Coulter Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Coulter James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Coulter Samuel Armagh Armagh

Courtney James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Courtney Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Couser Martha Armagh Armagh

Couser William Armagh Armagh

Couser William Derrynoose Armagh

Cowan Michael Armagh Armagh

Cowan Patrick Armagh Armagh

Cowan Philip Keady Armagh

Cowan William Tynan Armagh

Coyne Bernard Armagh Armagh

Coyne Hugh Armagh Armagh

Coyne Thomas Armagh Armagh

Craig John Loughgilly Armagh

Craig John Tynan Armagh

Craig Margaret Loughgilly Armagh

Craig Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Craig William Loughgilly Armagh

Craige David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Crawford Edward Keady Armagh

Crawford Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Crawford Hugh Armagh Armagh

Crawford James Armagh Armagh

Crawford Terence Armagh Armagh

Creeth John Kilmore Armagh

Crory Robert Newtownhamilton Armagh

Crozier John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Crozier William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Crumey Bryan Creggan Armagh

Crumey Isabella Derrynoose Armagh

Crumey James Derrynoose Armagh

Crumey James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Crumey John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Crumey Teague Mullaghbrack Armagh

Crumey William Derrynoose Armagh

Crummer Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cullen Bernard Kilmore Armagh

Cullen Bryan Armagh Armagh

Cullen Francis Armagh Armagh

Cullen Hugh Armagh Armagh

Cullen James Armagh Armagh

Cullen James Tynan Armagh

Cullen John Clonfeacle Armagh

Cullen John Keady Armagh

Cullen Laurence Kilmore Armagh

Cullen Peter Armagh Armagh

Cullen Sarah Armagh Armagh

Cullen Terence Armagh Armagh

Cullens Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Cullins Edward Loughgall Armagh

Cully John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cully Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cully William Loughgilly Armagh

Cumming John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cunningham Archibald Creggan Armagh

Cunningham James Armagh Armagh

Cunningham James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Cunningham Robert Armagh Armagh

Curry Agnes Keady Armagh

Curry Eleanor Keady Armagh

Curry James Derrynoose Armagh

Curry James Keady Armagh

Curry John Keady Armagh

Curry Owen Derrynoose Armagh

Cutler Samuel Keady Armagh

Daly Bryan Armagh Armagh

Daly Corney Armagh Armagh

Daly Daniel Creggan Armagh

Daly Donald Keady Armagh

Daly Francis Armagh Armagh

Daly Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

Daly Laurence Derrynoose Armagh

Dalzel Samuel Tynan Armagh

Dalzell Allen Tynan Armagh

Dalzell John Tynan Armagh

Dalzell Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Davidson Alexander Armagh Armagh

Davidson Daniel Tynan Armagh

Davidson James Armagh Armagh

Davidson Joseph Armagh Armagh

Davidson Matthew Tynan Armagh

Davidson Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Davis William Armagh Armagh

Dealy Anthony Tynan Armagh

Dealy John Tynan Armagh

Delany Charles Derrynoose Armagh

Develin John Loughgall Armagh

Devlin Francis Ballymore Armagh

Devlin Henry Loughgilly Armagh

Devlin Neil Loughgilly Armagh

Devlin Owen Loughgilly Armagh

Devlin Walter Keady Armagh

Dewoody Agnes Derrynoose Armagh

Dewoody Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Dillon James Tynan Armagh

Dillon John Loughgilly Armagh

Dillon Mary Armagh Armagh

Dillon Terence Armagh Armagh

Dillon Thomas Armagh Armagh

Dillon Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Dillon William Loughgilly Armagh

Dinning Strong Tynan Armagh

Divine James Armagh Armagh

Divine James, Jr. Armagh Armagh

Divine John Armagh Armagh

Diviny Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dixon Samuel Armagh Armagh

Dixon William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dobbin Alexander Armagh Armagh

Dobbin James Keady Armagh

Dobbin John Armagh Armagh

Dobbin Oliver Loughgall Armagh

Dobbin William Loughgall Armagh

Dobbs William Derrynoose Armagh

Dodds Alexander Keady Armagh

Dodds John Derrynoose Armagh

Dogan Anne Loughgilly Armagh

Dogan Arthur Armagh Armagh

Dogan Arthur Loughgilly Armagh

Dogan Daniel Armagh Armagh

Dogan Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Dogan George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogan Henry Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogan Hugh Loughgilly Armagh

Dogan James Armagh Armagh

Dogan James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogan John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogan Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogan Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogan Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogan William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Dogherty Francis Tynan Armagh

Dolaghan Hugh Newtownhamilton Armagh

Donaghey Charles Armagh Armagh

Donaghey Edward Armagh Armagh

Donaghey William Armagh Armagh

Donaghy Denis Newtownhamilton Armagh

Donaghy Patrick Creggan Armagh

Donaghy Terence Newtownhamilton Armagh

Donaldson Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Donaldson Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Donaldson James Armagh Armagh

Donaldson John Armagh Armagh

Donaldson Joseph Creggan Armagh

Donaldson Randal Creggan Armagh

Donaldson Robert Tynan Armagh

Donaldson Samuel Creggan Armagh

Donaldson William Loughgall Armagh

Donaldson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Donaldson William Tynan Armagh

Donally Bernard Armagh Armagh

Donally Charles Loughgilly Armagh

Donally James Loughgilly Armagh

Donally Michael Armagh Armagh

Donally Robert Armagh Armagh

Donally Thomas Armagh Armagh

Donally Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Donelly Arthur Armagh Armagh

Donelly Arthur Tynan Armagh

Donelly Bernard Armagh Armagh

Donelly Daniel Armagh Armagh

Donelly Edward Armagh Armagh

Donelly Francis Armagh Armagh

Donelly Henry Armagh Armagh

Donelly Hugh Clonfeacle Armagh

Donelly James Armagh Armagh

Donelly John Armagh Armagh

Donelly Mary Armagh Armagh

Donelly Matthew Armagh Armagh

Donelly Michael Clonfeacle Armagh

Donelly Owen Clonfeacle Armagh

Donelly Patrick Armagh Armagh

Donelly Patrick Clonfeacle Armagh

Donelly Peter Armagh Armagh

Donelly Philip Clonfeacle Armagh

Donelly Robert Kilmore Armagh

Donelly Terence Armagh Armagh

Donelly Terence Loughgall Armagh

Donelly Thomas Loughgall Armagh

Donnelly Hugh Armagh Armagh

Donnelly Phelemy Armagh Armagh

Donnolly Rose Derrynoose Armagh

Donolly Arthur Armagh Armagh

Donolly Terence Creggan Armagh

Donoughey Edward Kilmore Armagh

Donoughey John Kilmore Armagh

Donoughey John Loughgall Armagh

Doran James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Dougherty Richard Kilmore Armagh

Douglas Charles Loughgilly Armagh

Douglas Gawin Loughgilly Armagh

Douglas George Loughgilly Armagh

Douglas Hans Mullaghbrack Armagh

Douglas Henry Loughgilly Armagh

Douglas Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Douglas Margaret Newtownhamilton Armagh

Douglas Mary Loughgilly Armagh

Downey Edward Armagh Armagh

Downey Neal Mullaghbrack Armagh

Downey Peter Mullaghbrack Armagh

Downey William Armagh Armagh

Downy Thomas Armagh Armagh

Doyle Owen Loughgilly Armagh

Doyle Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Draffen John Tynan Armagh

Drenon John Armagh Armagh

Duck John Drumcree Armagh

Ducker William Loughgilly Armagh

Duffey Matthew Armagh Armagh

Duffey Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Duffy Bryan Creggan Armagh

Duffy James Keady Armagh

Duffy Philip Mullaghbrack Armagh

Duffy Terence Kilmore Armagh

Duncan David Armagh Armagh

Duncan Hugh Tynan Armagh

Duncan John Armagh Armagh

Dunlap Adam Keady Armagh

Dunlap George Clonfeacle Armagh

Dunlap James Keady Armagh

Dunlap John Armagh Armagh

Dunn Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Durnan Bridget Newtownhamilton Armagh

Durnan James Creggan Armagh

Durnan Mary Newtownhamilton Armagh

Durnan Owen Newtownhamilton Armagh

Durnan Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Dury William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Eaken Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Eaken James Armagh Armagh

Eaken Thomas Armagh Armagh

Eccles Hugh Keady Armagh

Eccles John Keady Armagh

Eccles Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Edgar Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Edger Samuel Loughgilly Armagh

Edwards Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Egan Terence Armagh Armagh

Ellison John Mullaghbrack Armagh

English Jane Killevy Armagh

English Joseph Killevy Armagh

English William Derrynoose Armagh

Ennis Nathaniel Newtownhamilton Armagh

Ennis Robert Newtownhamilton Armagh

Esting Archibald Mullaghbrack Armagh

Esting John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Esting Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Euwart James Armagh Armagh

Evans James Armagh Armagh

Evans John, Jr. Loughgilly Armagh

Evans Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Evaus John, Sr. Loughgilly Armagh

Ewert George Kilmore Armagh

Ewing George Armagh Armagh

Ewins Thomas Armagh Armagh

Fagan Owen Keady Armagh

Fair Alexander Loughgall Armagh

Fair Edward Loughgall Armagh

Fair John Loughgall Armagh

Fairlee John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Faloon John Keady Armagh

Farin Patrick Ballymore Armagh

Farlie James Armagh Armagh

Farlow James Loughgall Armagh

Farlow John Loughgall Armagh

Farlow Michael Loughgall Armagh

Feaghan Lanty Armagh Armagh

Feaghan Neal Keady Armagh

Feaghan Patrick Keady Armagh

Feemster Alexander Armagh Armagh

Feemster John Armagh Armagh

Feemster John, Sr. Armagh Armagh

Feemster William Armagh Armagh

Feenan Arthur Loughgilly Armagh

Feenan Bernard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Feenan Charles Loughgilly Armagh

Feenan Hugh Loughgilly Armagh

Feenan John Loughgilly Armagh

Feenan Peter Loughgilly Armagh

Feenan Phelemy Loughgilly Armagh

Fegan Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Fegan Patrick Keady Armagh

Fegan Richard Derrynoose Armagh

Fegan Terence Derrynoose Armagh

Feghan Anne Derrynoose Armagh

Feghan Charles Derrynoose Armagh

Feghan Culla Derrynoose Armagh

Feghan Francis Derrynoose Armagh

Feghan John Derrynoose Armagh

Feghan John, Sr. Derrynoose Armagh

Fenigan Peter Kilmore Armagh

Ferguson George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ferguson Henry Loughgilly Armagh

Ferguson James Loughgilly Armagh

Ferguson James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ferguson Jane Loughgilly Armagh

Ferguson John Armagh Armagh

Ferguson John Killevy Armagh

Ferguson John Loughgilly Armagh

Ferguson Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ferguson William Loughgilly Armagh

Ferguson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Feris Arthur Killevy Armagh

Feris Daniel Loughgilly Armagh

Feris John Killevy Armagh

Feron Joseph Creggan Armagh

Fine John Loughgall Armagh

Finigan Thomas Armagh Armagh

Finn Bryan Armagh Armagh

Finn Daniel Armagh Armagh

Fitzimons Joseph Armagh Armagh

Flanagan Edward Armagh Armagh

Flanagan Hugh Armagh Armagh

Flanagan John Armagh Armagh

Flanagan William Armagh Armagh

Fleming James Loughgilly Armagh

Fleming Nathaniel Keady Armagh

Floyd William Armagh Armagh

Forsithe Robert Killevy Armagh

Foster John Derrynoose Armagh

Foster William Derrynoose Armagh

Foten James Drumcree Armagh

Fowler John Clonfeacle Armagh

Fox Edward Armagh Armagh

Fox Maurice Armagh Armagh

Frazier John Armagh Armagh

Frazier Martha Armagh Armagh

Frazier Moses Armagh Armagh

Freeland Anne Derrynoose Armagh

Freeland John Derrynoose Armagh

Freeland Rev. James Creggan Armagh

Freeland Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

Freeland Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Friar George Killevy Armagh

Frouten Kilmore Armagh

Fuller Thomas Tynan Armagh

Fullerton Michael Keady Armagh

Fulton William Derrynoose Armagh

Gallagly Bryan Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gallagly John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gallagly Michael Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gallagly Neal Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gallowe John Loughgilly Armagh

Gambell James Loughgilly Armagh

Gamble John Kilmore Armagh

Gamble Joseph Armagh Armagh

Gamble William Kilmore Armagh

Gardner Bradshaw Seagoe Armagh

Gardner Widow Kilmore Armagh

Garland Hugh Clonfeacle Armagh

Garland James Derrynoose Armagh

Garland Martin Clonfeacle Armagh

Garland Robert Loughgall Armagh

Garvey Henry Armagh Armagh

Garvey Henry Derrynoose Armagh

Garvey Henry Newtownhamilton Armagh

Garvey Michael Creggan Armagh

Garvey Patrick Creggan Armagh

Garvey Peter Loughgilly Armagh

Garvey Philemy Tynan Armagh

Garvy Michael Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gass Benjamin Keady Armagh

Gass John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gass William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Geery Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

Geery Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gerven Richard Kilmore Armagh

Gibson Edward Derrynoose Armagh

Gibson Hugh Creggan Armagh

Gibson James Derrynoose Armagh

Gibson James Loughgilly Armagh

Gibson John Derrynoose Armagh

Gibson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gibson Joseph Keady Armagh

Gibson Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Giffin David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Giffin Margaret Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gildernew Edward Armagh Armagh

Gilferen John Clonfeacle Armagh

Gillespey George Tynan Armagh

Gillespey Hugh Tynan Armagh

Gillespey John Armagh Armagh

Gillespie Anne Tynan Armagh

Gillespie John Armagh Armagh

Gillespie John Loughgall Armagh

Gillespie John Loughgilly Armagh

Gillespy John Tynan Armagh

Gillian George Armagh Armagh

Gilliland John Armagh Armagh

Gilliland John Loughgilly Armagh

Gilliland John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gilliland Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Gilliland William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gillis William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gilmore George Armagh Armagh

Gilmore John Keady Armagh

Gilmore Matthew Ballymore Armagh

Gilmore Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Girvey John Clonfeacle Armagh

Girvin Jane Keady Armagh

Girvin John Loughgilly Armagh

Glascow Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Glascow John Derrynoose Armagh

Glascow Nathaniel Derrynoose Armagh

Glass Benjamin Loughgilly Armagh

Glass Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Glassey James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Glassy Isaac Mullaghbrack Armagh

Glenny Archibald Armagh Armagh

Golagly Patrick Armagh Armagh

Golagly Terence Armagh Armagh

Gollagly James Derrynoose Armagh

Gollagly Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Goodin James Derrynoose Armagh

Goodin John Derrynoose Armagh

Goodin William Derrynoose Armagh

Gordon David Killevy Armagh

Gordon George Keady Armagh

Gordon Hugh Killevy Armagh

Gordon James Armagh Armagh

Gordon James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gordon John Armagh Armagh

Gordon John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gordon John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Gordon John, Jr. Tynan Armagh

Gordon John, Sr. Tynan Armagh

Gordon Nathaniel Loughgilly Armagh

Gordon Robert Killevy Armagh

Gordon Robert Kilmore Armagh

Gordon Samuel Tynan Armagh

Gordon Sarah Kilmore Armagh

Gordon William Killevy Armagh

Gorman Barney Keady Armagh

Gorman Meredith Derrynoose Armagh

Gorman Wm. Keady Armagh

Gormel James Keady Armagh

Gormil John Keady Armagh

Gormil Owen Keady Armagh

Gormill Edward Derrynoose Armagh

Goudy James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gough Richard Derrynoose Armagh

Gourley David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gracey George Killevy Armagh

Gracey John Killevy Armagh

Gracey William Loughgilly Armagh

Grage David Ballymore Armagh

Graham Cormick Tynan Armagh

Graham Daniel Armagh Armagh

Graham George Armagh Armagh

Graham James Derrynoose Armagh

Graham James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Graham John Killevy Armagh

Graham Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Graham Peter Derrynoose Armagh

Graham Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Graham Samuel Drumcree Armagh

Graham Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Graham William Loughgilly Armagh

Graham William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Graham William, Jr. Loughgilly Armagh

Graham William, Sr. Loughgilly Armagh

Graham Wm Loughgall Armagh

Grahams Patrick Loughgall Armagh

Grant Bernard Killevy Armagh

Grant Thomas Creggan Armagh

Grant Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gray John Armagh Armagh

Gray Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gray William Kilmore Armagh

Green William Armagh Armagh

Greenler Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Greer Henry Mullaghbrack Armagh

Greer Isabella Loughgilly Armagh

Greer James Ballymore Armagh

Greer James Loughgilly Armagh

Greer John Ballymore Armagh

Greer John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Greer Robert Armagh Armagh

Greer Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Greer Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Greer Thomas Loughgall Armagh

Greer Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Greer William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gregory James Kilmore Armagh

Gregory Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Grey Francis Tynan Armagh

Grey George Tynan Armagh

Grey Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Grey Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Grey James Armagh Armagh

Grey James Derrynoose Armagh

Grey James Loughgilly Armagh

Grey James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Grey John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Grey Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Grey Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Grey William Tynan Armagh

Greyson George Tynan Armagh

Greyson John, Jr. Tynan Armagh

Greyson John, Sr. Tynan Armagh

Gribben Eleanor Mullaghbrack Armagh

Gribben Patrick Armagh Armagh

Grimely Loughgall Armagh

Grimes Arthur Armagh Armagh

Grimes Edward Armagh Armagh

Grimes Henry Derrynoose Armagh

Grimes Henry Tynan Armagh

Grimes James Derrynoose Armagh

Grimes Owen Derrynoose Armagh

Grimley Anne Tynan Armagh

Grimley Francis Tynan Armagh

Grimley John Tynan Armagh

Grimley Michael Tynan Armagh

Grimley Owen Tynan Armagh

Grimley Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Grimley Rose Derrynoose Armagh

Grimly Arthur Armagh Armagh

Grimly Patrick Armagh Armagh

Grozett Robert Killevy Armagh

Gubby Peter Armagh Armagh

Guinness Mary Armagh Armagh

Guy Hugh Creggan Armagh

Guy John Ballymore Armagh

Habs Laurence Kilmore Armagh

Hadden William Ballymore Armagh

Haddock James Kilmore Armagh

Haffy Bernard Tynan Armagh

Haffy Jane Tynan Armagh

Haffy Thomas Tynan Armagh

Hagan Bernard Derrynoose Armagh

Hagan Catherine Armagh Armagh

Hagan Cormick Keady Armagh

Hagan James Keady Armagh

Hagan John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hagan Owen Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hagan Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Hagan Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Hagan Philip Derrynoose Armagh

Hainey John Armagh Armagh

Hair Samuel Armagh Armagh

Haire Henry Armagh Armagh

Haire Patrick Armagh Armagh

Hale Richard Loughgilly Armagh

Hall George Derrynoose Armagh

Hall John Tynan Armagh

Hall Robert Armagh Armagh

Hall Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Hall Thomas Kilmore Armagh

Hall Walter Derrynoose Armagh

Hall William Kilmore Armagh

Hall William Tynan Armagh

Hallagan John Kilmore Armagh

Hamil Bernard Armagh Armagh

Hamil Bernard Tynan Armagh

Hamil Henry Loughgall Armagh

Hamil Hugh Tynan Armagh

Hamil James Armagh Armagh

Hamil James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hamil Murtagh Armagh Armagh

Hamil Robert Loughgall Armagh

Hamil William Killyman Armagh

Hamill Sarah Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hamill Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Hamilton Archibald Armagh Armagh

Hamilton David Armagh Armagh

Hamilton George Armagh Armagh

Hamilton George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hamilton James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Hamilton John Derrynoose Armagh

Hamilton John Loughgall Armagh

Hamilton Joseph Killevy Armagh

Hamilton Rev. A. J. Armagh Armagh

Hamilton Robert Tynan Armagh

Hamilton William Loughgilly Armagh

Hammond Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Hampton Dudley Armagh Armagh

Hand Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Handcock Thomas Killyman Armagh

Hanlon Eliza Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanlon Felix Killevy Armagh

Hanlon Felix Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanlon James Armagh Armagh

Hanlon John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanlon Loughlin Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanlon Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanlon Peter Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanlon Phelimy Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanna John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hanna Samuel Armagh Armagh

Hanna William Armagh Armagh

Hannah Alexander Armagh Armagh

Hanson David Tynan Armagh

Hanson James Tynan Armagh

Harchie James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hardon Laurence Armagh Armagh

Hare Alace Armagh Armagh

Hare Anne Mullaghbrack Armagh

Harpur Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Harpur William Tynan Armagh

Harrison James Kilmore Armagh

Harrison Robert Kilmore Armagh

Harrison William Loughgilly Armagh

Hart Arthur Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hart James Armagh Armagh

Hart Joseph Loughgilly Armagh

Hart Owen Armagh Armagh

Harvey Alexander Armagh Armagh

Harvey Alexander Tynan Armagh

Harvey Margaret Tynan Armagh

Harvey Robert Keady Armagh

Haslip William Armagh Armagh

Hastings James Tynan Armagh

Hasty Thomas Armagh Armagh

Haugby Edward Derrynoose Armagh

Haughey Bryan Derrynoose Armagh

Haughey Owen Derrynoose Armagh

Haughey Peter Armagh Armagh

Hawthorn Edward Tynan Armagh

Hawthorn James Armagh Armagh

Hawthorn Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Hayes Daniel Loughgilly Armagh

Hayes Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Hayes Thomas Armagh Armagh

Hays Alexander Killyman Armagh

Heansy Michael Tynan Armagh

Heany Eleanor Armagh Armagh

Hearty James Loughgilly Armagh

Heather Robert Armagh Armagh

Heathwood Robert Ballymore Armagh

Heatly James Kilmore Armagh

Heery Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Helverty Wm. Loughgall Armagh

Henderson John Tynan Armagh

Henderson William Armagh Armagh

Hendrin John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hendry John, Jr. Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hendry John, Sr. Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hendry William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Heney John Armagh Armagh

Henimna Felix Creggan Armagh

Henin George Killevy Armagh

Henin John Killevy Armagh

Henin Mary Killevy Armagh

Henry Bernard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Henry Daniel Ballymore Armagh

Henry John Armagh Armagh

Henry John Loughgilly Armagh

Henry Robert Armagh Armagh

Henry Robert Creggan Armagh

Henthorn James Tynan Armagh

Henthorn Joseph Tynan Armagh

Henthorn Thomas Tynan Armagh

Heron James Derrynoose Armagh

Heron John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Heron Mary Armagh Armagh

Heron Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Herrick John Drumcree Armagh

Herron John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Heslit John Derrynoose Armagh

Hewitt Benjamin Kilmore Armagh

Hewitt James Kilmore Armagh

Hewitt John Derrynoose Armagh

Hewitt John Kilmore Armagh

Hewitt Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hewitt Joshua Kilmore Armagh

Hewitt Robert Kilmore Armagh

Hewitt Thomas Armagh Armagh

Hewitt Thomas Kilmore Armagh

Hewitt Widow Kilmore Armagh

Hewitt William Kilmore Armagh

Hill John Keady Armagh

Hill John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hill Robert Loughgall Armagh

Hill Samuel Keady Armagh

Hillocks Andrew Tynan Armagh

Hinchie William Armagh Armagh

Hodge Isaac Armagh Armagh

Hodge James Armagh Armagh

Hogg Michael Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hogg Samuel Tynan Armagh

Holand Thomas Loughgall Armagh

Holland Terence Tynan Armagh

Holmes Samuel Keady Armagh

Holmes Thomas Seagoe Armagh

Hookes Alexander Loughgilly Armagh

Hookes Henry Loughgilly Armagh

Hookes John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hops Joseph Tynan Armagh

Horner Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Horner William Loughgilly Armagh

Hosack John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hosack Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hosack William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Housten Alexander Armagh Armagh

Housten Francis Armagh Armagh

Housten John Derrynoose Armagh

Housten Robert Creggan Armagh

Houston Charles Derrynoose Armagh

Houston Henry Tynan Armagh

Houston John Armagh Armagh

Houston Thomas Armagh Armagh

Houston William Armagh Armagh

Hughes Andrew Creggan Armagh

Hughes Anne Tynan Armagh

Hughes Arthur Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Arthur Newtownhamilton Armagh

Hughes Arthur Tynan Armagh

Hughes Bernard Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Bernard Keady Armagh

Hughes Bryan Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hughes Catherine Newtownhamilton Armagh

Hughes Edward Armagh Armagh

Hughes Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hughes Edward Tynan Armagh

Hughes Felix Keady Armagh

Hughes Francis Creggan Armagh

Hughes Francis Tynan Armagh

Hughes Henry Creggan Armagh

Hughes Henry Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Henry Keady Armagh

Hughes Henry Tynan Armagh

Hughes James Armagh Armagh

Hughes James Creggan Armagh

Hughes James Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes John Armagh Armagh

Hughes John Clonfeacle Armagh

Hughes John Keady Armagh

Hughes John Tynan Armagh

Hughes Judith Armagh Armagh

Hughes Margaret Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Mary Kilmore Armagh

Hughes Michael Kilmore Armagh

Hughes Michael Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hughes Neil Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Neil Kilmore Armagh

Hughes Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Patrick Keady Armagh

Hughes Patrick Tynan Armagh

Hughes Patrick, Jr. Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Patrick, Sr. Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Peter Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes Terence Armagh Armagh

Hughes Terence Tynan Armagh

Hughes William Derrynoose Armagh

Hughes William Tynan Armagh

Humes Hugh Tynan Armagh

Humphrys David, Sr. Derrynoose Armagh

Humphrys James Derrynoose Armagh

Humphrys Jane Derrynoose Armagh

Humphrys Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Humphrys Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Hunter Alexander Ballymore Armagh

Hunter George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hunter Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hunter Widow Ballymore Armagh

Huston Francis Derrynoose Armagh

Huston Robert Drumcree Armagh

Hutcheson Anne Armagh Armagh

Hutcheson John Kilmore Armagh

Hutcheson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hutcheson Thomas Kilmore Armagh

Hutchinson Alexander Ballymore Armagh

Hutchinson David Loughgilly Armagh

Hutchinson David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hutchinson Francis Loughgilly Armagh

Hutchinson Gilbert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hutchinson James Ballymore Armagh

Hutchinson John Loughgilly Armagh

Hutchinson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hutchinson John, Jr. Loughgilly Armagh

Hutchinson Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Hutchinson Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hutchinson William Loughgilly Armagh

Hutchinson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Hutton Archibald Armagh Armagh

Hutton George Armagh Armagh

Hutton James Armagh Armagh

Hutton John Armagh Armagh

Hutton Thomas Armagh Armagh

Ingram James Loughgilly Armagh

Ireland Gilbert Derrynoose Armagh

Irwin Abraham Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin Anne Derrynoose Armagh

Irwin Archibald, Jr. Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin Archibald, Sr. Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin David Tynan Armagh

Irwin Edward Loughgall Armagh

Irwin Francis Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin George Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Irwin Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Irwin James Armagh Armagh

Irwin James Derrynoose Armagh

Irwin James Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin John Killevy Armagh

Irwin Robert Killevy Armagh

Irwin Robert Tynan Armagh

Irwin Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

Irwin Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin William Loughgilly Armagh

Irwin William Tynan Armagh

Jackson John Killevy Armagh

Jackson Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jackson Moses Kilmore Armagh

Jackson Moses Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jackson Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jackson Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jackson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jameson David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jameson George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jameson Isaac Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jameson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jameson Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jameson Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jameson Rose Derrynoose Armagh

Jameson Samuel Loughgilly Armagh

Jameson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jefferies Thomas Kilmore Armagh

Jeffries Christian Creggan Armagh

Jeffries Jeremiah Creggan Armagh

Jenkins George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jenkins Patrick Ballymore Armagh

Jenkins William Loughgilly Armagh

Jenkinson Henry Armagh Armagh

Jenkinson John Kilmore Armagh

Jenkinson Joseph Armagh Armagh

Jenkinson William Kilmore Armagh

Jodhe John Armagh Armagh

Johnston Alexander Armagh Armagh

Johnston Archibald Loughgilly Armagh

Johnston Archibald Mullaghbrack Armagh

Johnston Daniel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Johnston Elizabeth Tynan Armagh

Johnston George Kilmore Armagh

Johnston Hugh Tynan Armagh

Johnston James Armagh Armagh

Johnston James Creggan Armagh

Johnston James Derrynoose Armagh

Johnston James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Johnston James Tynan Armagh

Johnston John Armagh Armagh

Johnston John Derrynoose Armagh

Johnston John Kilmore Armagh

Johnston John Loughgilly Armagh

Johnston Joseph Loughgilly Armagh

Johnston Matthew Tynan Armagh

Johnston Rhoda Armagh Armagh

Johnston Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Johnston Samuel Armagh Armagh

Johnston Saunders Kilmore Armagh

Johnston Thomas Armagh Armagh

Johnston William Armagh Armagh

Johnston William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Jones Frances Ballymore Armagh

Jones John Armagh Armagh

Jordan Francis Keady Armagh

Jordan Jane Armagh Armagh

Kain Alexander Armagh Armagh

Kairns Barny Armagh Armagh

Kairns John Armagh Armagh

Kane Charles Tynan Armagh

Kane John Armagh Armagh

Kane John Tynan Armagh

Kane Peter Quen Ballymore Armagh

Kane Thomas Tynan Armagh

Kane William Kilmore Armagh

Kealty James Armagh Armagh

Kearney Daniel Loughgilly Armagh

Kearney Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Keasey Henry Loughgall Armagh

Keating Daniel Keady Armagh

Keating Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Keating John Derrynoose Armagh

Keating Michael Derrynoose Armagh

Kelly James Killevy Armagh

Kelly James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kelly John Ballymore Armagh

Kelly Nicholas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kelly Owen Armagh Armagh

Kelly Patrick Armagh Armagh

Kelly Richard Killevy Armagh

Kelly Rose Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kelly Terence Creggan Armagh

Kelter Andrew Ballymore Armagh

Kelter Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Kennedy Catherine Loughgilly Armagh

Kennedy David Derrynoose Armagh

Kennedy James Tynan Armagh

Kennedy John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kennedy John Tynan Armagh

Kennedy Robert Armagh Armagh

Kennedy William Armagh Armagh

Kenney Arthur Ballymore Armagh

Kenney Patrick Ballymore Armagh

Kenny Francis Armagh Armagh

Kenny James Loughgall Armagh

Kenny Michael Loughgilly Armagh

Kenon Edward Creggan Armagh

Kenon Francis Creggan Armagh

Kenon Peter Creggan Armagh

Kenon Thomas Creggan Armagh

Kernan Henry Tynan Armagh

Kernan Manus Creggan Armagh

Kernan Peter Armagh Armagh

Kerr Edward Keady Armagh

Kerr James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kerr Peter Armagh Armagh

Keys Charles Armagh Armagh

Keys David Armagh Armagh

Keys James Armagh Armagh

Keys John Armagh Armagh

Kidd James Keady Armagh

Kidd James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kidd John Keady Armagh

Kidd Samuel Keady Armagh

Kidd William Keady Armagh

Kidd William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kigan Francis Keady Armagh

Killen Edward Loughgall Armagh

Kilpatrick Arthur Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kilpatrick David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kilpatrick James Armagh Armagh

Kilpatrick John Armagh Armagh

Kilpatrick Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kilpatrick Robert Armagh Armagh

Kilpatrick Samuel Armagh Armagh

Kilpatrick William Armagh Armagh

Kilpatrick William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kincart John Loughgilly Armagh

King James Mullaghbrack Armagh

King John Armagh Armagh

King Rev. Samuel Ballymore Armagh

King Tobias Mullaghbrack Armagh

Kingsmill Thomas Ballymore Armagh

Kinnan William Derrynoose Armagh

Kinner John Tynan Armagh

Kirk Thomas Keady Armagh

Kirker James Derrynoose Armagh

Kirker James Keady Armagh

Kirker James Tynan Armagh

Kirker Thomas Tynan Armagh

Kirkwood John Keady Armagh

Kitchen Isaac Mullaghbrack Armagh

Knipe Arthur Armagh Armagh

Knipe Samuel Creggan Armagh

Kyle James Armagh Armagh

Lamb Bernard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lamb James Armagh Armagh

Lamb James Loughgilly Armagh

Lamb Patrick Creggan Armagh

Lang Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Lantry John Seagoe Armagh

Lappan Daniel Clonfeacle Armagh

Lappan Denis Armagh Armagh

Lappan Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Lappan James Derrynoose Armagh

Lappan James Loughgall Armagh

Lappan John Armagh Armagh

Lappan Michcael Derrynoose Armagh

Lappan Patrick Keady Armagh

Lappan Peter Derrynoose Armagh

Lappan Peter Kilmore Armagh

Lappan Terence Armagh Armagh

Lappin Bernard Armagh Armagh

Lappin Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Lappin William Armagh Armagh

Lappon Owen Loughgall Armagh

Largey James Armagh Armagh

Largey Patrick Armagh Armagh

Larkin Arthur Mullaghbrack Armagh

Larkin James Loughgilly Armagh

Larkin James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Larkin Peter Mullaghbrack Armagh

Laughlin James Ballymore Armagh

Laughlin Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Lavel Hugh Lavel Clonfeacle Armagh

Laverty Daniel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Laverty James Drumcree Armagh

Lawson Abraham Derrynoose Armagh

Lawson David Tynan Armagh

Lawson James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lawson John Keady Armagh

Lawson William Keady Armagh

Lawson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ledlie David Killevy Armagh

Ledlie John Killevy Armagh

Ledlie Thomas Killevy Armagh

Lee Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lee Leonard Armagh Armagh

Leeper John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Leeper Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Leister Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lemmon George Keady Armagh

Lemmon Robert Keady Armagh

Lemmon Wm. Keady Armagh

Lemon James Derrynoose Armagh

Lemon Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Lemon Thomas Killevy Armagh

Lemon William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lenagh Hugh Keady Armagh

Lenagh Loughlin Keady Armagh

Lenagh Michael Newtownhamilton Armagh

Lenagh Terence Newtownhamilton Armagh

Lenaghan James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lennon John Armagh Armagh

Lennon Laurence Armagh Armagh

Lennon Peter Armagh Armagh

Lenon Patrick Creggan Armagh

Leslie Elizabeth Derrynoose Armagh

Leslie Francis Derrynoose Armagh

Leslie James Derrynoose Armagh

Leslie Nathaniel Derrynoose Armagh

Leslie William Keady Armagh

Lewis John Kilmore Armagh

Lewis John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lewis Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ligan John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Liggit Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Linchy Hugh Armagh Armagh

Lindon John Killevy Armagh

Lindon Laurence Loughgilly Armagh

Lindon Michael Loughgilly Armagh

Lindon Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Lindsey James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Linsey Thomas Armagh Armagh

Little Archibald Mullaghbrack Armagh

Little David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Little Francis Keady Armagh

Little James Keady Armagh

Little Jane Armagh Armagh

Little John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Little John Tynan Armagh

Little John, Jr. Armagh Armagh

Little Mathew Killevy Armagh

Little Nicholas Tynan Armagh

Livingston James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Livingston James Tynan Armagh

Lockart Arthur Killevy Armagh

Lockart George Killevy Armagh

Lockart James Killevy Armagh

Lockart John Loughgilly Armagh

Lockart John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lockart John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Lockart Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lockhart George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Loe Barry Loughgall Armagh

Loney Francis Kilmore Armagh

Loney John Kilmore Armagh

Loo Felix Loughgilly Armagh

Lotten William Seagoe Armagh

Loughead Alexander Loughgilly Armagh

Loughead John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Loughead Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Loughead William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Loughran Bernard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Loughran Patrick Tynan Armagh

Loughran Peter Creggan Armagh

Loughran Terence Keady Armagh

Lowdan Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lowdan Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lowe William Creggan Armagh

Lowry Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

Loy Owen Creggan Armagh

Loy Patrick Creggan Armagh

Luke James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lunday Hugh Loughgilly Armagh

Lunday James Loughgilly Armagh

Lunday John Loughgilly Armagh

Lunday Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Lydlie Thomas Armagh Armagh

Lynas Matthew Keady Armagh

Lynn John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Lyons John Derrynoose Armagh

Lyons Samuel Tynan Armagh

Lyons William Derrynoose Armagh

Lyons William Keady Armagh

Lyster Samuel Keady Armagh

M'Adams William Armagh Armagh

M'Aleavy Arthur Tynan Armagh

M'Aleavy Francis Tynan Armagh

M'Aleavy Hugh Tynan Armagh

M'Aleavy Peter Armagh Armagh

M'Alenna Roger Armagh Armagh

M'Alexander Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Alier Arthur Loughgilly Armagh

M'Alister George Derrynoose Armagh

M'Alister James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Anallen Peter Armagh Armagh

M'Anallin Edward Armagh Armagh

M'Anallin Owen Armagh Armagh

M'Anallin Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Anallin Peter Armagh Armagh

M'Anallin Terrence Armagh Armagh

M'Anallon Daniel Armagh Armagh

M'Anallon Rose Armagh Armagh

M'Anally John Kilmore Armagh

M'Anally Owen Tynan Armagh

M'Analty James Creggan Armagh

M'Anespie Henry Armagh Armagh

M'Anespie Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Anlis James Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Anlis James, Jr. Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Anulty Owen Creggan Armagh

M'Ardel Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Ardel Henry Keady Armagh

M'Ardel James Keady Armagh

M'Ardel John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Ardel Margaret Armagh Armagh

M'Ardel Patrick Keady Armagh

M'Ardel Peter Keady Armagh

M'Ardel Philip Keady Armagh

M'Ardell Bryan Creggan Armagh

M'Ardell Bryan Loughgilly Armagh

M'Ardell Constant Derrynoose Armagh

M'Ardell James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Ardell Moses Derrynoose Armagh

M'Ardell Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

M'Ardell Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

M'Ardell Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ardell Peter Creggan Armagh

M'Artier Farrel Keady Armagh

M'Ateer Arthur Loughgilly Armagh

M'Ateer Hugh Tynan Armagh

M'Auly Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Bennet Daniel Keady Armagh

M'Bride Denis Tynan Armagh

M'Bride James Armagh Armagh

M'Bride John Armagh Armagh

M'Bride Patrick Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Bride Thomas Armagh Armagh

M'Bride Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Burney Alexander Loughgilly Armagh

M'Burney David Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Burney Hugh Loughgilly Armagh

M'Burney James Ballymore Armagh

M'Burney James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Burney Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Burney Thomas Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Cadam David Keady Armagh

M'Cadam Gilbert Keady Armagh

M'Cadam John Keady Armagh

M'Cadam Robert Armagh Armagh

M'Cadam William Armagh Armagh

M'Caffry Edward Armagh Armagh

M'Caffry John Keady Armagh

M'Caghey Philip Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cairley William Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Calden David Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Call Alexander Derrynoose Armagh

M'Call David Derrynoose Armagh

M'Call John Armagh Armagh

M'Call John Derrynoose Armagh

M'Call John, Jr. Derrynoose Armagh

M'Call Mary Derrynoose Armagh

M'Call Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Call Robert Derrynoose Armagh

M'Call William Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cammon John Kilmore Armagh

M'Cann Arthur Keady Armagh

M'Cann David Kilmore Armagh

M'Cann Francis Armagh Armagh

M'Cann George Drumcree Armagh

M'Cann James Armagh Armagh

M'Cann James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cann John Ballymore Armagh

M'Cann John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cann Michael Keady Armagh

M'Cann Peter Armagh Armagh

M'Cann Philip Armagh Armagh

M'Cann Terence Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cann Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cann Toal Armagh Armagh

M'Canna John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Caragher Mary Armagh Armagh

M'Cardell Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cart Archibald Tynan Armagh

M'Cart John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cart Owen Tynan Armagh

M'Cartin Bryan Armagh Armagh

M'Cartin Edward Armagh Armagh

M'Cartin George Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cartin Hugh Armagh Armagh

M'Cartin John Armagh Armagh

M'Cartin Mary Armagh Armagh

M'Cartin Michael Keady Armagh

M'Cartney David Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cartney George Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cartney Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cartney James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cartney Samuel Killevy Armagh

M'Cartney Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

M'Carton Hugh Armagh Armagh

M'Cashlin Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cashlin Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cay Terence Kilmore Armagh

M'Chesney John Tynan Armagh

M'Clane William Kilmore Armagh

M'Clatchey Hugh Tynan Armagh

M'Clave Robert Keady Armagh

M'Clean Allen Tynan Armagh

M'Clean George Loughgilly Armagh

M'Clean Hugh Loughgilly Armagh

M'Clean James Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clean John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clean Robert Armagh Armagh

M'Cleland Abraham Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cleland Arthur Drumcree Armagh

M'Cleland Margaret Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cleland Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clelelan John Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Clelland Andrew Ballymore Armagh

M'Clelland James Ballymore Armagh

M'Clelland James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Clelland John Ballymore Armagh

M'Clelland John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clelland Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clinchie Simon Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Closkey Henry Armagh Armagh

M'Clughan Robert Kilmore Armagh

M'Clullough John Killevy Armagh

M'Clung Anthony Armagh Armagh

M'Clung James, Jr. Armagh Armagh

M'Clure Alexander Armagh Armagh

M'Clure Alexander Keady Armagh

M'Clure James Tartaraghan Armagh

M'Clure John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Clure John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clure Robert Loughgilly Armagh

M'Clure Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clure Thomas Kilmore Armagh

M'Clure Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clure William Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Clure Wm. Keady Armagh

M'Coe Bernard Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Collough James Armagh Armagh

M'Collough John Kilmore Armagh

M'Comb John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Combe David Loughgilly Armagh

M'Combs John Killevy Armagh

M'Combs Samuel Keady Armagh

M'Combs Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

M'Combs William Drumcree Armagh

M'Cone Rose Loughgall Armagh

M'Cone Terence Loughgall Armagh

M'Connel Anthony Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Connel Eleanor Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Connel Elizabeth Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Connel John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Connel Matthew Armagh Armagh

M'Connel Michael Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Connel Peter Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Connell James Armagh Armagh

M'Connell Mary Loughgilly Armagh

M'Connell Michael Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Connell Moses Loughgilly Armagh

M'Connell Nevin Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Connell Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

M'Connell Thomas Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Conwell Edward Ballymore Armagh

M'Cooey John Armagh Armagh

M'Cooty Michael Armagh Armagh

M'Cormick Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cormick Alexander Tynan Armagh

M'Cormick Arthur Armagh Armagh

M'Cormick James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cormick Robert Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Cormick Robert Tynan Armagh

M'Cosgrove Henry Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cosker Edward Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cosker James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cosker Terence Derrynoose Armagh

M'Coskrey James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Court James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Court Owen Keady Armagh

M'Court Patrick Ballymore Armagh

M'Court Philip Derrynoose Armagh

M'Court Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cracken David Tynan Armagh

M'Cracken John Armagh Armagh

M'Cracken Mary Armagh Armagh

M'Creagh James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Creery James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Creery Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Creery Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

M'Creety Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Creish Owen Creggan Armagh

M'Creish Terence Creggan Armagh

M'Crory Patrick Keady Armagh

M'Crum James Tynan Armagh

M'Crum John Tynan Armagh

M'Crum Patrick Tynan Armagh

M'Crum William Tynan Armagh

M'Cudden Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Cudden Thomas Armagh Armagh

M'Cullagh James Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cullens Robert Killevy Armagh

M'Cullough Archy Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cullough Edward Armagh Armagh

M'Cullough Henry Keady Armagh

M'Cullough Hugh Armagh Armagh

M'Cullough James Armagh Armagh

M'Cullough Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cullough Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cullough William Keady Armagh

M'Cullough William Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cullough Wm. Loughgall Armagh

M'Cune David Loughgilly Armagh

M'Cune John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Cusker Bryan Derrynoose Armagh

M'Cutchon Andrew Ballymore Armagh

M'Dade John Armagh Armagh

M'Donnell James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Donnell Patrick Tynan Armagh

M'Donnida Michael Kilmore Armagh

M'Dowel James Armagh Armagh

M'Dowell Prudence Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Elroy Thomas Ballymore Armagh

M'Evoy Hugh Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Fadan Alexander Loughgilly Armagh

M'Fadan James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Fadden Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Farlan Jane Loughgall Armagh

M'Farshan John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Farshan Mary Loughgilly Armagh

M'Galt Balla Kilmore Armagh

M'Garity George Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Garr James Keady Armagh

M'Gaughen Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Gaughey John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Gaughey Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Gaw James Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Geough Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Giffen William Ballymore Armagh

M'Ginn Bryan Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ginn Henry Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ginn John Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ginnis William Derrynoose Armagh

M'Glennon Thomas Keady Armagh

M'Glenon Owen Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Glone Neal Armagh Armagh

M'Govern Daniel Killevy Armagh

M'Gowan Margaret Drumcree Armagh

M'Gran Denis Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Gran Michael Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Gran Patrick Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Graw Phelix Armagh Armagh

M'Grory Andrew Keady Armagh

M'Grory Sylvester Tynan Armagh

M'Grory Thomas Armagh Armagh

M'Gugin Roger Loughgall Armagh

M'Guigan Phoebe Derrynoose Armagh

M'Guill Patrick Ballymore Armagh

M'Guire Edward Armagh Armagh

M'Guirgan Francis Armagh Armagh

M'Guirk Francis Armagh Armagh

M'Gurgan Donald Keady Armagh

M'Gurgan James Keady Armagh

M'Gurgan Matthew Keady Armagh

M'Gurk James Tynan Armagh

M'Gurk Neal Armagh Armagh

M'Holm Patrick Drumcree Armagh

M'Ilduff James Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ilduff Michael Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ilmurry John Tynan Armagh

M'Ilroy Elizabeth Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Ilroy Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Ilroy James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Ilroy John Keady Armagh

M'Ilroy John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Ilroy Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Ilroy Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

M'Ilveen Joseph Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ilveen Samuel Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Ilvenna Bernard Keady Armagh

M'Ilvenna Henry Derrynoose Armagh

M'Ilvenna James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Ilvenna Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

M'Ilvenna Peter Keady Armagh

M'Ilverma Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Ilwrath Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

M'Iver George, Jr. Creggan Armagh

M'Iver George, Sr. Creggan Armagh

M'Kean James Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Kearney James Armagh Armagh

M'Kee Authur Armagh Armagh

M'Kee Bryan Armagh Armagh

M'Kee Catherine Armagh Armagh

M'Kee Henry Armagh Armagh

M'Kee James Armagh Armagh

M'Kee John Armagh Armagh

M'Kee Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Kee Luke Armagh Armagh

M'Kee Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Kee Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Kee Patrick Keady Armagh

M'Kee Stephen Loughgilly Armagh

M'Keever James Armagh Armagh

M'Keever James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Keevor George Kilmore Armagh

M'Keevor Henry Kilmore Armagh

M'Keevor Michael Armagh Armagh

M'Keevor Patrick Kilmore Armagh

M'Keevor Peter Kilmore Armagh

M'Keevor Phelemy Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Keevor Phelix Armagh Armagh

M'Keevor Philip Kilmore Armagh

M'Kenna Agnes Armagh Armagh

M'Kenna Arthur Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kenna Bridget Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kenna Catherine Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kenna Cormick Armagh Armagh

M'Kenna Daniel Armagh Armagh

M'Kenna David Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kenna Edward Tynan Armagh

M'Kenna Felix Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kenna Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Kenna Francis Tynan Armagh

M'Kenna James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kenna James Keady Armagh

M'Kenna John Armagh Armagh

M'Kenna John Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kenna John Tynan Armagh

M'Kenny James Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Keon Arthur Derrynoose Armagh

M'Keon Charles Tynan Armagh

M'Keon Felix Loughgilly Armagh

M'Keon Henry Loughgilly Armagh

M'Keon James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Keon John Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Keon Owen Loughgilly Armagh

M'Keon Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

M'Keon Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

M'Keon Patrick, Sr. Loughgilly Armagh

M'Keon Thomas Creggan Armagh

M'Keown Bernard Killevy Armagh

M'Keown John Armagh Armagh

M'Keown William Armagh Armagh

M'Kernan Arthur Armagh Armagh

M'Kernan Fergus Armagh Armagh

M'Kernan Neal Armagh Armagh

M'Kernan Neal Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kernan Owen Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kerney Mary Derrynoose Armagh

M'Kewn Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Kigan James Armagh Armagh

M'Killup Denis Loughgilly Armagh

M'Killup John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Kinley Daniel Creggan Armagh

M'Kinley James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Kinly Murtagh Armagh Armagh

M'Kinshy Thomas Keady Armagh

M'Kinstry Robert Armagh Armagh

M'Laughlin James Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Laughlin John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Laughlin John, Jr. Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Laughlin Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Laughlin William Armagh Armagh

M'Leady John Loughgall Armagh

M'Mahon Alexander Armagh Armagh

M'Mahon Cornelius Keady Armagh

M'Mahon Felix Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Mahon Hugh Creggan Armagh

M'Mahon Hugh Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Mahon James Armagh Armagh

M'Mahon James Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Mahon John Derrynoose Armagh

M'Mahon John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Mahon Peter Armagh Armagh

M'Mahon Robert Loughgilly Armagh

M'Mahon Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Mahon Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

M'Masters John Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Mullan James Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Mullan John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Mullan Robert Derrynoose Armagh

M'Mullen Henry Armagh Armagh

M'Mullen James Armagh Armagh

M'Mullen Robert Kilmore Armagh

M'Murray Anne Loughgilly Armagh

M'Murray Archibald Loughgilly Armagh

M'Murray Eliza Loughgilly Armagh

M'Murray Gabriel Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Murray James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Murray John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Murray William Loughgilly Armagh

M'Namee George Tynan Armagh

M'Nawall Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

M'Nees Alexander Ballymore Armagh

M'Neil James Ballymore Armagh

M'Nell Duncan Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'New Widow Ballymore Armagh

M'Parlan Patrick Armagh Armagh

M'Parlin Anne Keady Armagh

M'Parlin Catherine Keady Armagh

M'Parlin Daniel Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Edward Armagh Armagh

M'Parlin Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Elizabeth Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Henry Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin James Armagh Armagh

M'Parlin James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin John Armagh Armagh

M'Parlin John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Margaret Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Neal Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Owen Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Owen Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Peter Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Peter Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Stephen Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Parlin Terence Loughgilly Armagh

M'Parlin Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

M'Quade Hugh Loughgilly Armagh

M'Quade John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Quade Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

M'Quade Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Quillan John Loughgilly Armagh

M'Realy Barney Armagh Armagh

M'Roberts John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Roberts William Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Scandlin Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Shane Andrrew Armagh Armagh

M'Shane Daniel Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Shane Edward Creggan Armagh

M'Shane Edward Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Shane Felix Creggan Armagh

M'Shane James Newtownhamilton Armagh

M'Sharry Phelemy Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Sharry Widow Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Shefry Bernard Loughgilly Armagh

M'Shefry John Killevy Armagh

M'Shefry Patrick Killevy Armagh

M'Sherry Patrick Killevy Armagh

M'Sherry William Killevy Armagh

M'Stay James Loughgilly Armagh

M'Sweany William Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Veagh John Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Veagh Joseph Armagh Armagh

M'Wade Owen Armagh Armagh

M'Watty Thomas Armagh Armagh

M'Whirter Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Whirter William Mullaghbrack Armagh

M'Whoney Joseph Clonfeacle Armagh

M'Williams James Derrynoose Armagh

M'Williams John Armagh Armagh

M'Williams John Keady Armagh

M'Willie James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Macartney George Killevy Armagh

Machel James Loughgall Armagh

Machel Terence Loughgall Armagh

Mackel John Armagh Armagh

Mackian Andrew Creggan Armagh

Mackian Bryan Creggan Armagh

Mackian Patrick Creggan Armagh

Mackian Roger Creggan Armagh

Mackle Arthur Clonfeacle Armagh

Macklin Anthony Derrynoose Armagh

Macklin John Armagh Armagh

Macklin William Armagh Armagh

Macquy James Armagh Armagh

Madden Hugh Tynan Armagh

Madden James Tynan Armagh

Maffet Thomas Armagh Armagh

Maffet William Armagh Armagh

Magee Bernard Armagh Armagh

Magee Catherine Armagh Armagh

Magee Edward Armagh Armagh

Magee Henry Tynan Armagh

Magee James Armagh Armagh

Magee John Armagh Armagh

Magee John Keady Armagh

Magee John Tynan Armagh

Magee Thomas Armagh Armagh

Magennis Thomas Armagh Armagh

Maginis Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Maginnis Edward Loughgilly Armagh

Maglone Arthur Armagh Armagh

Maglone Terence Armagh Armagh

Maglone Thomas Armagh Armagh

Magonigall John Armagh Armagh

Magowan Andrew Loughgilly Armagh

Magowan James Armagh Armagh

Magowan James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Magowan John Armagh Armagh

Magowan John Loughgilly Armagh

Magowan Samuel Loughgilly Armagh

Magowan Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Magowan Thomas, Sr. Loughgilly Armagh

Magowan William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Magran Henry Armagh Armagh

Magran James Armagh Armagh

Magran Richard Tynan Armagh

Maguire Francis Tynan Armagh

Maguire Patrick Armagh Armagh

Maguire Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Magurk Archibald Armagh Armagh

Magurk Terence Armagh Armagh

Maholm Cormick Derrynoose Armagh

Maholm Henry Derrynoose Armagh

Mahon Anne Armagh Armagh

Mahon Henry Armagh Armagh

Malcolmson John Loughgilly Armagh

Mallan Arthur Derrynoose Armagh

Mallan Henry Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mallan James Derrynoose Armagh

Mallan John Derrynoose Armagh

Mallan Michael Derrynoose Armagh

Mallan Owen Derrynoose Armagh

Mallan Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Mallan Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mallan Patrick Tynan Armagh

Mallaugh John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mallen Owen Derrynoose Armagh

Mallon Bryan Tynan Armagh

Mallon Daniel Clonfeacle Armagh

Mallon John Tynan Armagh

Mallon Patrick Tynan Armagh

Mallon Peter Tynan Armagh

Mallon Thomas Tynan Armagh

Man James Derrynoose Armagh

Mann Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mann William Mullaghbrack Armagh

March Joshua Kilmore Armagh

Marks James Armagh Armagh

Marks Robert Armagh Armagh

Marley Patrick Killevy Armagh

Marly Mary Armagh Armagh

Marshal Alexander Armagh Armagh

Marshal Gilbert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Marshal John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Marshal John Tynan Armagh

Marshal William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Marshall Michael Derrynoose Armagh

Marshall Thomas Tynan Armagh

Martin Daniel Killevy Armagh

Martin David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Martin Hugh Armagh Armagh

Martin James Armagh Armagh

Martin James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Martin John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Martin Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Martin Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Martin Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Martin Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Martin William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mason Arthur Seagoe Armagh

Mason Daniel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mason William Armagh Armagh

Mason William Loughgilly Armagh

Mathers William Armagh Armagh

Mathews Edward Killevy Armagh

Mathews John Armagh Armagh

Matthews Jacob Ballymore Armagh

Mawherter William Killevy Armagh

Mawhiney James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mawhiney William Loughgilly Armagh

Mawhirtir Arthur Armagh Armagh

Mawirtir David Loughgilly Armagh

Maxwell James Ballymore Armagh

Maxwell John Armagh Armagh

Maxwell John Derrynoose Armagh

Maxwell John Keady Armagh

Maxwell John Loughgilly Armagh

Maynes Cormick Armagh Armagh

Megahan Bryan Armagh Armagh

Megahan Hugh Armagh Armagh

Megahan Patrick Armagh Armagh

Megahan Phelix Armagh Armagh

Meganity Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Megarity James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Megaughey Patrick Armagh Armagh

Menary Alexander Derrynoose Armagh

Menary James Armagh Armagh

Menary John Armagh Armagh

Menary John Derrynoose Armagh

Menary Joseph Armagh Armagh

Menary Robert Armagh Armagh

Menary Sarah Keady Armagh

Menight James Tynan Armagh

Menight John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Merry Arthur Keady Armagh

Merry Barney Keady Armagh

Miller David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Miller George Loughgall Armagh

Miller John Loughgall Armagh

Mills Abraham Newtownhamilton Armagh

Mills Alexander Loughgilly Armagh

Mills Daniel Tynan Armagh

Mills John Loughgilly Armagh

Milsap Richard Armagh Armagh

Minis Robert Killevy Armagh

Mitchel Georg Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mitchel George Tynan Armagh

Mitchel John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mitchel Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mitchell Catharine Tynan Armagh

Mitchell Isaac Derrynoose Armagh

Mitchell John Loughgilly Armagh

Mitchell Margaret Derrynoose Armagh

Mitchell Robert Tynan Armagh

Mitchell William Loughgilly Armagh

Mitten John Kilmore Armagh

Moan Bryan Keady Armagh

Moan Eleanor Loughgilly Armagh

Moan William Tynan Armagh

Moaney Bryan Derrynoose Armagh

Moaney Daniel Loughgilly Armagh

Moaney James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Moaney Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Moaney Patrick Tynan Armagh

Moaney Terence Derrynoose Armagh

Moffet Jomes Armagh Armagh

Moffet Mary Armagh Armagh

Moffit Francis Armagh Armagh

Mohan Francis Derrynoose Armagh

Moley Patrick Creggan Armagh

Monaghan James Loughgilly Armagh

Monaghan Patrick Armagh Armagh

Monaghan Peter Loughgilly Armagh

Montgomery Charles Mullaghbrack Armagh

Montgomery James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Montgomery John Armagh Armagh

Montgomery John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Montgomery Joseph Armagh Armagh

Montgomery William Armagh Armagh

Montgomery William Keady Armagh

Moody David Ballymore Armagh

Moody John Ballymore Armagh

Mooney Charles Creggan Armagh

Moore Gawin Loughgall Armagh

Moore Hugh Loughgall Armagh

Moore James Armagh Armagh

Moore James Derrynoose Armagh

Moore John Ballymore Armagh

Moore John Killevy Armagh

Moore John Loughgall Armagh

Moore Joshua Tynan Armagh

Moore Mary Tynan Armagh

Moore Philip Ballymore Armagh

Moore Robert Armagh Armagh

Moore Robert Ballymore Armagh

Moore Thomas Armagh Armagh

Moore Thomas Keady Armagh

Moore Widow Loughgall Armagh

Moore William Armagh Armagh

Moore William Keady Armagh

Moorehead John Loughgilly Armagh

Morgan Daniel Killevy Armagh

Morgan John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Morgan Owen Mullaghbrack Armagh

Morgan Patrick Armagh Armagh

Morgan Peter Loughgilly Armagh

Morison David Derrynoose Armagh

Morris Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Morris Robert Newtownhamilton Armagh

Morrison Edward Armagh Armagh

Morrison James Loughgall Armagh

Morrison James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Morrison John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Morrison Sarah Tynan Armagh

Morrow Anne Kilmore Armagh

Morrow Samuel Tynan Armagh

Morrton George Derrynoose Armagh

Morton Charles Derrynoose Armagh

Morton George Derrynoose Armagh

Morton John Derrynoose Armagh

Morton William Tynan Armagh

Muckian Owen Creggan Armagh

Mulholm George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mulholm Henry Armagh Armagh

Mulholm Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Mullagan Bernard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mullagan Richard Armagh Armagh

Mullagan Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mullan Arthur Armagh Armagh

Mullan Edward Armagh Armagh

Mullan Thomas Clonfeacle Armagh

Mullan William Armagh Armagh

Mullen John Tynan Armagh

Mullen Owen Tynan Armagh

Mulligan Daniel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mulligan Denis Newtownhamilton Armagh

Mulligan John Creggan Armagh

Mulligan John Derrynoose Armagh

Mulligan Samuel Newtownhamilton Armagh

Mulligan Terence Mullaghbrack Armagh

Mulligan Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Mulligan William Derrynoose Armagh

Mulligan William Tartaraghan Armagh

Murdock Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Murdock Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Murdock Robert, Sr. Mullaghbrack Armagh

Murnian Daniel Derrynoose Armagh

Murphy Bryan Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murphy Bryan, Sr. Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murphy David Derrynoose Armagh

Murphy Denis Armagh Armagh

Murphy Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Murphy James Armagh Armagh

Murphy James Derrynoose Armagh

Murphy James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murphy John Derrynoose Armagh

Murphy John Loughgilly Armagh

Murphy John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murphy Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Murphy Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Murphy Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murphy Patrick Tynan Armagh

Murphy Terence Clonfeacle Armagh

Murray Hugh Armagh Armagh

Murray James Loughgall Armagh

Murray James Tynan Armagh

Murray Richard Armagh Armagh

Murray Roger Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murtagh Bryan Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murtagh Edward Creggan Armagh

Murtagh James Tynan Armagh

Murtagh Mary Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murtagh Nogher Tynan Armagh

Murtagh Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Murtagh Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Murtay Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Nary William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neaney John Derrynoose Armagh

Neil Hugh Clonfeacle Armagh

Neil James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neil Jane Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neil John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neil Robert Armagh Armagh

Neil Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neil William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neile Phelemy Armagh Armagh

Neill Ambrose Tynan Armagh

Neill Edward Armagh Armagh

Neill Gawin Loughgilly Armagh

Neill John Derrynoose Armagh

Neill John Loughgilly Armagh

Neill John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neill William Loughgilly Armagh

Neilson Alexander Ballymore Armagh

Neilson Andrew Armagh Armagh

Neilson David Killevy Armagh

Neilson Henry Ballymore Armagh

Neilson James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neilson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Neilson Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Nesbitt Adam Armagh Armagh

Nesbitt Jonathan Armagh Armagh

Nesbitt Robert Armagh Armagh

Nevin Arthur Tynan Armagh

Newall John Loughgilly Armagh

Newel Hans Mullaghbrack Armagh

Nichol James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Nichol John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Nicholson James Armagh Armagh

Nixon Widow Kilmore Armagh

Noble Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Norritt Jane Tynan Armagh

Norton Thomas Tynan Armagh

Nugent Arthur Keady Armagh

Nugent John Armagh Armagh

Nugent Owen Armagh Armagh

Nugent Terence Armagh Armagh

Nugent Thomas Newtownhamilton Armagh

O'Calaghan Eliza Armagh Armagh

O'Donnel Cornelius Clonfeacle Armagh

O'Donnell John Derrynoose Armagh

O'Donnell Terence Derrynoose Armagh

O'Hara Patrick Armagh Armagh

O'Hare Bernard Mullaghbrack Armagh

O'Hare Edward Creggan Armagh

O'Hare Patrick Creggan Armagh

O'Hare Peter Loughgilly Armagh

O'Hare William Creggan Armagh

O'Neal David Armagh Armagh

O'Neil Bernard Keady Armagh

O'Neil Bryan Armagh Armagh

O'Neil Charles Kilmore Armagh

O'Neil Francis Creggan Armagh

O'Neil James Keady Armagh

O'Neil John Mullaghbrack Armagh

O'Neil Owen Mullaghbrack Armagh

O'Neil Paul Mullaghbrack Armagh

O'Neil Terence Mullaghbrack Armagh

O'Neile Arthur Armagh Armagh

O'Neile Bryan Armagh Armagh

O'Neill Con. Loughgilly Armagh

O'Neill Francis Derrynoose Armagh

O'Neill Owen Creggan Armagh

Oak William Armagh Armagh

Odgers Edward Drumcree Armagh

Oliver Anthony Armagh Armagh

Oliver James Armagh Armagh

Oliver John Armagh Armagh

Oliver Joseph Armagh Armagh

Oliver Mary Armagh Armagh

Orr James Tynan Armagh

Orr Joseph Armagh Armagh

Orr Robert Drumcree Armagh

Orr William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Otterson James Loughgilly Armagh

Ougheltree Mongo Mullaghbrack Armagh

Painter Richard Tynan Armagh

Painter William Tynan Armagh

Pallan John Loughgilly Armagh

Pally James Ballymore Armagh

Pally William Ballymore Armagh

Palmer David Armagh Armagh

Palmer David, Sr. Armagh Armagh

Palmer George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Palmer James Armagh Armagh

Palmer James, Jr. Armagh Armagh

Palmer John Armagh Armagh

Palmer Robert Armagh Armagh

Park Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Parkes John Loughgilly Armagh

Parkes Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Parkes William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Parks James Loughgilly Armagh

Parr Benjamin Mullaghbrack Armagh

Parr Jane Mullaghbrack Armagh

Parry John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Parry Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Pasmore Walter Armagh Armagh

Patience John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Patterson Charles Loughgilly Armagh

Patterson Ebenezor Killevy Armagh

Patterson Henry Kilmore Armagh

Patterson James Armagh Armagh

Patterson James Loughgilly Armagh

Patterson John Killevy Armagh

Patterson John Loughgall Armagh

Patterson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Patterson Joseph Loughgilly Armagh

Pearson Jacob Mullaghbrack Armagh

Pearson Thomas Armagh Armagh

Peebles Hans Mullaghbrack Armagh

Peebles James Tynan Armagh

Peebles Joseph Tynan Armagh

Peery William Creggan Armagh

Pepper William Loughgilly Armagh

Petticrew John Derrynoose Armagh

Petticrew Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Petticrew Thomas Tynan Armagh

Phoenix Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Pierce John Derrynoose Armagh

Pillow Henry Derrynoose Armagh

Pillow Thomas Loughgall Armagh

Pillow William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Platt John Armagh Armagh

Pocter Samuel, Jr. Newtownhamilton Armagh

Pocter Samuel, Sr. Newtownhamilton Armagh

Pollock James Derrynoose Armagh

Pollock James Killevy Armagh

Pollock John Killevy Armagh

Polly John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Pool James Ballymore Armagh

Porter John Ballymore Armagh

Porter John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Porter Robert Ballymore Armagh

Porter Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Porter Timothy Loughgilly Armagh

Porter William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Potts Abraham Keady Armagh

Potts Joseph Keady Armagh

Potts William Keady Armagh

Prentice Elizabeth Armagh Armagh

Prescot Simon Tartaraghan Armagh

Preston Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

Preston William Kilmore Armagh

Price John Clonfeacle Armagh

Price Samuel Ballymore Armagh

Price Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

Pritchard Mary Tynan Armagh

Proctor George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Proctor John Loughgall Armagh

Proctor Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Proctor Thomas Loughgall Armagh

Purday Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Qua James Loughgilly Armagh

Qua Robert, Jr. Loughgilly Armagh

Qua Robert, Sr. Loughgilly Armagh

Queen Edward Clonfeacle Armagh

Queen Enough Loughgall Armagh

Queen Phelix Kilmore Armagh

Queen Widow Clonfeacle Armagh

Quigley Eleanor Armagh Armagh

Quigley John Armagh Armagh

Quigley Michael Armagh Armagh

Quigley Owen Derrynoose Armagh

Quin Agnes Mullaghbrack Armagh

Quin Arthur Creggan Armagh

Quin Arthur Derrynoose Armagh

Quin Arthur Mullaghbrack Armagh

Quin Bryan Creggan Armagh

Quin Bryan Loughgilly Armagh

Quin Bryan, Sr. Creggan Armagh

Quin Daniel Tynan Armagh

Quin Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Quin Francis Keady Armagh

Quin Isaac Loughgilly Armagh

Quin James Loughgilly Armagh

Quin John Creggan Armagh

Quin John Loughgilly Armagh

Quin John Tynan Armagh

Quin Laurence Creggan Armagh

Quin Murtagh Killevy Armagh

Quin Owen Creggan Armagh

Quin Peter Loughgilly Armagh

Quin Peter Mullaghbrack Armagh

Quin Peter Tynan Armagh

Quin Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Quin Terence Loughgilly Armagh

Quin Terence Newtownhamilton Armagh

Rainey George Armagh Armagh

Rainey Margaret Armagh Armagh

Rainey William Loughgilly Armagh

Randles John Loughgilly Armagh

Randles John, Jr. Loughgilly Armagh

Raverty Bernard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Raverty Bryan Derrynoose Armagh

Raverty Catharine Keady Armagh

Raverty Corny Mullaghbrack Armagh

Raverty Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Raverty James Derrynoose Armagh

Raverty James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Raverty John Armagh Armagh

Raverty John Creggan Armagh

Raverty John Derrynoose Armagh

Raverty John Keady Armagh

Raverty Margaret Tynan Armagh

Raverty Neil Kilmore Armagh

Raverty Owen Derrynoose Armagh

Raverty Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Raverty Terence Derrynoose Armagh

Ravery Terence Armagh Armagh

Raw James Tynan Armagh

Raw John Tynan Armagh

Rea Patrick Ballymore Armagh

Redmond Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

Reed Anne Armagh Armagh

Reed Archibald Loughgall Armagh

Reed David Tynan Armagh

Reed John Armagh Armagh

Reed Moses Mullaghbrack Armagh

Reed Robert Tynan Armagh

Reed Thomas Armagh Armagh

Reed William Armagh Armagh

Reed William Tynan Armagh

Reilly Alexander Derrynoose Armagh

Reilly James Derrynoose Armagh

Reilly John Derrynoose Armagh

Reilly Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Reilly William Derrynoose Armagh

Revell David Killevy Armagh

Rice Edward Ballymore Armagh

Rice Felix Mullaghbrack Armagh

Rice James Loughgilly Armagh

Rice Patrick Armagh Armagh

Rice William Armagh Armagh

Richeson Jonathan Armagh Armagh

Rimer William Tynan Armagh

Rines John Ballymore Armagh

Rippit John Armagh Armagh

Rippit Samuel Armagh Armagh

Roaney James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Roaney William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Robb Samuel Loughgilly Armagh

Roberts Alexander Tynan Armagh

Roberts Catharine Mullaghbrack Armagh

Roberts James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Roberts Rev. Edward Keady Armagh

Robinson Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

Robinson George Loughgilly Armagh

Robinson George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Robinson Henry Loughgall Armagh

Robinson Isaac Armagh Armagh

Robinson Isaac Loughgall Armagh

Robinson James Ballymore Armagh

Robinson James Derrynoose Armagh

Robinson John Kilmore Armagh

Robinson Joseph Armagh Armagh

Robinson Lewis Mullaghbrack Armagh

Robinson Margaret Mullaghbrack Armagh

Robinson Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Robinson Thomas Derrynoose Armagh

Robinson William Clonfeacle Armagh

Robinson William Seagoe Armagh

Robson John Armagh Armagh

Robson Sarah Mullaghbrack Armagh

Rockes James Armagh Armagh

Rockes James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Rocks Barney Armagh Armagh

Rocks Edward Armagh Armagh

Rocks Patrick Armagh Armagh

Rocks Phelemy Armagh Armagh

Rodgers Bernard Armagh Armagh

Rodgers Patrick Loughgall Armagh

Rodgers Robert Armagh Armagh

Rogers John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Rogers John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Rogers John Tynan Armagh

Rooney Owen Creggan Armagh

Roony Francis Armagh Armagh

Ross William Loughgilly Armagh

Roundtree James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Rowland John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Rowland John, Sr. Newtownhamilton Armagh

Ruddle George Seagoe Armagh

Ruddy Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Rule John Derrynoose Armagh

Rule Rose Derrynoose Armagh

Running John Kilmore Armagh

Running William Kilmore Armagh

Russel James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Russel John Tynan Armagh

Russell Leonard Loughgilly Armagh

Russell Sidney Loughgilly Armagh

Rutledge Richard Derrynoose Armagh

Ryans John Loughgall Armagh

Saunders John Armagh Armagh

Saunderson John Armagh Armagh

Saunderson Joseph Drumcree Armagh

Saunderson William Armagh Armagh

Savage Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Scott Adam Mullaghbrack Armagh

Scott David Derrynoose Armagh

Scott Elizabeth Tynan Armagh

Scott Francis Tynan Armagh

Scott George Killevy Armagh

Scott Isaac Keady Armagh

Scott James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Scott Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Scott Walter Killevy Armagh

Seawright Jane Loughgilly Armagh

Seawright John Loughgilly Armagh

Seawright Mark Loughgilly Armagh

Shales Eleanor Mullaghbrack Armagh

Shales John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Shankes Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Shannon John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sharkey Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sharp John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sheals Hugh Keady Armagh

Sheals John Loughgilly Armagh

Sheals Paul Keady Armagh

Sheals William Keady Armagh

Sheils Denis Loughgilly Armagh

Sheils Owen Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sheils Teague Loughgilly Armagh

Sheils William Loughgilly Armagh

Sheridan Edward Newtownhamilton Armagh

Sheridan Hugh Newtownhamilton Armagh

Sheridan James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Sheridan Peter Newtownhamilton Armagh

Sheridan Thomas Newtownhamilton Armagh

Sherin Seagoe Armagh

Sherry Cornelius Armagh Armagh

Sherry Hugh Armagh Armagh

Sherry John Armagh Armagh

Shiels James Keady Armagh

Shiels James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Shiels John Armagh Armagh

Short James Killevy Armagh

Short Michael Loughgilly Armagh

Short Owen Keady Armagh

Short Peter Armagh Armagh

Short Philip Derrynoose Armagh

Sibbit Hugh Armagh Armagh

Simerel Thomas Loughgall Armagh

Simerel Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Simmerel Richard Mullaghbrack Armagh

Simonton James Armagh Armagh

Simonton Margaret Armagh Armagh

Simonton William Armagh Armagh

Simonton William Derrynoose Armagh

Simpson Andrew Armagh Armagh

Simpson Anne Keady Armagh

Simpson George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Simpson James Loughgilly Armagh

Simpson John, Jr. Mullaghbrack Armagh

Simpson John, Sr. Mullaghbrack Armagh

Simpson Nathaniel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Simpson Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Simpson William Newtownhamilton Armagh

Sims Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sinton Benjamin Kilmore Armagh

Skinner John Keady Armagh

Sleater Samuel Keady Armagh

Sleath John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sleator James Armagh Armagh

Sleator John Armagh Armagh

Sleeth William Loughgilly Armagh

Sleith Mary Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sleith Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sleven Bartholomew Armagh Armagh

Slevin Michael Derrynoose Armagh

Sloan Alexander Keady Armagh

Slone James Loughgall Armagh

Slone John Loughgall Armagh

Slone John, Jr. Loughgall Armagh

Small Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Smart William Armagh Armagh

Smiley Hugh Keady Armagh

Smith Constantine Armagh Armagh

Smith Dolly Armagh Armagh

Smith Samuel Loughgall Armagh

Smith Widow Kilmore Armagh

Smyth David Armagh Armagh

Smyth Edward Tynan Armagh

Smyth James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Smyth Joseph Newtownhamilton Armagh

Smyth Patrick Tynan Armagh

Smyth Roger Mullaghbrack Armagh

Smyth Samuel Loughgilly Armagh

Smyth Thomas Creggan Armagh

Smyth Thomas Tynan Armagh

Snodden John Ballymore Armagh

Sooley Francis Armagh Armagh

Spark William Armagh Armagh

Speers Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Speers Samuel Creggan Armagh

Speers William Creggan Armagh

Spence Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

Spence James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Spence Richard Ballymore Armagh

Spence Robert Kilmore Armagh

Spence William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Sprowl Anne Derrynoose Armagh

Staniard Samuel Killevy Armagh

Stanly Widow Kilmore Armagh

Steel Charles Loughgilly Armagh

Steel Francis Loughgilly Armagh

Steel John Loughgilly Armagh

Steel William Loughgilly Armagh

Steenson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Stephenson Alexander Newtownhamilton Armagh

Stephenson James Armagh Armagh

Stephenson John Armagh Armagh

Stephenson John Kilmore Armagh

Stephenson John Loughgilly Armagh

Stephenson Joseph Armagh Armagh

Stephenson Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Stephenson Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Stephenson William Armagh Armagh

Stephenson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Stevenson John Ballymore Armagh

Stevenson Robert Ballymore Armagh

Stewart Alexander Tynan Armagh

Stewart Anne Kilmore Armagh

Stewart David Loughgilly Armagh

Stewart John Kilmore Armagh

Stewart John Loughgilly Armagh

Stewart Robert Armagh Armagh

Stewart Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Stewart Robert Tynan Armagh

Stewart Samuel Armagh Armagh

Stewart Samuel Newtownhamilton Armagh

Stewart William Armagh Armagh

Stewart William Derrynoose Armagh

Stewart William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Stewart William Newtownhamilton Armagh

Stitt John Creggan Armagh

Stitt John Tynan Armagh

Stitt Richard Tynan Armagh

Stitt Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Stoopes Thomas Armagh Armagh

Stoopes William Armagh Armagh

Stote James Kilmore Armagh

Stothers William Kilmore Armagh

Strain Abraham Ballymore Armagh

Strain James Clonfeacle Armagh

Strain Thomas Ballymore Armagh

Sturgeon Nathaniel Derrynoose Armagh

Sweeney Robert Derrynoose Armagh

Sweeting Alexander Loughgall Armagh

Taffey James Tynan Armagh

Tagart Hugh Derrynoose Armagh

Tagart Owen, Jr. Derrynoose Armagh

Tagart Patrick Derrynoose Armagh

Taggart Owen, Sr. Derrynoose Armagh

Tamany James Keady Armagh

Tate John Loughgilly Armagh

Taylor Alexander Mullaghbrack Armagh

Taylor James Kilmore Armagh

Taylor John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Taylor Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Taylor Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Taylor Samuel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Templeton James Armagh Armagh

Templeton William Armagh Armagh

Thompson Absolom Killevy Armagh

Thompson Adam Armagh Armagh

Thompson Alexander Loughgilly Armagh

Thompson Daniel Loughgall Armagh

Thompson Edward Armagh Armagh

Thompson Hugh Killevy Armagh

Thompson Isabella Armagh Armagh

Thompson James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Thompson John Armagh Armagh

Thompson John Killevy Armagh

Thompson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Thompson Joseph Killevy Armagh

Thompson Joseph Loughgilly Armagh

Thompson William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Thornburg George Kilmore Armagh

Threw Archy Mullaghbrack Armagh

Toal Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Toal Hugh Armagh Armagh

Toal John Armagh Armagh

Toale Michael Mullaghbrack Armagh

Todd James Armagh Armagh

Todd John Loughgilly Armagh

Todd William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Toner Bryan Loughgilly Armagh

Toner Francis Keady Armagh

Toner John Armagh Armagh

Toner John Loughgilly Armagh

Toner John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Toner John Newtownhamilton Armagh

Toner Laughlin Loughgilly Armagh

Toner Michael Keady Armagh

Toner Murtagh Loughgilly Armagh

Toner Owen Keady Armagh

Toner Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Toole Arthur Armagh Armagh

Toole Daniel Armagh Armagh

Toole Daniel Keady Armagh

Toole Dominick Armagh Armagh

Toole Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Toole James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Torens David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Torrington Rev. James Loughgilly Armagh

Totten William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Toughan John Derrynoose Armagh

Toughen Thomas Keady Armagh

Traynor Bryan Tynan Armagh

Traynor John Armagh Armagh

Traynor John Creggan Armagh

Traynor Patrick Armagh Armagh

Traynor Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Traynor Patrick Newtownhamilton Armagh

Traynor Philip Derrynoose Armagh

Traynor Richard Derrynoose Armagh

Traynor Terence Tynan Armagh

Traynor Thomas Armagh Armagh

Treanor Bryan Mullaghbrack Armagh

Treanor Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

Treanor Patrick Loughgall Armagh

Trew Andrew Mullaghbrack Armagh

Trewsdale Charles Killevy Armagh

Trewsdale William Killevy Armagh

Trimble George Kilmore Armagh

Trimble James Armagh Armagh

Trimble Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Trimble Rose Armagh Armagh

Trimble William Derrynoose Armagh

Trodden Arthur Keady Armagh

Trodden Francis Armagh Armagh

Trodden Phelemy Armagh Armagh

Troden Bridget Armagh Armagh

Trotters John Kilmore Armagh

Trotters Willaim Kilmore Armagh

Trouten James Kilmore Armagh

Tuft James Tynan Armagh

Tullen John Armagh Armagh

Turner Adam Mullaghbrack Armagh

Turner James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Turner John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Turner Robert Armagh Armagh

Turtle James Armagh Armagh

Tweedy James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Undergroundings Bill D. Mullaghbrack Armagh

Valely Bryan Mullaghbrack Armagh

Valely Owen Keady Armagh

Vallely Felix Mullaghbrack Armagh

Vallely Francis Mullaghbrack Armagh

Vallely Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Vallely Timothy Mullaghbrack Armagh

Vance John Loughgilly Armagh

Vaughan Robert Armagh Armagh

Verner Ezekiel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Villiars Thomas Mullaghbrack Armagh

Vint James Loughgilly Armagh

Waddle Isaac Killevy Armagh

Waddle James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wade John Armagh Armagh

Walker Abraham Seagoe Armagh

Walker David Derrynoose Armagh

Walker James Loughgilly Armagh

Walker James Tynan Armagh

Walker John Derrynoose Armagh

Walker Thomas Armagh Armagh

Wallace Edward Armagh Armagh

Wallace Hugh Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wallace James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wallace John Kilmore Armagh

Wallace John Loughgilly Armagh

Wallace John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wallace Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Wallace Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wallace Wm. Keady Armagh

Wallis Robert Armagh Armagh

Wallis Samuel Armagh Armagh

Walsh John Kilmore Armagh

Walsh Patrick Armagh Armagh

Walsh Patrick Loughgilly Armagh

Walsh Patrick Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ward Edward Mullaghbrack Armagh

Ward George Tynan Armagh

Ward Richard Loughgilly Armagh

Warnack John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Warnook Stewart Loughgilly Armagh

Waters Bryan Newtownhamilton Armagh

Waters Francis Creggan Armagh

Watson David Keady Armagh

Watson Hugh Armagh Armagh

Watson James Derrynoose Armagh

Watson James Keady Armagh

Watson James Loughgilly Armagh

Watson James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Watson John Drumcree Armagh

Watson Wm. Keady Armagh

Watt James Loughgilly Armagh

Watt James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Watt John Loughgall Armagh

Watt Leonard Loughgilly Armagh

Watt Sidney Loughgilly Armagh

Waugh David Mullaghbrack Armagh

Waugh Thomas Tynan Armagh

Waugh William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Weals James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Webster David Derrynoose Armagh

West James Armagh Armagh

West James Newtownhamilton Armagh

Whi William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Whisker Philip Mullaghbrack Armagh

White George Loughgall Armagh

White Hugh Armagh Armagh

White John Armagh Armagh

White Richard Clonfeacle Armagh

White Sarah Mullaghbrack Armagh

White Thomas Armagh Armagh

White William Armagh Armagh

White William Killevy Armagh

Whiteside Robert Loughgilly Armagh

Whiteside Thomas Loughgilly Armagh

Whiteside William Armagh Armagh

Whiteside William Loughgilly Armagh

Whitten James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Whitten William Derrynoose Armagh

Whitton James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wier Anne Newtownhamilton Armagh

Wier Daniel Loughgilly Armagh

Wier John Loughgilly Armagh

Wier Mary Loughgilly Armagh

Wiley Thomas Newtownhamilton Armagh

Wiley William Newtownhamilton Armagh

Wilken James Armagh Armagh

Wilkin John Armagh Armagh

Wilkin John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Willey Alexander Kilmore Armagh

Willey Samuel Kilmore Armagh

Williamson David Armagh Armagh

Williamson Isabella Armagh Armagh

Williamson John Armagh Armagh

Williamson Joseph Armagh Armagh

Williamson Joseph Ballymore Armagh

Williamson Joseph Keady Armagh

Williamson Joseph Mullaghbrack Armagh

Williamson Robert Keady Armagh

Williamson William Armagh Armagh

Williamson William Keady Armagh

Williamson William, Jr. Kilmore Armagh

Williamson William, Sr. Kilmore Armagh

Willie John Keady Armagh

Willis George Mullaghbrack Armagh

Willis James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Willis John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Willis Joshua Armagh Armagh

Willis Robert Armagh Armagh

Willis Thomas Armagh Armagh

Willis William Mullaghbrack Armagh

Willison Nicholas Kilmore Armagh

Willison Samuel Kilmore Armagh

Willison William Seagoe Armagh

Willson Andrew Derrynoose Armagh

Willson Andrew, Jr. Derrynoose Armagh

Willson James Loughgilly Armagh

Willson John Loughgilly Armagh

Willson Samuel Loughgilly Armagh

Willson William Loughgilly Armagh

Wilsey William Derrynoose Armagh

Wilsey William Drumcree Armagh

Wilson Adam Armagh Armagh

Wilson Adam, Jr. Armagh Armagh

Wilson Daniel Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wilson David Armagh Armagh

Wilson Eleanor Armagh Armagh

Wilson Hugh Armagh Armagh

Wilson Hugh Tynan Armagh

Wilson James Armagh Armagh

Wilson James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wilson James Tynan Armagh

Wilson John Armagh Armagh

Wilson John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Wilson John Tynan Armagh

Wilson John, Jr. Armagh Armagh

Wilson Robert Killevy Armagh

Wilson Samuel Tynan Armagh

Wilson Thomas Armagh Armagh

Wilson Thomas Tynan Armagh

Wilson Wallace Tynan Armagh

Wilson William Armagh Armagh

Wilson William Tynan Armagh

Woodhouse William Drumcree Armagh

Woods Barney Killevy Armagh

Woods Bryan Tynan Armagh

Woods Daniel Derrynoose Armagh

Woods Francis Tynan Armagh

Woods James Keady Armagh

Woods James Mullaghbrack Armagh

Woods James Tynan Armagh

Woods John Kilmore Armagh

Woods John Mullaghbrack Armagh

Woods John Tynan Armagh

Woods Laurence Derrynoose Armagh

Woods Patrick Tynan Armagh

Woods Robert Armagh Armagh

Woods Robert Mullaghbrack Armagh

Woods William Kilmore Armagh

Wright Robert Armagh Armagh

Wright Samuel Derrynoose Armagh

Wyne John Armagh Armagh

Young James Keady Armagh

Young James Tynan Armagh

Young Rose Keady Armagh

Young Samuel Tynan Armagh

Young William Clonfeacle Armagh

Young William Keady Armagh

Zunderdorf Mariam I. Keady Armagh


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