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Leckpatrick Old Presbyterian

Leckpatrick Old Presbyterian Cemetery

Strabane County Tyrone Northern Ireland

mostly pre 1900's


The following list of cemetery headstones were transcribed by S & M Grieves over many years for the benefit of family researchers


Anderson John James died 24.12.1897 aged 87 years, Mary Ann died 17.11.1885 aged 77 years, Robert died 15.1.1886 aged 37 years.


Brown Thomas of Farmhill died 15.11.1916 aged 72 years,

his wife Sarah died 11.3.1903 aged 53 years, son-in-law John Creighton died 25.5.1904 aged 45 years,

grand daughter Eileen Russell died 29.9.1907,

John Barry died 16.1.1947 aged 78 years

also his wife Jane Barry died 27.2.1955 aged 72 years.


Callahan Mathew died 26.12.1872 aged 86 years and his wife Margaret died 12.6.1874 aged 84 years.


Cowan John died 17.7.1909 aged 55 years, wife Margaret Sara died 3.11.1957 aged 93 years.


Curtis William died 11.9.1893 aged 63 years, wife Mary died 28.7.1874 aged 38 years, eldest daughter Annie died 31.1.1930 aged 72 years, third daughter Mary died 6.7.1934 aged 73 years.


Donnell James died 1.8.1846 aged 85 years, son Samuel died 2.7.1875 aged 62 years,

Margaret his wife died 28.10.1798 aged 36 years,

Margaret his daughter died 6.3.1842 aged 65 years.


Charles and Mary Donnelly

erected by MJ Kerr in memory of her parents, also her grandfather Richard Quinn, farmer.


Fraime {Frame}Mary Jane died 20.9.1870 aged 19 years.


Frame Thomas died 5.12.1891 aged 65 years, Rebecca Frame died 19.10.1893 aged 32 years.


Gordon Eliza wife of Samuel Gordon of Strabane died 15.11.1877 aged 39 years, daughter Martha Isabella Porter died 28.4.1877 aged 4 months.



The Gordon Family of Edymore 1743 - 1954.


Hall John died 28.11.1872, wife Mary died 13.10.1887, daughter Catherine died 19.6.1915, son Robinson died 29.7.1919


Hamelton Robert, Surgeon died 7.1.1818 aged 34 years, John Lyon died 18.1.1855 aged 55 years, John Lyon son of above died 27.2.1804 aged 29 years, George Lyon eldest son of John died 13.2.1865 aged 38 years, Elizabeth Knox, wife of John Lyon died 27.11.1875 aged 76 years, Robert Lyon died 4.4.1890 aged 53 years.


Hamilton George of Ballyheather died 24.2.1884 aged 70 years, son Alexander died 3.6.1894 aged 30 years, daughter Martha died 30.5.1912, wife Elizabeth Jane died 31.7.1923 aged 95 years, son James died 25.6.1925.

Hannah Robert of Strabbane died 29.6.1851 aged 52 years, also his wife Eliza Holmes born 10.4.1806 died 25.1.1886, Mary Maginnis Hannah fourth daughter died 27.5.1900, Sarah Ann, eldest daughter died 29.11.1907, Rebecca widow of Charles A Holmes died 18.9.1929 aged 84 years.


Holmes John JP of Brosney died 12.6.1866 aged 84 years, wife Eliza died 25.12.1876, children Joshua Alfred died 29.9.1871, Robert McCrea Holmes died 8.2.1873, James died 14.1.1876, Charles Albert died 14.12.1881, David died 17.4.1885, John died 21.8.1887, Henry MB died 18.4.1892, Mary died 4.5.1909, William Christopher McCrea Holmes died 14.5.1911.



erected by James and Jane Houston in memory of their children, Rebecca M died 20.5.1882 aged 4 years and James R died 20.6.1882 aged 3 years.


Hunter Sarah died 21.12.1858 aged 74 years, her husband John died 9.7.1864 aged 85 years.


Knox John of Ballyskeagh died 12.4.1836 aged 84 years, John died 7.2.1839 aged 38 years, George Knox of Anugua died 1.9.1844 aged 41 years, buried at Farhan Church, Walter McLachlan Knox infant, died 25.3.1846, Mary Knox died 17.9.1849 aged 82 years, Dorothea Knox died 29.10.1850 aged 45 years.


Knox Martha died 16.3.1841 aged 85 years, her husband Thomas died 13.12.1850 aged 95 years, daughter Jane Knox died 15.3.1867 aged 73 years, Bessie Knox died 21.10.1921 aged 69 years.


Lindsay James of Tullyard died 2.4.1861 aged 78 years.


Maclaughlin George of Maghereach died 13.1.1890 aged 83 years, his wife Lily Margaret died 24.8.1903 aged 81 years, Margaret Isobel child of John and Mary died aged 9 days, his daughter May died 26.9.1934 aged 21 years, Mary Jane, wife of John S Maclaughlin died 24.10.1939 aged 64 years, above John died 16.11.1948 aged 89 years.


Maclaughlin Henry died at Ballygalaghan on 22.5.1867 aged 55 years, his wife Mary Ann died 6.4.1906 aged 82 years, daughter Anne died 22.8.1904, son Surgeon Col. John Maclaughlin Royal Army Medical Corps died 23.1.1933 aged 76 years.


McCleery Fanny, erected by Samuel McCleery in memory of his wife who died 16.7.1888, son Samuel died 10.5.1884, James Johnston died 30.8.1897, above Samuel died 22.12.1927 aged 85 years, daughter Annie died 26.8.1929.


McConaghey Sarah died 5.10.1817 aged 26 years.


McCrea James of Gobna***** died 26.4.1828 aged 29 years.


McCrea Rebecca Margaret wife of John McCrea died 23.7.1864.



Samuel William and Isabella 1896.



William died 22.5.1846 aged 62 years.


Robinson Joseph died 12.12.1909, Fanny (Allen) died 10.3.1888.


Ross Albert Nesbitt Winslow born 17.3.1842 died 21.5.1869, William Latimer Ross born 29.3.1843 died 13.3.1872, sons of Albert Ramsey Ross of Woodend Winnie daughter of CR Ross born May 1867 died March 1878.


Sinclair Elizabeth E of Philadelphia USA and Holyhill born 25.7.1874 and died 11.4.1957.


Sinclair Isabella, daughter of James and Dorothy died 11.5.1864.


Sinclair James of Holyhill died 18.2.1865 aged 94 years, also Dorothy, wife of James, Rev Samuel Law died 6.11.1864 aged 78 years.


Sinclair William HM of Holyhill and Bonnyglen born 24.12.1868 died 2.8.1930.


Sinclair William of Holyhill in this Parish, born 17.4.1810 died 25.8.1896, Sarah his wife, daughter of James Cranbourne Strode of Shernfold Park Kent died Christmas day 1898 aged 83 years.


Smyth William of Dysart died 22.8.1829 aged 73 years also William his grandson died 21.11.1843 aged 3 years 7 months, Robert died 21.4.1850 aged 61 years, Isabella Jane wife of Francis Smyth of Dysart died 8.5.1863 aged 60 years, also husband Francis Smyth died 29.2.1877 aged 86 years.


Stewart Ezekiel  died 12.2.1850 aged 17 years.


Weir James died in Canada 7.8.1875 aged 49 years, also Hessie his wife, son John died 23.11.1885 aged 43 years, son David died 21.7.1890 aged 75 years.


Williamson James died 26.6.1904 aged 58 years, Robert Williamson died 17.12.1968 aged 54 years, his wife Martha died 8.9.1992 aged 78 years.


Young David died 22.3.1886 aged 20 years, Samuel died 12.2.1899 aged 60 years, his mother Rose Ann Young died 7.8.1915 aged 74 years, Minnie GG Walker died 12.7.1926 aged 55 years, daughter of above Samuel and Rose Ann Young.



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