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Hearth Money Rolls

1663-1669 Hearth Money Roll for the Parish of Carlingford


                                                                                   Thomas                 Leech

                                                                          Robert                 Williams

                                                                          Ralph                  Sutton

                                                                          Thomas                 Deane

                                                                          Luke                   Babe

                                                                          Thomas                 Booth

                                                                          Patrick                Durnin

                                                                          Patt                   Lynnan

                                                                          Edmonde           Turner

                                                                          Richard           Toomis Thomas?

                                                                          John                   Apue

                                                                          Robert                 Apue

                                                                          Mark                   Clarke

                                                                          John                   Vicar

                                                                          Patrick                Dorian

                                                                          Thomas                 Stanly

                                                                          Patt                   Duffin

                                                                          Richard                Crolly

                                                                          Garrett                Taffe

                                                                          Patrick                Karney Kearney

                                                                          Hugh                   Thomas

                                                                          Knogher                Boyle

                                                                          Neale                  Lyre

                                                                          Laurence               Dun

                                                                          John                   Verdon

                                                                          Hugh                   Galmore

                                                                          Patt                   McGee

                                                                          Peter                 Orson

                                                                          Walter                 Garrett

                                                                          Thomas                 Price



                                                                          Hugh                   McChuort

                                                                          Patrick                McChuort

                                                                          Patt                   Fitzpatrick

                                                                          Hugh                   Dulloghan

                                                                          Owen                   Marly

                                                                          Bryan                  McKenna

                                                                          Patt                   Stullocke

                                                                          Shane                  O'Heire

                                                                          Edmond                 Hanlon

                                                                          William                Collon

                                                                          Manus                  Hanlon

                                                                          Bryan                  Hanlon

                                                                          Patt                   Hanlon

                                                                          Henry                  Murtagh

                                                                          Phelemy                McOwen

                                                                          Danyell                McOwen

                                                                          Henry                  Lyvin

                                                                          Owen                   Herreran

                                                                          Neale                  Lurkan

                                                                          Owen                   Mulloy

                                                                          Murtagh                McKeene

                                                                          Patt                     McArdell

                                                                          Phelemy             McIlbridy

                                                                          Patt                   Mulcrivy

                                                                          Patt                   McCollin

                                                                          Hugh                   Heire

                                                                          Patrick                Rice

                                                                          Patrick                Mony

                                                                          Rory                   (Delly/Delty)

                                                                          Hugh                   McKenna

                                                                          Cildony                OCoyle

                                                                          Phelemy Duff      McGrany

                                                                          Danyell                Delty

                                                                          Bryan                  O'Hanlon

                                                                          William                Ilskone

                                                                          Donell                 McKenna

                                                                          Cormack                Mone

                                                                          Danyell                Delty

                                                                          Phelemy                Carroll

                                                                          Owen                   Coghly


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