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The Brig Wilmott

WILMOTT Via Cork to New England 11/15/1766 BOURKE,John, BOWLER,John, BRETT,Matthias, BRYAN,Timothy, CARRILL,Catherine, CARTHY,Daniel, COCKERY,Mary, COGHLIN,James, CONNOR,Catharine, DALTON,James, DAVIS,Jeremiah, DONSHIR,William, DOUGAL,Ann, DOUGAL,Jonas, DOUGAL,Robert, DOUGAL,Thomas, DOUGLE,Ann, DOUGLE,Mary, DOWLE,John, DUDLEY,Abigail, FITZGERALD,William, FOX,Cornelius, GIBSON,John, HAGARTY,Cornelius, HAYES,John, HENDERSON,John, HEWETT,Charles, HOWE,William, HOWARD,Matthew, KAHAVEN,William KEEFE,Daniel, KELLY,Barbara, KELLY,John, KING,John, LARNARD,Redmond LAWLER,Darby, LEARMAN,Isabella, LEE,John, MAHONEY,Dennis, MAHONY,Margaret, MANNING,Peter, MCCARTY,Austin, MCCARTY,Thomas, MCNAMARA,Peter, MOSES,Joseph, MURPHY,Edward, MURPHY,John, O\'DANIEL,James, QUINLAN,Thomas, QUIRK,David, QUIRK,William, ROSS,James, ROSS,Jane, ROSS,John, ROSS,John Jr, ROSS,Margaret, ROE,James, RYAN,Patrick, SHINNEHAN,George STEPHENS,William SULLIVAN,Bat. SULLIVAN,Catherine, SULLIVAN,Cornelius, SWANEY,Edmond, TWAHY,Catherine, TWAHY,John, VEAVEA,Arthur, WELCH,Lucke, WELCH,Patrick,

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