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The John Clarke

SHIPS PASSENGER LISTS TO CANADA The SS JOHN CLARKE 1847 Ireland to St. John New Brunswick These Irish passenger lists and more can be found in D.2892/1/1-14 Passenger Books of J & J Cooke, Shipping Agents. Sailings from Londonderry to Philadelphia, Quebec, St. John New Brunswick and Louisiana 1847 to 1871 (see also MIC.13) in the PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE of NORTHERN IRELAND McINTIRE, George; Coolkeragh Betty; George; 10 NEILL, William James; Ballykelly DOHERTY, Ginney; Malin DOHERTY, Mary; Buncrana GALLAGHER, James; Carn KEALY, Mary; Ballykelly Jane; 11 Mary; 9 Long, Mary; Coolkeragh STEWART, Robert; Carnone James; McADOO, Andrew; Ardagh YOUNG, John; Garvagh Mary Ann; Alexander; 2 Margaret J; 6m BRADLEY, James; Plumbridge HEANNY, James; Dungiven Mary; Dennis; John; William; 14 Hugh; 12 James; 6 Elizabeth; 3 Charles; 9m HAVELIN, Nelis; Dungiven HUEY, James; Carn Hose; John; 8 Robert; 9m Margaret; 1w MOORE, Turbett; Leckpatrick McLIECE, James; Ballymoney Nancy; James; John; James; 12 Samuel; l0 Elizabeth; 9 Maria; 7 Daniel; 3 Mary Ann; 3m SHILLINGTON, James; Dunganon LOWRY, John; Newtowncunningham McSWINE, Isabella; Newtowncunningham McCONOWAY, Biddy; Red Castle COLLINS, John; Strabane Margaret; MULLAGH, James; Strabana WHITE, Joseph; Strabane LAGAN, Peggy; Lettermuck DIVER, Edward; Carn SHERIDAN, Nugent; 13 Carn McELHINNY, Mary; Carn MOORE, Alexander; Carn MOORE, Catherine; Cross DOHERTY, Rose; Malin O’DONNELL, Patrick; Malin Charles; McLAVISTON, William; Dungiven Margaret; John; James; Jane; William; 12 Hugh; SWAN, Hugh; Dungiven Jane; WARK, Margaret; Dungiven MORRISON, Jane; Brookhall GILLEN, James; Portlough Mary; John; William; George; 13 Elizabeth; James; 6 McCAFFERTY, David; Portlough HAGAN, Elizabeth; Portlough McKIM, John; Lustekle Catherine; Cunningham; 11 William; 7 John; 3 Jane; 9m ROOD, Ann; Ramelton Margaret; McCORMICK, Margaret; Castlederg KAIN, Martha; Coleraine Francis; James; 12 Jane; l0 William; 7 John; 5 McMURTRY, John; Coleraine Ann; Nancy; James; Betty; 12 Hugh; 9 Samuel; 7 Martha; 5 Nancy; 3 Rachel; 9m McAFEE, Thomas; Coleraine Thomas; Jane; Margaret; 13 George; 6 William; 4 Eliza; 2 Rachel; 3m CANDERS, Thomas; Coleraine Mary Ann; TOSH, Joseph; Coleraine ANDERSON, Jane; Coleraine MILLEN, Mary Jane; Coleraine McGTNLEY, Daniel; Bulloney STEWART, Alexander; Ramullan Richard; WARD, Neil; Strabane WARD, Bridget; Strabane Mary; 13 Thomas; 12 Margaret; l0 Rose; 9 Michael; 7 John; 6 Patrick; 4 Daniel; 3 Elleanor; 1 GALLAGHER, Catherine Strabane LUSK, Thomas; Coleraine Nancy; Robert John; 4 Thomas; 6m McCAPPIN, John; Coleraine EAKIN, Robert; Maghera Mary; McALTSTER, Biddy; Maghera EAKIN, Ann Jane; 11 Maghera Margaret; 6 Robert; 4 MAGUIRE, Jane; Derry TONER, James; Muff Co Derry HARVEY, Daniel; Muff Co Derry POX, John; Castlederg Jane; Alexander; Robert; Mary; 13 Eliza; 11 Samuel; 9 Mary; O’NEILL, Mary; Castlederg Elleanor; 13 MITCHELL, John; Castlederg Mary; William John; Eliza; Rebecca; George; 13 Isabella; 11 Mary; 9 James; 4 McGOWAN, Patrick; Redcastle Gracey; Margaret; Biddy; 6 Johny; 3 McCONNELL, George; Newtowncunningham Rebecca; Mary Jane; l0 Margaret; 8 Qeorge; 6 John; 4 CAIRNS, James; Derry Ann; Eliza; GORMLY, Neal; Cumber McCULLEY, Ann; Cumber ELDER, Samuel; Derry Eliza Jane; Alexander; 4 Samuel; 2 Joseph; 3m DEVENNY, James; Derry Mary; DOHERTY, George; Carn McCALLIN, Patrick; Carn Cicily; McCALLIN, Rosey; Carn McCOLLAN, William; Carn TOLAND, Own; Carn Biddy; Neal; 5 Mary; 7 0 ‘DONNELL, Patrick; Carn TOLAND, Mary; 11 Carn McDADE, Rosey; Carn DEVINE, Catherine; 13 Carn McLAUGHLAN, Fanny; Carn JAMISON, Margaret; 12 Carn SIMPSON, Thomas; Ederney Margaret; George; Margaret; John; Thomas; l0 ARMSTRONG, Christopher; Ederney Mary; Robert; Edward; Christianna; Mary; Thomas; 11 Christopher; 9 Sarah; 6 William; Jane; Irvin; Jane; William; Mary; ELDER, Richard; Carn O’DONNELL, Rose; Quigleys Point CAMPBELL, James; Derry WHITE, William; Omagh COOKE, Jane; Omagh Samuel; 7 McGILTEN, Adam; Dungiven McCORMICK, Mary Ann; Castlederg McC0RKEL, Easter; Moville FAULKNER, Neal; Quigleys Point Catherine; CANNON, Susan; Quigleys Point FAULKNER, Catherine; 6m Quigleys Point GORMAN, Sarah; Omagh DONNELLY, Mary; Omagh GORMAN, Neil; Omagh McCLOSKEY, Biddy; Claudy McLAUGHLIN. Margaret; Claudy DOHERTY, James; Carn Magy; McMENAMIN, James; Strenorlar Nancy; Margaret; Cornelius; l0 Margaret; 8 Susan; 6 Ann; 4 Catherine; 9m MULHOLLAND, William; Stranorlar Nancy; Nancy; 11 John; l0 Dennis; 8 Biddy; 5 REILLY, Mary; Stranorlar John; REILLY, Daniel; 12 Stranorlar Biddy; 13 Patrick; 8 DUFFY, Charles; Donagheady Natty; DOHERTY, Catherine; Clonmany Ann; LYNCH, Patrick; Clonmany Peggy; Catherine; 11 Bridget; 9 Mary; 5 FLEMMING, James; Ballymoney LAVISTON, James; Limavady STEWART, Robert; Linavady Sally; Ann; 13 Jane; 11 Sally; 9 Henry; 7 John; 5 Mary; 3 CASEY, Mary Jane; Ballykelly MITCHELL, John; Stranorlar Margaret; James; Marshall; Andrew; 13 Rebecca; 10 Eliza; 7 John; 4 McFARLAND, John; Fintona Robert; McGOWAN, Daniel; Glendermott DEVER, Michael; Carn Sarah; Sarah; 12 DUNN, Mary Jane; Dungiven REED, David; Dungiven Mary; CROMIE, Martha; Dungiven Alexander; Henry; Isaac; 9 BRADLEY, Manus; Carn McKENNA, John; Carn COLLINS, John; Carn Biddy; O’DONNELL, Catherine; Carn WILSON, James; Killygordon PORTERFIELD, Fanny; Killygordon LONG, Jane; Rockville McKEAGEN, John; Carn Mary; Sean; 13 Sally; 11 Elizabeth; 6 William; Kitty; Robert; 3m HARKIN, Mary; Carn LYNCH, Owen; Clonmany CALVIN, John; Coleraine Mary; John; 9 Jane; 8 Martha; 6 Daniel; 4 MaryAnn; 4 Elizabeth; FARREN, Edward; Coleraine Martha; Samuel; 6 George; 2 JOHNSTON, Thomas; Dungannon Jane; Eliza; 12 Robert; 8 Anne; 5 Margaret; 9m McVEAGE, Mary; Dungannon MONTEITH, William; Castlederg GALLAGHER, Dennis; Stranorlar BROOKS, John; Ballymoney SIMPSON, James; Limavady McCONAMY, Susan; Glenageary McLAUGHLIN, Magy; Glenageary BRADIEY, Rose; Redcastle DOHERTY, Rose; Clonmany McLAUGHLIN, Michael; Carn NEELY, Margaret; Omagh Mary; DUNLAP, James; Letterkenny James; 7 David; 5 LAW, James; Ederney Letita; John; 11 James; 9 Jane; 7 Letita; 5 Michael; 3 Stewart; 1 McELROY, Thomas; Ederney Mary; Biddy; GAMBLE, John; Letterkenny Fanny; 3 Matilda; 2 Mary; 1 WILSON, Fanny; Letterkenny McDAID, Kitty; Clonmany GAMBLE, John; Ramelton MONTIETH, Samuel; Castlederg Susan; Jane; John; James; Robert; 13 William; 12 GOURLEY, Robert; Castlederg Eliza; Sarah; Margaret; Linnia; Mary Jane; William; 13 Eliza; 11 DOHERTY, Biddy; Ramullan GALLAGHER, Giley; Crossroads Catherine; Letitia; GORMLY, Patrick; Cumber McGEADY, Jermiah; Crossroads CARNEY, Catherine; Kindrahead MCLAUGHLIN, Mary; Ballykelly DEAN, Robert; Inch Margaret; Mary; FLEMMING, Mary Jane; 3m Inch COLLON, Thomas; Pettigo HAVLIN, Biddy; Drumquin SWEENY, Charles; Dunlow BOYCE, Hugh; Killygordon DOHEHTY, Patrick; Ballybow McREDDEN, Andrew; Astronarlan McCARRON, Patrick; Doaghbeg McLARCHY, James; Donemore KERRIGAN, Catherine; Corkmore McGINNESS, James; McLAUGHLIN, John; Malin ATKAN, James; Maff TAGGART, Daniel; Ballymoney Martha; Mary; McBRINE, Mary; Drumran CAREY, Mary Ann; Coleraine Jane; Archy; MAGUIRE, John; Tempo Mary; Isabella; 13 William; 10 GALLAGHER, Mary; 6 Tempo CARSON, Thomas; Pettigo DEVENNY, Hugh; Garvar PAUL, Isabella; Glencarb McALORAN, Daniel; Ballymoney Ellen; James; Alexander; 12 Robert; 8 Sarah; 7 John; 5 Archy; 2 DOHERTY, Edward; Carn McCOLLUM, William; Castlederg CARE, Mary; Castlederg McCALLUM, John; 12 Castlederg FAULKENUER, Jane Ann; Craig LYNCH, Mary Ann; 13 Killymalagh Jane; ARMSTRONG, Mary J; Creggan Catherine; John; IRVINE, Eliza; L’Derry McCRISTLE, Mary; Cumber CASSIDY, Edward; Enniskillen MAGUIRE, Francis; Enniskillen Isabella; Biddy; GORMLY, William; Beragh McGINN, Bernard; Reragh GRAHAM, John; Ciskanore McCANN, Brian; Carn HARPER, David; Derry Mary; LOGAN, Catherine; Coleraine HUGHES, Jane; 4 Colerains McLAUGHLIN, John; Coleraine CAMPBELL, Daniel; Coleraine McAFEE, Charles; Coleraine Margaret; Mary; 12 Thomas; 10 Joseph; 8 Margaret Jane; 2 O’NEILL, Biddy; 12 Castlederg CASSIDY, Catherine; Enniskillen MULHARRIN, Bridget; Muff MULHARRIN, Arthur; Muff Susan; Ann; John; 12 Michael; 10 Patrick; 8 Susan; 6 Charles; 4 James; 2 LYNCH, Daniel; Clonmany MONAGHAN, Margaret; Enniskillen Terence; 13 William; 11 Mary; 9 John; 7 Bridget; 5 Margaret; 3 Elizabeth; 1 STEWART, James; Enniskillen LYNCH, Mary; Enniskillen CARROLL, John; Enniskillen McGINLAN, James; Enniskillen Mary; Ketty; 13 McDERMOTT, Elizabeth; Enniskillen Ellan; Jane; BRESLIN, Ellan; Enniskillen SHENAN, Ann; Enniskillen McLAUGHLIN, John; Enniskillen DOUTHIT, Elizabeth; Coleraine McMURTRY, Hugh; Coleraine WORKMAN, John; Coleraine JAMESISON, John; Coleraine McPHERSON, David; Coleraine BLACK, Archy; Hathlin Mary; Mary; Keatty; James; 12 GORMLY, Mary; Claudy James; 6a PRICE, Ellan; Rosekirk McWILLIAMS, James; Dungiven Mary; 13 MUILDOON, Thomas; Tempo

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