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Drumcree {Portadown} Rent and Tithe Payers List

Drumcree {Portadown} Rent and Tithe Payers List year 1737

From the inventory of Rev. Mr Letherbarrow, late rector of Drumcree

Adass, Ralph. Ballyworkan
Akin, Widow. Torcullentragh
Alexander, Jas. Ballyworkan
Andrews, William. Cloonagh
Atkinson, George. Druma/lis
Atkinson, John. Ballynagown (Otragh Upper)
Atkinson, Wm. Richmount
Battersby, Jas. Portadown
Beatty, Jos. Battery/om
Bell, James. Drumnasoon
Bell, Richard. Drumlelan
Best, George. Killmulrerty
Binks, Widow. Portadown
Bleare, Wm. Richmount
Borniston, Ant. Portadown
Bradway, John. Foybeg
Brankin, Phel. Shelchin
Brians, John. Drumnakelly
Brown, Hugh. Ballynagown (Etragh Lower)
Brownlee, George. Artabracca
Brownlee, Jas. Drumnakelly
Brownlee, Thos. Drumnasoon
Bullock, Robt. Anaghkeeragh
Burrell, Robert. Bauerylom
Calop, Thos. Cloonagh
Calwell, Widow. Legonagh
Campbell, Fran. Ballyworkan
Camtree, Eliz. Drumnasoon
Carr, Sara. Shelchin
Cleton, John. Cloonagh
Cleton, Thos. Mullentine
Cleton, Widow. Mullentine
Comerton, Widow. Legonagh
Conaghan, Art. Portadown
Conaghan, Patt. Ballyworkan
Confery, John. Drumnakelly
Conlon, Dan. Derrcory
Conlon, Jas. Torcullentragh
Conlon, Hen. Timakeel
Conlon, Murtagh. Derrymattery
Conlon, Peter. Derrybroughas
Conlon, Rich. Foybeg
Conner, Morgan. Drumnakelly
Cook, Rich. Torcullentragh
Cortney, Phel. Ballynagown (Etragh Lower)
Costly, John. Derrycory
Crosbey, William. Drumnakelly
Cullen, Ter. Onchonagh
Cullen, Widow. Batterylom
Davey, Widow. Ballyworkan
Davis, Edw. Portadown
Davis, Thos. Mulentine
Davis, Thos. Sheichin
Derry, George. Cangolomore
Develin, Hen. Derryletive
Develin, Murt. Breagh
Develin (no given names listed) Breagh
Devlin, Hen. Mockrey
Dillon, Thomas Canagolobeg
Dillon, Widow. Shelchin
Doherty, John. Ballyworkan
Donelson, William. Portadown
Donely, Edward. Ballyoran
Donely, Eliz. Drumher
Donely, Hugh. Drumnakelly
Donely, Owen. Can golomore
Donely, Owen. Timakeel
Donely, Patt. Derryletive
Donely, Phel. Mullentine
Donely, Rodger. Drumeenagh
Dowd, Brian. Anagh
Dowd, Char. Dowd, Owen. Portadown
Doyle, Brian. Kingarave
Doyle, Hugh. Doyle, Jas. Richmount
Doyle, Rodger. Derryall
Evins, John. Ballimagown
Fargison, Edw. Cloonagh
Fargison, Jas. Drumnakelly
Fergison, Dan. Drumallis
Field, Thos. Portadown
Fin, John. Drumnasoon
Eleven, Thos. Cloonagh
Garton, Pan. Timakeel
Gillaspy, John. Anagh
Gillaspy, John. Anabracca
Gilpin, John. Ballimagown
Gordon, John. Timakeel
Graham, Jos. Portadown
Grahame, John. Drumnakelly
Grahams, John. Mullentine
Griffith, Thos. Foybeg
Haddon, Jas. Artabracca
Hagan, Cors. Breagh
Hamill, Hugh. Breagh
Hamilton, Hugh. Portadown.
Hamill, John. Derrcory
Hanlon, Widow. Ballyworkan
Harker, Thos. Artabracca
Harris, Wm. Artabracca
Harrison, John. Canagolobeg
Harron, Wm. Drumnasoon
Hart, Robt., Hart, Widow Killnurerty
Hatton, Hercules. Ballitnagown
Henry, Jas. Portadown
Henry, Lough. Anagh
Herron (or Henon), Matt. Ballyoran
Hetherton, George. Portadown
Hexon, John. Mahan
Hide, John. Richmount
Hispin, Fran. Shelchin
Hodgin, Henry. Ballyoran
Homer, Eliz. Corcrin
Homer, Jas. Ballyworkan
Hoy, Widow. Mullentine
Hues, Patt. Mockrey
Huges, Dan. Derryanasill
Hunt, John. Artabracca
Irwin, George. Cangolomore
Johnston, George. Batterylorn
Johnston, Robt. Portadown
Johnston, Thos. Corbranan
Johnston, Wm. Ballimagown
Johnston, William. Drumnakelly
Jones, John. Ballynagown (Otragh Upper)
Jones, Wm. Portadown (part of John Atkinsons meadow)
Kelly, Jas. Ballyworkan
Kenabrough, Wm. Legonagh
Kessaday, Phel. Ballyworkan
Kinney, Jas. Drumena
Kiriom, Robt. Artabracca
Kitchin, John. Ballyworkan
Knape, Jas. Ballyworkan
Lackey, Alex. Breagh
Lapon, Richard. Drumherif
Lapon, Widow. Derrymattery
Lawson, Sara. Artabracca
Lawson, Wm. Mullentine
Lindsay, Matt. Derrycor (Derrycaw)
Lindsay, William. Drumnakelly
Litter, John. Farrow-Hill
Lorkan, Augustin. Derrycor (Derrycaw)
Lorkan, Hugh. Legonagh
Lough, Henry. Anagh
MaClohlin, Jas. Drumherif
Maddin, John, Maddin, Tor. Drumnakelly
Maflole, Patt. Artabracca
MaGibbin, Jas. Corcrin
McGlumph, John. Ballyworkan
Magowan, Jas. Drumnasoon
Mallagh, John. Torcullentragh
Malpool, Arthur. Pontadown
Many, Tor. Corbranan
Many, Widow. Derymattery
Marty, Hen. Ballynagown (Otragh Upper)
Mawbinney, Brice. Torcullentragh
May, John. Ballvworkan
MCaffry, Patt. Ballyworkan
MCann, Ant. Shechin
MCann, Brian. Derryletive
MCann, Clem. Portadown
MCann, Daniel. Canagolobeg
MCann, Owen. Ballimugown
MCan, Patt. Derryanasill
MCan, Rodger. Corbranan
MCan, Widow. Anagh
MCollagh, William. Drumlelan
MCallester, John. Torcutlentragh
MConnell, Widow. Anagh
MCool, Peter. Canagolobeg
MCullagh, Jas. Canagolobeg
MCullagh, Wm. Timakeel
McDonell, Alex. Richmount
McDonell, John. Drumnakelly
MDonnel Alex. Ballynagown (Etragh Lower)
McGee, Edw. Bailyworkan
MGinnis, Ford. Anagh
MGorkian, Tor. Torcullentragh
McIaeelin, Roland. Derrynasill
MHalom, Hugh. Portadown
MKee, William. Bauerylom
Knox, Robert. Portadown
McLindon, Chars., McLindon, Donely, Cangolomore
MLowland, Oh. Bellyfadren
MNally, Hugh. Derryall
MNally Murt., MNally, Tur. Derrycan
MQueelin, Evet. Derrcory
MQueelin, Jas. Portadown
MaRory, John. Batterylom
MTarsney, Edward. Derrcory
McVeagh, (no given name listed). Derryniskin
McVeagh, Hugh. Corbranan; McVegh, David, McVegh, Edward. Cangolomore
McVeigh, Jas. Derrycor (Derrycaw)
McVery ? (MaRory ?), Jas. Artabracca
Mees, Thomas. Batterylom
Monnypenny, Mr. Anagh
Miller, David. Portadown
Miller, Matthew. Portadown
Miller, Robt. Portadown
Miller, William. Batterylom
Mil, Jane. Baltimagown
Money, Jas. Drumnasoon
Moore, Mark. Breagh
Morris, Patt. Ballynagown (Etragh Lower)
Morrow, George. Clenmarten
Muldoon, John. Mullentine;
Mu, Amb. Cloonagh
Mu, Owen. Derryanasill
Mulkain, Dennis. Farrow-Hill
Mulkevey, Widow. Mockrey
Mullen, William. Cangolomore
Mullhollond, Cor. Corbranan
Mulligar, John. Drumnasoon
Mulvena, Edw. Drumeenagh
Murphy, Edward. Artabracca
Murphy, John. Derrycory
Murphy, John. Drumeenagh
Murphy, Arch., Murphy, Richard. Timakeel
O Conlon, Teige. Derryanasill
O Conly, Art. Onchonagh
O Corr, Patt. Derryletive
O Feron, Dan. Mullentine
O Henon, Paul. Shelchin
O Marly, Dan. Anagh
O Monon, Brian. Corbranan
O Neil, Hugh. Portadown
O Brian, Artabracca
O Neill, Con. Ballynagown (Etragh Lower)
O Neill, John. Portadown
O Neill, Ter. Killmuirerty
Overand, John. Portadown
Palmer, Richard. Artabracca
Patterson, John. Derryanasill
Paul, Samuel. Anagh
Pelos, Mary. Ballimagown
Porter, John sen., Porter, John jun. Portadown
Quin, John. Drumnakelly
Quin, Owen. Richmount
Redman, Carter. Ballyoran
Redman, Edw. Drumenally
Regan, Widow. Regan, Jas. Bellyfadren
Richy, Patt. Derrrybroughas
Robb, Jas. Derrybroughas
Robinson, Alex., Robinson, Thos. Richmount
Rodgers, George. Anagh
Rodgers, John sen., Rodgers, John jun. Portadown
Rosman, Richard. Richmount
Russell, Jas., Russell, Richard. Ballyworkan
Sanders, John. Artabracca
Savage, Hugh. Timakeel
Serjant, Jos. Shelchin
Shortrigs, Mr. Portadown
Simon, Richard. Bellyfadren
Small Matt. Ballyworkan
Smyth, Wm. Drumeenagh
Spence, Thos. Shelchin
Stratton, Humph. Artabracca
Tegart, Hugh. Derryanasili
Teneman/Tereman, Henry. Timakeel
Thomnburg, Thos. Timokeel
Tidlord, Mich. Derryletive
Tod, Widow. Drumhertf
Foreman, Henry. Timakeel
Totton, Ann. Torcullentragh
Tilimner, Mr. Cangolomore
Tilimner, William. Drumnakelly
Watts, John. Torcullentragh
Weir, John. Richmount
Weim, John. Timakeel
White, George. Artabracca
Widnell, Wm. Foymore
Williams, Robt. Derrymattery
Wills, John. Ballyworkan
Will, Ralph. Derryanasill
Wilson, Robt. Shelchin
Woods, Thos. Foybeg
Wright, Edward. Drumnakelly
Wright, Fran. Mahan
Wright, George. Timakeel
Wright, Jas. Artabracca
Wright, John. Cloonagh
Wright, Richard. Artabracca
Wright, Richard. Drumher
Wright, Thomas. Artabracca
Yeomans, Robt. Ballimagown
Yeomans, John. Ballmagowan


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